Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elections 2014: Modi Vs Rahul - The Tug Of War Has Begun

By Piyush Shukla

2014 Elections have already begun to take a slow but steady shape. It won't be long before we see its mammoth structure in front of us. Are we ready to face it yet? Will we finally get a leader who has it in him to lead us? India has gone through some tough situations lately, economy is getting suffocated in the clutches of the “all talks, no action” politicians. But still we hope - we hope atleast this time around we will be in safe and capable hands. Just like we do every time there is a chance for a new inning called elections. Now let's take a closer look at our two top players who will race to claim the throne in this game of politics. 

The war has begun

Lok Sabha elections are likely to be held in the middle of 2014. A major fight between Congress’s prince Rahul Gandhi & BJP’s iron man Mr. Modi is likely to take place. 

There is a curiosity in the astrological circles & speculations are running high. 

There is a wave for the Gujarat's C.M Mr. Narendra Modi in the country. Can he be the next Prime Minister of India? Let''s see what the stars tell about him.

Narendra Modi

  • Name: Narendra Modi
  • Date of Birth: September 17, 1950
  • Time of Birth: 11 AM
  • Place of Birth: Mehsana
  • Longitude 72 E 28
  • Latitude 23 N 37
I have used Raman's ayanamsa to generate the chart as I personally find it to be a good prediction-oriented ayanamsa for the Parashari astrological system.

Analysis Of D1

We can see that in Modi Ji's chart, Bhagyesha Jupiter is aspecting the 10th house. 10th house is also occupied by the naturally benefic Venus, which is the ruler of the 7th. The 7th & 5th Lord's influence on the 10th house is producing a kind of association between Vishnu-Laxmi sthanas. A connection between Vishnu sthanas (1, 4, 7, 10) & Laxmi sthanas(1, 5, 9) is generally considered to be good from the astrological point of view. These combinations in Modi ji’s chart make his career, fame and influence over the masses very strong. Lord of 10th, Sun is in conjunction with the 4th lord & 11th lord in the house of gains. It makes him shine like the Sun in the field of politics.

We can note a powerful Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga of Moon in Lagna. Chandra-Mangal yoga in Lagna makes him a powerful personality. 2nd lord Jupiter''s presence in Kendra makes him a great speaker. Note the presence of GajKeshari yoga & Guru Mangal yoga in his chart.

Analysis Of D9

Moon's aspect over 10th house strengthens his political career. 1st house is having a presence of the 10th lord Mars in it. Mars & Venus both produce Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga in D9 chart. Bhagyesha Jupiter is in Mooltantrika in the 6th house. It aspects the 10th & 2nd houses. Hence Jupiter does good to his career & makes him a hard taskmaster. It endows him with the gift of gab.

Analysis Of D10

Note the Bhagyesha Jupiter''s presence in 10th & an aspect of waxing Moon on the career house.

1st house is accommodating the 10th lord Mars in it. Mars makes a Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga in D10 chart.

Mars, Jupiter & Moon occupy the kendras. 

This gives rise to three powerful yogas:
  1. Chandra Mangal yoga 
  2. Gajakeshri yoga 
  3. Guru Mangal yoga.
These yogas increase his fame, power, authority & position.

Analysis Of Dasha

One may note a powerful Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga of Moon in Lagna. Also the presence of Chandra- Mangal yoga in Lagna makes him a powerful personality. Moon is also powerful in both D9 & D10. Moon forms very powerful yogas in D1 & D10. His Moon's dasa duration is from November 2009 to November 2019. Present Dasha obviously bestows him with a very powerful Raja yoga.

As per Mr. Chidambaram the elections might take place in May 2014. Modi ji would be undergoing Moon''s Dasha & Saturn''s Bhukti at that time. Note that Saturn has become powerful being in 11th house in Virgo. In D9 it has become powerful by occupying the sign of Capricorn in a Kendra. In transit Jupiter is likely to be in 8th till 20 June 2014 and thereafter it is likely to transit into 9th. These transits are going to be good since Jupiter has gained good points in 8th & 9th houses respectively in its Bhinna Ashtakavarga. So 2014 is going to be great for him.

Now Lets Take A Look At Rahul Gandhi’s Chart

Rahul Gandhi

  • Name: Rahul Gandhi
  • Date of Birth: June 18, 1970
  • Time of Birth: 21:52:00
  • Place of Birth: Delhi
Mr. Rahul Gandhi has quite less chances of becoming the future PM, since his 10th house is weak. Functionally malefic Jupiter is in 10th house aspected by a debilitated Saturn from the 4th. In 10th house Jupiter is in an inimical sign & it is retrograde too. 10th lord Venus is in an inimical sign. 1st lord is debilitated & aspected by Jupiter, which is functionally malefic for the Capricorn ascendant. Rahu is in 2nd house & Ketu in the 8th. These factors are not favourable for giving him the post of Prime Minister. Rahul ji''s chart is a week & ordinary chart, when compared to that of Modi ji''s.

Rahul ji is going through a Moon Dasha & Rahu Bhukti right now, which would continue till 23/5/2014. After this he would be going through the period of Moon-Jupiter. These bhuktis are unlikely to give him good results.


Stars favour Narendra Modi ji''s candidature over Rahul Gandhi. Modi ji has got the potential to become the PM of India. Let''s see who really wins the electoral Mahabharata of 2014.


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