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Hanuman Janmotsav Today, Know Puja Vidhi and Muhurat

Seek blessings of Lord Hanuman with these great tips! Today on Shukla Purnima of Chaitra month, people will celebrate Hanuman Janmotsav. Know rituals and Puja Vidhi to worship and appease Lord Hanuman.

Every year on Purnima of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. So, today is a very auspicious day to worship this divine deity and will be celebrated by the people mostly in North India. In South India, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaturdashi (14th Day) of Krishna Paksha in Kartik month. Both the dates are mentioned in ancient religious scriptures, however, one is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman while the other is celebrated as Vijay Abhinandan Mahotsava. As per traditional beliefs, Lord Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar (reincarnation) of Lord Shiva. People who are favoured by him, all their pain and sufferings ends. So, worship this deity today to seek his divine blessings.

Chaitra Shukla Purnima Tithi and Muhurat

Purnima Start TimingPurnima End Timing
March 30, 2018 at 19:36:38March 31, 2018 at 18:08:29

Note: The timing is valid for New Delhi only. To know the timings of Purnima Tithi in your city, read Hanuman Jayanti 2018.

Worshipping Lord Hanuman on this occasion brings happiness and prosperity in a person’s life as well as destroys all pain and sufferings. In this regard, there are certain rituals that should be followed sincerely and are mentioned below:

  • On this occasion, offer clothes to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Strictly avoid salt when performing fast on this day.
  • Ruminate his name and follow the rules of Brahmacharya fast.
  • Don’t wear black clothes while worshipping Lord Hanuman, instead wear red or yellow color clothes.

Read more about worshipping Lord Hanuman: Hanuman Jayanti Puja Vidhi & Rituals

Special astrological combination is also occurring on this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. As Saturn and Mars both are posited in Sagittarius, so their conjunction is forming along with Hasta Nakshatra being governed by Moon. Thus, Yoga of these celestial bodies will prove to be beneficial for people.
Avoid ill-effects of Mars and Saturn: Establish Hanuman Yantra

Now read remedies to appease Lord Hanuman as per your Zodiac….


Aries is ruled by Planet Mars. So, if vermillion mixed in water, which is related to Mars, is offered to Lord Hanuman, all desires of the natives of this sign gets fulfilled.


This sign is governed by Venus. To appease Lord Hanuman, the natives should light fragrant incense sticks and Ghee lamp to worship him.


Mercury rules this zodiac. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the natives of Gemini should offer red flowers along with blue pea (Aprajita ka Phool) and clothes to Lord Hanuman.


Cancer is ruled by Moon, which is related to Lord Shiva. So, offer and recite Shiv Purana on this occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.


This zodiac is governed by planet Sun, who is also believed to be the teacher (Guru) of Lord Hanuman. So, along with Shri Sunderkand, recite Shri Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So, the natives of this zodiac should read Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. Also, read Ramraksha Stotra.

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Venus governs the sign of Libra. So, the people of this Zodiac should light fragrant incense sticks and Ghee lamp and offer red flowers and vermillion to Lord Hanuman.


Mars is the ruler of this zodiac. On this occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the natives of Scorpio should light Sesame oil (Til ka Tel) lamp to avoid the malefic effects of Saturn. Also, after reciting Shri Sunder Kand, they should distribute Prasad in the temple.


This zodiac is ruled by planet Jupiter. So, its natives should recite Ram Raksha Stotra. Also read any famous context of Shri Ram Katha to Lord Hanuman and donate Shri Ramcharitmanas in the temple.


As Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, so its natives should light Sesame oil (Til ka Tel) lamp in front of Lord Hanuman to avoid the bad impact of Shani Sade Sati. Also recite Shri Sunder Kand.


This zodiac is ruled by Planet Saturn. So, the natives of Aquarius should offer Ram Naam ki Mala (containing the name of Lord Ram on every bead) to Lord Hanuman. They should also recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times.


Jupiter governs the sign of Pisces. So, the people of this zodiac should read Aranya Kand of Shri Ramcharitmanas along with Sunder Kand on this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

We, at AstroSage, wishes our readers a very prosperous and blissful Hanuman Jayanti. May Lord fulfils all your wishes and desires on this day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AstroSage Year Book: Kundli based detailed Prediction for upcoming 12 months

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Time moves at its usual pace and so does life. Many challenges have been faced by you or may be coming your way. But the way your busy schedule has engrossed your life, you don’t get the time to make decisions about it or create a clear picture of your future. There are so many dreams that you have dreamt of, but don’t know the right ways to achieve them. Home, car, job, business, marriage and family - how you can achieve these? How to fulfil your life’s objectives? These are some questions that roams the periphery of your mind every once in a while, but you don’t have fixed answers for them. To overcome these dilemmas of your life, AstroSage has always come up with our expert astrology services. This time, we have brought “Year Book” specifically to prepare you for a bright and promising future.

What is so special about AstroSage Year Book?

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12 Months and Astrological Points

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Job, Business, Finance, Marriage and Love

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Special Yoga (Combination) for attaining Success

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Weekly Horoscope (26 March - 1 April 2018)

Know remedies to make this week successful! Read weekly horoscope and know what your stars has to say about your job, business, education, family and love life.

Last week of March is in good spirits and has brought some great surprises for the natives of few zodiacs. Progress in job/business, chance to travel abroad, commencement of some auspicious ceremony at home, loads of happiness in love or family life, etc may occur to you. However, there are some challenges round the corner. Read weekly horoscope to know more about various predictions about your life this week and what are the remedies that you can follow to avoid obstacles in your growth.

Find Your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator


Be patient as there are chances of some squabbles with family members. Pay attention to your mother’s health. Busy schedule and work pressure may cause you mental stress. Transfer in job seems a possibility for professionals this week. Foreign contacts would develop and you may plan a foreign trip as well. Expenses would be more this time, so control your spendings. Your children may go abroad. These are good times for students preparing for higher studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a causal week for your relationship. You will spend more money on materialistic comforts. Your love will grow, despite of some petty fights. If married, pay attention to your spouse’s health. You may also plan a trip with your life partner.

REMEDY: Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead.



Your enthusiasm and courage will grow. There are chances of some short trips. Siblings may face some problems. Be careful as you may get hurt this week. Your income would increase, but your expenses would remain normal. Some tiffs may occur with in-laws. Father’s health will remain normal. You have to work hard to get success at workplace. Your children will feel elated. Students will get good results for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are promising times for love matters. Your love will grow for each other and you may go to various fun places together. If married, your spouse’s health may decline. Some stress may also arise in your relationship.

REMEDY: Free the birds.



This week Gemini natives may have some differences with their families. You will progress in job/business, however there may occur some minor disputes. Family life will be blissful. Your children will be obedient. You may plan a short trip. Siblings will also support you. Students will find this period better for their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems good for love related matters. However, you may have to stay away from each other due to your busy schedules. If married, your relationship with your spouse may become unpleasant. Disputes may occur between you two, so be patient. Your spouse will be happy with their growth at workplace.

REMEDY: Offer vermilion and worship Goddess Durga.


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Natives of Cancer would feel ups and downs in their mental state. As a result, they might not feel better to make the right decisions. Family life will be happy and blissful. There are chances of foreign trips. Father’s health will be in good spirits. Your status will improve and people will like your religious conduct. You may also go on a pilgrimage tour this week. You may plan about building a home or may buy a vehicle as well. There are great opportunities in subjects related to Computer Science for people. You will have to work hard to achieve success at workplace.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You will feel mixed emotions this week. There will be love between you both, but chances of some minor tiffs are also there. It is recommended to be patient in such situations. Married couple may find these times challenging for them.

REMEDY: Light a jasmine oil lamp and worship Lord Hanuman.



You may get affected with cold and cough this week. Family life will be peaceful, though your children may face physical pain. Changes at workplace or transfer in job/business seems a possibility. Some old secret may comes out. Avoid unnecessary expenses as your spending may increase. Students may face lack of concentration while studying.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are challenging times for love relationships. Avoid regular meetings in this duration, keep in touch only through phone or other medium. If married, your spouse will get promotion at workplace. Your marital relations will become better than before.

REMEDY: Offer water to Sun God.



Your health will remain normal. There are strong possibilities of increase in your income. Elder siblings may face some problems. Some differences may arise between you and your friends. Family life will remain peaceful, however pay attention to your mother’s health. Some auspicious event may occur at home, or you would be pleased with the arrival of some guest. You may face ups and downs in job/business. These are challenging times for students.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love stars seems gloomy this week. Do not let any misunderstanding grow between you two. Try to work things out with healthy conversations, which will lead to a healthy relationship. If married, your love will grow and you will share your feeling with each other.

REMEDY: Offer Durva (green grass) and worship Lord Ganesha.


Find Love Compatibility With Your Partner: Kundli Matching For Marriage


Some problems may occur at workplace, so be attentive. Avoid shortcuts to get success. Spend more time with your family members to avoid tensions in your life. This will also cheer your mood and will make you happy. You may face ear-related problems. Younger siblings may also face some situations. There are chances of success in competitive exams. You will progress with right decisions. You will gain monetary benefit, however your expenses would increase. These are promising times for your children. These are also good times for students as their hard work will reap them good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Love stars will favour you this week, although, you have to give your best for them to remain happy with you. Be devoted to your love partner, this will strengthen your bond. If married, your love will grow for each other. As a result, your married life will be bright and cheerful.

REMEDY: Water Peepal tree and worship Lord Shani.



You may go on a pilgrimage tour this week. Your father may face some physical pain or your relationship with him may suffer. You may make some changes at workplace. Family life will remain normal. You may gain monetary benefits through property. You may spend money in religious activities. Your sources of income will increase with hard work. There will be a buzzing environment in your family. Your children may travel abroad. These are good times for students.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be casual for love related matters. You will understand each other to grow your relationship. Make decisions carefully regarding your love life. If married, pay attention to your spouse’s health and respect them as well.

REMEDY: Offer Sandalwood and worship Lord Vishnu.



You may feel uneasy and temperamental, which may affect your health. So, avoiding tensions is recommended. Your love and relationship for family members will improve. Your earnings will increase this week. Pay attention to your eating habits and drive carefully. Children will obey your words and will support you as well. Chances of growth at workplace is a possibility. Students will have to work hard to achieve good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will be good for your relationship. Some lucky people will try to make their love relationship permanent by tying the sacred knot of marriage. Your beloved will remain devoted to you. If married, your spouse will fulfil his/her responsibilities towards family. Avoid ego as it may affect your relationship.

REMEDY: Apply Turmeric Tilak on your forehead.


Know important fasts and festivals in March: Hindu Calendar 2018


Pay attention to your health as eye disorder, foot injury, pain or insomnia may affect you. There are chances of a foreign trip. People will appreciate your knowledge and experience at workplace. Family life will remain normal and happy. Siblings will support you as well as colleagues at workplace will be ready to help you. Your children will feel elated and happy. Your income will increase along with your expenses. Students will perform better in their exams.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are promising times for love matters. If you take care of your health, you will be able to plan a trip or visit fun places with your love partner. If married, pay attention to your spouse’s health. Try to understand their emotions as well and be affectionate towards them. Avoid any kind of dispute.

REMEDY: Offer Durva (green grass) and worship Lord Ganesha.



Sudden monetary gains on charts for you. Guests may come and go during this period. You will take interest in religious activities. You may also get the chance to go on a pilgrimage tour. Mental stress may cause you anxiety. Family life will remain normal. You will gain benefits through property. Your conversational skills will influence others. Be careful as your relations with senior officials may worsen at workplace. Your children will progress. Students will also get good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are worrisome times for your relationship. There may arise disputes between you two. It is beneficial that you have less meetings as well as have less communication in this period. If married, your spouse will remain devoted to you. Your love will grow and your bond will become more strong.

REMEDY: Offer bangles and worship Radha ji.



Your mother will support you. Pay attention to your health as it may decline. Avoid disputes in matters related to job or business, otherwise you may have to face some difficulties. You will actively participate in religious tasks. Artistic activities will also interest you. You may face ups and downs at workplace. Maintain good relations with your juniors. Pay attention to your child’s health as they may face some physical pain. Students may also face some challenges while studying.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: These are challenging times for love matters. Before expressing your feelings with your partner, make sure that it does not have an adverse effect. It is advisable that you act wisely. If married, your spouse will remain devoted to you and your love will grow for each other.

REMEDY: Light a sesame oil lamp and recite Hanuman Chalisa.


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Venus Transit in Aries Tomorrow, Know Effective Remedies

12 Remedies that appeases Planet Venus! Being the planet of love, beauty and art, Venus guides the desires of individuals and make them friendly and affectionate. Its favourable influence transforms the fate of a person and endows them with grace, money, power and intellect. However, its bad influence brings disgrace, misfortune, sorrows and discomfort.

It is transiting in Aries from Pisces tomorrow at 03:59 PM and will remain in this Zodiac till 02:21 AM of April 20, 2018. Read here to know how influential this transit is for your zodiac and what remedies you can follow to lessen its impact on your life.

Find your Moon sign: Moon Sign Calculator


The transit of Venus in Aries will improve your socialising skills and will make you conversational with new people. Read More…


Venus transit may affect your health, and you’ll have to put extra efforts to stay in the pink of your health. Read More…


You will be in your element as there are chances of increase in your sources of income. Read More…

Know more about planet Venus: Planet Venus & Remedies


This transit of Venus will coax your hard work and determination to make you accomplish your life’s objectives. Read More…


Venus transit may influence your mind and you might consider changing your job. Read More…


You are advised to be cautious while dealing in matters related to money as there are chances of wealth loss in this period. Read More…


Venus transit would spice up things in your married life and you would enjoy the support of your life partner. Read More…


This transit may affect your married life and you might have to face tough times in your relationship. Read More…


This transit period would be great for love affairs and you would get opportunities to have playful conversations with your partner. Read More…

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With the transit of Venus in Aries, the natives of Capricorn will feel inner bliss sweeping them off their feet. Read More…


This transit will prove to be beneficial for you and you may plan a short trip, which would bear you fruits in the long run. Read More…


The natives of Pisces will interact with people in their own panache way and would be able to sway them with their smooth talks. Read More…

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Chaitra Navratri Ashtami - Navami Pujan Tomorrow

Maa Durga blesses you on Ashtami - Navami Day! Know Paran Muhurat timings for Chaitra Navratri 2018 and the importance of Kanya Pujan on this day. Also read about rituals and Puja Vidhi performed during Ram Navami.

This Chaitra Navratri, Ashtami and Navami are falling on the same day. The reason being the loss of Navami Tithi (Kshaya Titihi), because of which it will be celebrated on the day of Ashtami, i.e. tomorrow on March 25. So, all auspicious rituals and Puja for worshipping Maa Durga will also be performed tomorrow. Maa Mahagauri and Maa Siddhidatri, the eighth and ninth swaroop of Maa Durga, will be worshipped by devotees for a prosperous and happy life. Goddess Mahagauri is very kind and compassionate, and grants all wishes of her devotees. Maa Siddhidatri also blesses her devotees with Spiritual Siddhis as well as offer goodness and morality by destroying all that is evil and bad.

Know the Mantra for Worshipping Maa MahaGauri and Maa Siddhidatri

Chaitra Navratri Ashtami - Navami Pujan

Ashtami and Navami Pujan during Navratri is of prime significance and concludes the end of this auspicious festival. Different Hindu communities perform different rituals to worship the Goddess on these days. The reason being that their lineages or ancestries has followed specific rituals, and the same tradition is followed by them as well. Thus, you can see various families worshipping Goddess Durga as per their rituals and traditions.

Know more about worshipping Goddess Durga: Navratri 2018

Importance of Kanya Pujan

Young girls (Kanya), from 2 to 10 years of age, are especially worshipped on Ashtami and Navami during Navratri Puja. Nine girls representing the nine forms of Maa Durga are invited by the devotees on this occasion and are offered food and gifts. This ritual is known as ‘Kanya Pujan’. It is believed that young girls are the most auspicious, virtuous, pure, and innocent souls. Worshipping them during Navratri pleases Maa Durga and she blesses her devotees with good fortune and happiness. Other than this, following are the nine benefits of performing Kanya Pujan:
  1. Kumari - Worshipping 2 years old girls ends all pain and sufferings.
  2. Trimurti - Worshipping 3 years old girls blesses with offsprings.
  3. Kalyani - Worshipping 4 years old girls offers knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.
  4. Rohini - Worshipping 5 years old girls destroy all ailments and diseases.
  5. Kaalika - Worshipping 6 years old girls eliminate enemies.
  6. Chandika - Worshipping 7 years old girls bestows with wealth and prestige.
  7. Shaambhavi - Worshipping 8 years old girls brings success and achievements in every sphere.
  8. Durga - 9 years old girls are the form of Maa Durga. By worshipping them, heavenly comforts and happiness is attained.
  9. Subhadra - 10 years old girls are worshipped as Subhadra and fulfils all desires and wishes.
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Ram Navami

Tomorrow is also the birth anniversary of Lord Rama and will be celebrated as Ram Navami. According to Hindu Calendar, every year Ram Navami is observed on Navami Tithi of Chaitra month. Lord Rama is believed to be the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On this day, devotees recite Ramayana to worship the God.

Know Puja Vidhi for worshipping Lord Rama: Ram Navami Puja Rituals

Chaitra Navratri Paran

Chaitra Navratri Paran is performed on Dashami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. 9 days long festivities are concluded on the tenth day after Navratri Paran. On this day, food (Prasad) should be taken after performing Murti Visarjan, Pujan and donation on an auspicious Muhurat.

Know Shubh Muhurat for Chaitra Navratri 2018 in your city: Chaitra Navratri Paran Muhurat

AstroSage wishes all our readers a happy and prosperous life ahead. May Maa Durga blesses you all with a successful future.

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Navratri is the occasion to adore, praise and idolize Maa Durga. It is said that by venerating and worshipping the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga during Navratri, every wish and desire of a devotee gets fulfilled. This is the reason why devotees worship the Goddess with great devotion and happiness on this auspicious occasion. To make Navratri more elated and wonderful for you, we have brought “AstroSage Navratri Celebration”. It has everything that will double the merriment of the festival. So, come and join us for this grand celebration of Navratri!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Chaitra Navratri Day 7 - Worship Maa Kaalratri

Appease the Goddess of good deeds - Maa Kaalratri! The seventh incarnation of Maa Durga is Kaalratri. She is the destroyer of the evil and protector of the innocent. Read here to know about the most violent yet benevolent deity and how to appease her on Seventh day of Chaitra Navratri.

Maa Kaalratri - Preserver of the Good and Slayer of the Evil

The seventh and the most violent and ferocious swaroop of Goddess Paarvati is Maa Kaalratri. Her name coalesces words KAAL meaning “time or death” and RATRI meaning “the night”, thus it signifies that the Goddess is the slayer of the darkness. It is believed that she removed her golden skin to destroy the two demons, Shumbha and Nishumbha, after killing Rakhtbeej. She is also known by the name of Goddess Shubhankari to bless her devotees and end their fear of the bad.

In ancient Hindu scriptures, her heavenly appearance is depicted as that of the darkest of nights with unkempt bountiful hair and she wears a necklace that shines like the moon. She sits in an upright position astriding a donkey (Gadarbh) and emits fire while breathing. She has four hands - the left two hands holds a scimitar (Katar) and thorn like Cleaver (Vajra) to eradicate the evil and bad, while her right hands are in Abhaya and Varada Mudras to bless the pure and good. Such is the glory of her name that just chanting it is enough to make the evil forces disappear.

Rules for Worshipping Maa Kaalratri

Goddess Kaalratri is worshipped on Seventh day of Navratri and is worshipped in two ways - Navratri Puja (followed generally on all days of Navratri) and Tantra Puja. The rules that are to be followed during Tantra Puja are as follows:

  • Just like previous days in Navratri, general Puja for Maa Kaalratri is the same. However, Tantra Puja for the Goddess must be done under specific instructions from expert scholars.
  • The best time for performing Puja to worship the Goddess is during midnight.
  • Tantra Puja is very effective for destroying the evil and bad.
  • Red and Black colored things are of prime importance during Puja of Maa Kaalratri.

Know more about other Swaroops of Maa Parvati: Read Chaitra Navratri

Maa Kaalratri Mantra

Ekveni Japakarnapura Nagna Kharastitha |
Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyakta Sharirani ||

“She is bare skinned, has disheveled bountiful hair, adorns ornaments on her neck and legs like lightning, complexion is as black as the darkest of nights, breathes fire, has blood shot eyes demanding blood of the evil, heavenly body, rides on a donkey, and is violent and ferocious looking.” This Mantra removes all obstacles and hurdles from a person’s life as well as ends their fears and sufferings.

Astrological Significance of Chaitra Navratri Day 7

Seventh day of Chaitra Navratri is a golden opportunity for Yogis and Sadhaks to pay their reverence to Goddess Kaalratri. They repent their sins and try to attain Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) for gaining Siddhis and Niddhis, specially knowledge, power and wealth. Other than this, Maa Kaalratri also governs and guides Planet Saturn. So, by worshipping her on Navratri Day 7, wards off all the ill-effects of Saturn on your life.

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Thus, in spite of her ferocious appearance against demons and evil beings, Goddess Kaalratri is very generous to her devotees. She blesses them and protects them from any kind of demonic influence, thus offering a prospering and wonderful future.

AstroSage wishes you all a very happy Chaitra Navratri and sincerely hope that Goddess Kaalratri showers her divine blessings upon you and your loved ones.

Chaitra Navratri Day 6 - Worship Maa Katyayani for Marriage

3 benefits of worshipping Maa Katyayani on Navratri! Goddess Durga is the deity of courage, bravery, confidence and success. Her sixth Avatar, Maa Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Chaitra Navratri. Read more about this divine and magnificent Goddess and also know Puja Vidhi to appease her.

Maa Katyayani - Destroyer of Pain and Sufferings

According to religious scriptures, Maa Parvati was born as the daughter of Rishi Katyayana and thus, named Katyayani. Goddess Katyayani is said to be one of the most fiercest form of Goddess Durga, as she was born out of the anger of Gods. She is also known as Mahishasuramardini, the slayer of Asura Mahishasura. It is believed that if a devotee worship Goddess Katyayani and fasts for her on sixth day of Navratri, all his/her problems and sufferings will end.

The magnificent form of the Goddess rides a lion and has four hands. She holds lotus and a sword on her two left hands while her right hands always remain in Abhaya and Varada Mudra. Women worships her for getting married early or to have a blissful married life. If girls fast on this day, the mangal dosha from their horoscope is removed with blessings from the Goddess.

Seek blessings of Goddess Katyayani, Read Here

Puja Vidhi for Worshipping Maa Katyayani

Worship Goddess Katyayani on sixth day of Chaitra Navratri and seek her blessing for a happy and successful married life. Following is the Puja Vidhi for worshiping Goddess Katyayani for a healthy and prosperous future:

  • First, worship the Kalash and the gods, goddesses, pilgrimage/village/city deities, and the nine planets in it.
  • After that, start offering prayers to Maa Katyayani. Take a flower in your hand and ruminate the name of the Goddess.
  • Perform Panchopchar by offering red flowers, Akshat, Kumkum and vermilion to the Goddess.
  • Also perform Aarti and Bhajans and pray to the Goddess for forgiveness while burning ghee/camphor.
  • Chant this mantra for appeasing Maa Katyayani for getting married early...

    Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari |
    Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kuru te Namah | |

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Astrological Significance & Benefits of Worshipping Goddess Katyayani

According to Vedic Astrology, Goddess Katyayani administers planet Jupiter. So, by worshipping the Goddess on Chaitra Navratri Day 6, one gets rid of all the malefic effects of Planet Jupiter. It is also believed that during Dwapara Yuga, Gopis worshipped Maa Katyayani to get Lord Krishna as their husband. From that time onwards, girls fast on this day to appease the Goddess, so that they could get a desired and wonderful husband. Katyayani Mantra is chanted while fasting, and has following benefits:

  • Removes Manglik Dosha and other negative effects of planets on a girl’s horoscope.
  • Offers with a fruitful and prosperous married life.
  • Blesses married couples with a child.

Thus, Goddess Katyayani endows her pure and divine blessings on people to offer them a peaceful and wonderful life.

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AstroSage wishes that this Chaitra Navratri Maa Katyayani confers her grace upon you and you can march on the path of righteousness.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chaitra Navratri Day 5 - Worship Maa Skandamata for Prosperity

Get blessings of Maa Skandamata for a blissful life! The fifth day of Chaitra Navratri is the day when people perform fasts for Goddess Skandamata, the fifth swaroop of Maa Durga. Read here to know the Puja Vidhi for worshipping the Goddess and also know the significance of this day from astrological point of view.

Maa Skandamata - the Nurturer of Life

When Maa Parvati became the mother of God Skanda (Kartikeya), since then, she was called as Goddess Skandamata. Being the fifth avatar of Maa Durga, Goddess showers her devotees with power, strength, money and prosperity, when pleased with their dedication and devotion. A devotee also achieves salvation, if worships the Goddess selflessly and with pure devotion.

Maa Skandamata is represented as sitting on a lion with baby Skanda sitting on her lap, who is also the brother of Lord Ganesha. She has four hands and carries lotus flowers in upper two hands. She holds baby Skanda, also called Lord Kartikeya or Lord Murugan, in her left hand and her right hand remains in Abhaya Mudra. 

Puja Vidhi for Worshipping Maa Skandamata

On fifth day of Navratri, people perform fast to worship and appease Maa Skandamata. By performing the right Puja Vidhi, the devotees please the Goddess to seek her blessings. Following is the procedure for worshiping Goddess Skandamata for a healthy and prosperous life:

  • First, worship the Kalash and the gods, goddesses, pilgrimage/village/city deities, and the nine planets in it.
  • After that, start offering prayers to Maa Skandamata. Take a flower in your hand and ruminate about the Goddess.
  • Perform Panchopchar by offering red flowers, Akshat, Kumkum and vermilion to the Goddess.
  • Burn ghee/camphor, perform Aarti and Bhajans, and pray to the Goddess for forgiveness.
  • Chant this mantra while worshipping Maa Skandamata.....
Siṅghāsanagatā nityama padmāśritakaradvayā |
śubhadāstu sadā dēvī skanda mātā yaśaśvinī ||

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Astrological Significance of Chaitra Navratri Day 5

According to Vedic Astrology, Maa Skandamata governs Planet Mercury and the person who appeases her, she/he is freed from the malefic effect of this planet. It also believed that if the most uneducated or mindless person fasts on this day, the Goddess blesses him/her with immense knowledge and wisdom.

So, worshipping the Goddess on this auspicious occasion of Navratri held more significance than it reflects. Maa Skandamata eliminates all pain and sufferings, remove all obstacles that hinder the growth of a person and brings prosperity and happiness to one’s life.

We, at AstroSage wish that Goddess Skandamata bestows happiness and prosperity upon you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Chaitra Navratri Day 4 - Worship Maa Kushmanda

Worship Maa Kushmanda - the destroyer of darkness! Today is the fourth day of Chaitra Navratri and is devoted to the fourth form (Swaroop) of Maa Durga, Goddess Kushmanda. Devotees will perform fasts today to seek blessings of the Goddess. Read here to know the significance of performing the right Puja Vidhi to appease this divine deity.

Maa Kushmanda - Creator of Universe 

Term Kushmanda is the coalesce of words KU meaning “a little”, USHMA meaning “energy” and ANDA meaning “cosmic egg”. Thus, Goddess Kushmanda is the pure and vibrant cosmic source of energy that destroys the darkness menacing in the life of the people. She is also believed to be the creator of the universe. When it was falling in the abyss of darkness, the Goddess smiled and produced a cosmic egg that energised the universe with light. Anahata, the fourth chakra of spiritual energy, is the Chakra of Maa Kushmanda. It means unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten and brings balance, calmness, and serenity in one’s life.

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Magnificent Form of Maa Kushmanda

Once, Goddess Parvati lived in the core of Sun to shower the world with her energy. Since then, she is known by the name of Goddess Kushmanda. She is also said to give directions to the Sun God (Surya Dev). The Goddess is worshipped on fourth day of Navratri and endows her devotees with wealth, strength and positivity. She features eight hands and mounts a lioness. She holds Kamandal, Dhanush, Bada and Kamal in her right hand, while four left hands hold Amrit Kalash, Jap Mala, Gada and a Chakra. Because of her 8 arms, she is also known by the name of Ashtabhuja Devi.

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Puja Vidhi for Worshipping Maa Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped on fourth day of Chaitra Navaratri. This day people perform fasts and ruminate her name to seek her blessings. The Goddess when pleased, rewards people with prosperity, happiness, money and lavishness. Puja Vidhi for worshipping Maa Kushmanda on Day 4 of Navratri is given below:

  • First, worship the Kalash and the gods, goddesses, pilgrimage/village/city deities, and the nine planets in it.
  • After that, start offering prayers to Maa Kushmanda. Take a flower in your hand and ruminate the name of the Goddess.
  • Perform Panchopchar by offering red flowers, Akshat, Kumkum and vermilion to the Goddess.
  • Also perform Aarti and Bhajans while burning ghee/camphor, and pray to the Goddess for her forgiveness.
  • Chant this mantra while worshipping Maa Kushmanda…
Surāsampūrṇakalaśaṁ rudhirāplutamēva cha |
Dadhānā hastapadmābhyāṁ kūṣmāṇḍā śubhadāstu mē ||

Significance of Chaitra Navratri Day 4

Maa Kushmanda blesses a person with health and wealth, eliminates all troubles and sufferings and showers their life with peace and happiness. According to Vedic Astrology, Goddess Kushmanda guides the Sun God and directs his energy and light to fill the world with positivity and brightness. Thus, worshipping her on fourth day of Navratri eliminates any ill-effect of Sun in your life.

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We, at AstroSage, wish that Goddess Kushmanda showers blessings upon you and brings prosperity in your life this Chaitra Navratri.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Chaitra Navratri Day 3 - Get Blessed by Goddess Chandraghanta

Appease Maa Chandraghanta and seek her blessings! Third day of Navratri holds great importance and is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta, third form (Avatar) of Maa Durga. Devotees will fast today with unwavering zeal and devotion to appease this deity. Know the glory of Maa Chandraghanta and Puja Vidhi to seek her blessings on this auspicious occasion of Chaitra Navratri.

Maa Chandraghanta - Deity of Serenity & Peace

Goddess Chandraghanta is the married form of Maa Parvati who symbolizes calmness and tranquility. She is also the third form of Maa Durga and represents courage and bravery. After getting married to Lord Shiva, she adorned half-moon on her forehead that shapes like a bell, hence her name Chandraghanta. She is also known by the name of Chandika, Chandrakhanda and Rannchandi. Her third eye always remain open and she is the ultimate warrior who destroys evil and end sufferings of her devotees.

Gracious Aura of Maa Chandraghanta

Goddess Chandraghanta showers people with positivity and wards off the evil from their lives. The divine aura of this deity also makes a person peaceful and calm. She possesses 10 hands and 3 eyes (Trinetra), and mounts a tigress. Goddess Chandraghanta holds trident, mace, sword and Kamandal in each left hand, and the fifth hand is in Varada Mudra. In her four right hands, she holds a lotus, arrow, bow and Japa Mala and keeps her fifth hand in Abhaya Mudra. This Mudra portrays that she is brave, courageous and ready to face any challenge along with bestowing the mankind with her blessings. Her ferocious warrior form is seen only while fighting against demons. She blesses her devotees with spiritual bliss, knowledge, peace and prosperity as well.

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Puja Vidhi for worshipping Maa Chandraghanta

Worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta is done on the third day of Navaratri. This day people perform fasts to appease her. The Goddess rewards people with her grace, bravery and courage and eliminates all their sins, physical & mental sufferings, spiritual hurdles and so on. Puja Vidhi for worshipping Maa Chandraghanta is as follows:

  • First, worship the Kalash and the gods, goddesses, pilgrimage/village/city deities, and the nine planets in it. 
  • After that, offer prayers to Maa Chandraghanta. Take a flower in your hand and ruminate the name of the Goddess. 
  • Perform Panchopchar by offering red flowers, Akshat, Kumkum and vermilion to the Goddess. 
  • Sing Aarti and bhajans, and pray to the goddess for forgiveness while burning ghee/camphor. 
  • Chant this mantra while worshipping Maa Chandraghanta…
Piṇḍaja pravarāruṛhā caṇḍakōpāstra kairyutā |
prasādaṁ tanutē mahyaṁ candra ghanṣṭēti viśrutā ||

Importance of Navratri Day 3

The third day of Chaitra Navratri holds prime importance for Yogis. On this day the mind of a Yogi or Sadhak (a Seeker) enters into Manipura Chakra, which enables them to see unearthly and divine things. With blessings of Maa Chandraghanta, a seeker becomes capable of smelling divine and sacred fragrances, and may even hear various spiritual sounds. However, they must be careful and attentive while in this stage of discipline.

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Sindoor Tritiya

Sindoor Tritiya is a ritual that is performed and celebrated on the third day of Navratri. The festival is associated with sindoor (Vermilion) and is performed by married women. As Goddess Chandraghanta symbolizes the married form of Maa Parvati, so married women celebrate this occasion as Sowbhagya Teej or Gauri Teej. The ritual is of great significance in North India and is celebrated with lots of zeal, enthusiasm and happiness.

AstroSage wishes all our readers a very happy Chaitra Navratri and prays that Goddess Chandraghanta enriches your life with her heavenly blessings.