Friday, September 20, 2013

Faisalabad Wolves Vs Kandurata Maroons: Astro-Numerology Prediction

Champions League T20 2013 cricket Tournament will start on Sep 17, 2013 in India. The Champions League T20 schedule is prepared following the success of the IPL. It allows other teams from different similar tournaments like that of IPL to participate. The Champions League T20 fixtures is prepared keeping in mind the best interest of the players from different franchises of the countries. I have tried to find the results from my system of Astro-numerology. We are sure to witness lots of fireworks and uproars in the ground and in stadium as we had seen in IPL. Best of luck to all the teams.

Match -5. Faisalabad Wolves Vs Kandurata Maroons


Time used for prediction: 18:45
Ascendant lord: Jupiter-21
Ascendant star lord: Mercury-9
Moon sign lord: Jupiter-21
Moon star lord:-Mercury-9
Day lord: Venus-9

Winner: The result derived is 0 so KM will win this match.


Unknown said...

Km win today

Unknown said...

misbah's destiny is 36 or 12 pattern.

today' destiny is 17. 7 is always equivalent to 2.So,12.

FW had winning chance.

even target 147 added to number 12 !

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