Monday, September 23, 2013

The Mysterious Occult World Demystified

By Deepu Shanmugam

“Occult, the other world, the world filled with mysteries and wonders that gives a small tap to your other side, awakens it and the miracles that follow…”

What is Occult? 

This question has been asked time and again, why this curiosity? You may ask, we have the answer right here. Occult has always been a branch of science that has left an impact on anyone who explores it. Obviously, with its association with the mysterious part of science. 

Mankind has always had a strong inclination toward the world of unknown, this is only a natural instinct. And, if this interest can be put to good use, then things would go one notch higher. Well Occult science has done just that. This article will give you a sneak peek into the world of Occult and the practices associated with it. So read on.. 

Occult science

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Lets move onto the history behind this branch of Astrology.

History & Origin Of Occult

The Occult is one of the oldest and most mysterious part of Astrology. It is an art which involves using the influence of the supernatural agencies to work with our natural senses and help in the prediction of our past, present and future states. The word Occult originated from the Latin word Occultus which means hidden or a secret. Hence we can state that the art of Occult science is having the “knowledge of the hidden”. 

Earlier, this branch was being practised by only a small group of people; but nowadays, its reach has gone places far and wide. This art mainly involves working with the supernatural world and the talent which lies beyond the five senses to weave this information into something useful. While some might find this branch of Astrology as mystical, enchanting, spiritual and even healing, there are some who might not agree to this. But as the saying goes one never knows until he has tried it. 

Branches Of Occult Science

As such AstroSage brings forth to you this amazing, enchanting world of Occult science. 

Occult has a variety of branches with respect to astrology, like

Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Reading : This Art of Occult doesn’t exactly tell you the future but gives you an idea of how it would be. This art involves the usage of card which are a total of 78 cards, divided into 4 groups. Wands, cups, pentacles and swords. 

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Palm reading
Palm Reading : This art has more popularity than the previous one. While Tarot Card is more popular in western countries, Palm reading has Indian style written all over it. This is an age old practised being followed through many generations. This is known as “Hast Rekha Vidya” among the Indian astrologers and pundits who would take most pride in having knowledge about this art as it is the most popular with the masses. This art deals with the fortune telling by studying the lines and mounds in the palm and the shape of the fingers. 

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Crystal ball
Psychic Reading : This art is a sought after one, many want to be a psychic reader. But all this craving for this mysterious art is based only by seeing the fun, interesting part of it. But the main concept behind this art is deep strong and sometimes dangerous too. Not everyone can be a psychic reader, one has to possess that quality of trusting your instincts. This method involves gazing into the mind of another person. This can be a wonderful thing and at the same time dangerous too. 

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Vastu : “Home is where the heart is” but what happens when the home itself is having troubles?. This could easily be because of the Vastu failures. Vastu Shastra is the “Study of Architecture”, this is a very age old practice which started with the building of temples and has slowly spread its influence into the modern world. Building a house or office with respect to Vastu will make sure it eliminates all the negative vibes and bring peace and healthy environment.

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Chinese astrology
Chinese Astrology : This foreign method of astrology has an influence just as large as Indian astrology. Just like the Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology also has zodiac signs but the main difference is that the signs are represented by animals , unlike Vedic astrology which is represented by planets , stars and characters alike. This Chinese astrology has a lot to offer in terms of interesting, fascinating and exciting information. 

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Numerology : Numerology is all about the number game. This is a branch of Occult science which involves study of numbers associated with the persons name and birthdate. With this information it is possible to predict ones characteristics and to look into his future. This art is a very wide spread and has a strong influence on people, many see the help of numerology as a solution to the problems in their lives. Often changing names according to numerology is a considered as a quick fix to problems. 

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Well thats all we have got about this wonder world of astrology called Occult, but you can always now now by checking out our site on Occult science. 

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