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Find Muhurat Yourself With AstroSage

This week we will give you complete information about what is Muhurat?, the significance of Muhurat, How is it calculated ? and much more. So, read on

About Muhurata

What Is Muhurat ?

Everybody has this desire to see success in whatever they do and this can be achieved if that event or activity is started in an auspicious or benefic time. This auspicious time which will give that extra boon in your life is called Muhurat. It is always a good practice to find out the right Muhurat (favourable time) before starting any important event, this will ensure the success of that activity or event without any obstacles or disturbances. 

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Significance Of Muhurat

Significance Of Muhurat
It is said that whenever a task is started in shubh muhurat the chances of a successful result is maximised. It is will negate all the bad vibes that might be associated with that activity. One can be either strong or weak depending on their time. If ones time is bad no matter how much they try, all their activity will result in failure, likewise if their time is good, even major obstacles would somehow get fixed on its own. As such one should give the utmost importance for a good time i.e Muhurat before starting any new venture or event like marriage, naming ceremony, building a house, buying property and so on. 

How To Find Out The Right Muhurat?

Many might get any idea that this would be a tedious work, or even complicated. On the contrary this is quite simple, if the right method is followed. AstroSage has some great tools that could come to your rescue. These tools are so user friendly that, you need not have a astrological background to use it.  

AstroSage has 3 amazing tools that will assist you in finding the right Muhurat. They are

  1. Hora Calculator
  2. Choghadiya Calculator
  3. Rahu Kalam Calculator

What Is Hora ?

A particular time duration is assigned to a planet in a day and this time duration is called Hora. The term “Hour” has been derived from Hora. A duration of 1 hour or 60 minutes equals Hora. There are 9 planets in Astrology of which Rahu and Ketu are Shadow planets. So that leaves us with seven planets which are Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon. Each of these planets are assigned with a time duration of 1 hour everyday. This is the hora time period for each of that seven planets. If you wish to know the Hora time period of these respective 7 planets, please click here - Hora of The Day

What is Choghadiya ?

Choghadiya is a term derived Sanskrit. It consists of 2 terms Cho meaning four and Ghadi (also spelt as Ghati) meaning hour. Here the value of 24 hours is equal to 60 Ghati. Further, the value of each Choghadiya is equal to 3.75 Ghati, which approximates to 4 Ghati. Hence the name choghadiya.

So with this we can conclude that a day consists of 16 Choghadiya. Choghadiya has 7 names, they are - Amrut, Shubh, Labh, Chal, Udveg, Kaal and Rog. Each of the 16 Choghadiya is given a name. With 16 Choghadiya for a day, the 7 names distributed as per the appropriate Choghadiya. The classification of the names are as follows:

  1. Auspicious Choghadiya - Amrut, Shoobh & Labh 
  2. Moderate Choghadiya - Chal 
  3. Inauspicious Choghadiya - Udveg, Kaal & Rog 

Sunrise to Sunset - Day Choghadiya

Sunset to Sunrise - Night Choghadiya

This will help you to decide on which particular choghadiya suits you to start your work.

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What is Rahukaal ?

The time duration which come under planet Rahu’s influence is called Rahukaal. This time (Rahukaal) is considered inauspicious and any new venture or suspicious work should be avoided at this time.

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Well, thats all the information about the calculators for Muhurat. Now let’s move on to other important things happening this week. You must be expecting your weekly prediction. So, to find them, you may click here - 

Here are the important event for this week: 

Panchak Begins

Yet another important news for this week. Panchak is starting from 17th of September and continues until 21st of September. Now, if the concept of panchak is new to you, then

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