Friday, September 6, 2013

Planet Of Love & Planet Of Intelligence - Transit Of 2 Significant Planets

Find Out How 2 Transits In 1 Day Would Affect You!

Mercury transit in VirgoToday, on 6th of September, two transits are taking place. Planet Mercury is transiting to Virgo and Venus is transiting to Libra. Whenever a planet transits, it affects the people of all zodiac signs. So, we have created a horoscope for each transit. Check it out and plan your days during transit accordingly. Planet transit horoscope will give you an idea of all the possible events that this transit may bring.

Mercury: The Planet of Wisdom

Mercury; the planet of intellect, wit and communication, is known to be the most fidgety and restless of all. It is both benefic and malefic, depending upon its position in the native’s birth chart. It is a neutral, dualistic, changeable and uncertain planet and results in similar qualities in natives. A native with a ruling Mercury is highly creative, intellectual and analytical. It rules native’s mind and body language. Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury.

Mercury Is Transiting In Virgo

Mercury will transit into Virgo on 6th September 2013. It will stay in Virgo till 25th September 2013. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, which will have different results for people of different signs. We bring to you moon sign based horoscope that will tell you what this transit has in store for you. Generally speaking this transit will see politicians fighting over petty things. Don’t you want to know what this transit will bring for you? If yes then have a look at our horoscope - 

Venus: The Planet Of Love

Venus transit in Libra
Venus inherits its name from the roman God of love and beauty. Therefore, Venus represents love, beauty, attachments, culture, charm and elegance. Venus also stands for aesthetic tastes, material pleasures and luxuries of life. It makes us fall for our senses and enjoy pleasures. Not just your genes but the Venus in your chart also deserves the credit for your beauty. Influence of Venus makes one charming and gives a slender body. If your Venus is happy, nobody can resist your charm. People ruled by Venus are the best when it comes on attracting someone. Nobody else can attract someone better than a Venus blessed person.

Venus Is Transiting In Libra

Venus is transiting into Libra on September 6, 2013, which is its own zodiac sign. It will stay in Libra till 2nd October 2013. It will be leaving Virgo, a debilitated sign for Venus. So if you are having trouble in your married life, you are in for better times ahead. Make the most of this transit if you are troubles by your relationships and marriage. Time ahead is also good for women as crime rate against them will also deteriorate. Every transit has an impact on us. We provide you Moon sign wise astrological analysis of this transit. 

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