Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Secret Of Performing “Aarti”

Aarti, also known as ‘Aaratrik’ or ‘Aarartik’ and ‘Nirajana’, is performed at the end of Puja (the Hindu worship process). The Aarti makes the Puja flawless, covering all the mistakes made during the process. Skandpurana cites –

Mantraheenam Kriyaheenam Yat Poojanam Hareh |
Sarvam Sampoornatameti Kritey Nirajaney Shivey ||

It means that even if your Pujan process lacks the sacred spells or the method, Nirajan (Aarti) makes it complete in the end. During Aarti, one should first of all chant the Mantra (Holy spell) of the particular deity 3 times while offering flowers to the deity. Further, the Aarti should be sung with all the traditional musical instruments. Along with that, keep hailing the deity and light lamps using pure Ghee or camphor. You may light any number of lamps, but the count should always be odd; for example – 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on.

Tatashch Moolmantren Datva Pushpanjatiltrayam |
Mahaneerajanam Kuryanmahavadhyajayasvanayeh ||
Prajwalyet Tadartham Cha Karpooren Ghriten Va |
Aarartikam Shubhe Paatre Vishmaanekavartikam ||

Hindus performing Aarti

Generally, the Aarti is performed with 5 lamps, which is also known as ‘Panchpradeep’. Also, the Aarti is performed by 1, 7 or more lamps. Apart from this, camphor is also used for the Aarti. Aarti should be performed with these things – vermillion, incense, camphor, sandal, cotton and Ghee. Along with these, conch and bells should be chimed during the Aarti. Aarti is consisted of 5 parts:

Aarti Thali with all the necessary things
1. By the lamps,
2. By the conch with water,
3. By clean cloths,
4. By leaves of mango or Peepal,
5. By performing Aarti with Sashtang Dandwat (a position to honor the deities).

The above 5 points should be performed in a series. While taking down the Aarti, first rotate it clockwise 4 times in the feet of the idol of your deity, 2 times around the navel, once around the face and 7 times around all the organs. Actually, the Aarti is performed to impress the deity. While showing lamps to your deity, they are praised and hailed. So, this was all about Aarti, if you have any further query – do comment.

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