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RahuKaalam - Your Time In Rahu’s Hands

Rahukalam, this word will have most importance when you are considering doing an important venture or an auspicious event. Why is this time of the day called Rahu Kalam feared so much?. Well, we give you answers to your question and much more. So, read on..

Before knowing what Rahukalam is, lets first know about Rahu. Who is Rahu? How does he influence Rahukalam? and the legend associated with the formation of Rahukalam. All this will be brought to your knowledge with this article.

Who Is Rahu ?

Who is Rahu
According to Vedic Astrology Rahu is the 8th planet, it is a shadow planet and is malefic in nature. Vedic scriptures say that Rahu was the son of Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu was the eldest of 100 brothers, they are Nabha, Salya and Ilvala to name a few.

Rahu’s role is more prominent during the incident of Churning of the ocean of Milk according to Vedic mythology. We will get to this later, for now lets move onto the astrological part.

Rahu does not own any zodiac sign, but being a malefic planet its influence on one is strong. Rahu influences one's mental thinking like anger, ego, jealousy and lust. Everyday has this particular time period which is influenced by planet Rahu and this time period is called Rahu kaalam. Let’s discuss this in detail below.

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Rahu’s Influence, Rahukaalam

Rahu kaal is that time of the day which comes under Planet Rahu’s influence. Rahu kaalam can last upto one to half hour a day. Rahu kaal is of the eighth segment of the day. This is calculated by taking the total time from sunrise to sunset at a particular place and then dividing this by eight. According to Vedic astrology it is considered inauspicious to start any new venture at this time. Rahukaalam in Sanskrit means time of Rahu, Rahu is the planet name and Kaalam means time. As such auspicious event like marriage, house warming ceremony, buying property and anything related to good is generally avoided during this time. However, any activity done which is related to Rahu like puja’s and yagnas for Rahu is considered good.

Rahu is also one for the nine planets in the Navagraha. there are special temple dedicated for Rahu, one is in Tamilnadu, India, where special milk abhishekam is done everyday to please Rahu. It is said that milk turn its color into blue once it touches the statue. There are also several temple dedicated for Rahu (Phra Rahu) in Thailand.

You can chant this Rahu Mantra to appease Rahu.
“ Om Rang Rahuve Namah Om “

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According to legends, its is said that during Ramayana, all the Navagrahas were imprisoned by Ravana. Lord Hanuman was the one to fight Ravana and freed the Navagrahas, as such Rahu will not have any bad influence on Hanuman devotees. 

There are also many other remedies to appease the effects of Rahu on you,

Wearing Hessonite gemstone will reduce the malefic effects of Rahu, as the ruling planet for Hessonite is Rahu.

Moving onto the Legend associated with Rahu and Rahukaalam

Legend behind Rahukaalam

Legend behind Rahukaalam
According to the legends, during the battle between devas and asuras, the asuras being stronger made a pact with the devas to churn the Ocean of Milk to obtain the Amrit which will make them immortal. The devas also agreed to this on orders from Lord Vishnu. By churning the Ocean of Milk, out came many precious things which were taken by the devas and the halal poison that also came out was drunk by Lord Shiva to save the universe. Finally when the churning was over, all the Amrit was collected in a pot. This is when the asuras demanded a share of the Amrit which would make them immortal. Seeing the danger in this Lord Vishnu descended on Earth in the Mohini Avatar. As the devas and asuras were completely mesmerised by the enchanting beauty of Mohini. She asks the Devas and Asuras to give the pot to her and that she would distribute the Amrit equally. But Mohini would turn the Amrit into water whenever it was the turn of a asura to drink the Amrit. Seeing something fishy, Rahu disguised himself into a deva and took the Amrit from Mohini. But just when he was about to drink it, Sun and the Moon God saw his play and warned Mohini, who cut off Rahu’s head before the amrit could be swallowed. Rahu’s head that had tasted the Amrit became immortal, and as a revenge Rahu devours the Sun and Moon causing the the respective Solar and Lunar eclipse.

This is the story behind the origin of Rahu Kaalam. So, either falling for the inauspicious time or taking take not to by following the right precautions is in the respective individuals hands. May the Lord always look over you.

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