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Monday, April 28, 2014

Transit of Venus In Pisces Ascendant (May 28, 2014)

Venus is transiting into Pisces ascendant, on the midnight of April 27, 2014. Along with this transit, alterations will also come for each zodiac sign. So, how will it affect your stars? Read these astrological predictions by astrologer Acharya Raman and get the answer.

On April 27, 2014, around midnight, Venus will transit in Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will transit in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Most of its transit will be in the constellations (Nakshatra) of its friends. Venus represents Shukracharya, the Guru of demons and Pisces is a watery dual sign of Brihaspati, the eternal Guru. Venus owns Taurus and Libra, out of which Taurus is a fixed sign and Libra is movable, But Jupiter, the Guru, owns both the dual signs. Human nature is full of duality. We have different personality with different people. For example, we are different with our wife, kids, parents, inlaws, boss, servant etc. The irony is self proclaimed that eternal lovers become most bitter enemy of each other many times and our court shows the way apart. Venus rules love, which is physical & material, and Brihaspati rules love for all creation of God. This is a contrast which separates people of three types- those who talk ideas, those who talk events and those who talk about people. Venus will always talk about people because it has no vision beyond that. We can easily see it in any strong Libran or Taurean. On 24th May, Venus will join Ketu in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, which will be in Virgo, the debilitation sign of Venus.

The transit of Venus will have following effects on various ascendants:

Aries: Love affairs may cost you more money, wait, luck, and losses. So, it will be wiser to not adhere to the demands raised. There might be some problems on legal front. You may repay some of your debts. Works may take longer to accomplish.

Taurus: You may receive your provident fund money or return on insurances. Elder members of the family may have to face some prolonged illness. There will be good news related to work and elders of the family. There could be long travels. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will give in to your devotion and will say yes to you, finally. 

Gemini: You will enjoy good relations with wife and family. But you should be careful as defamation is possible, during this time. You may fall in some kind of emotional trap. At this time, take care of you health. Gadgets in your vehicle may suffer malfunctioning.

Cancer: Platonic love will reach a new height, it is better to feel love than indulge in it physically. You may face some domestic misunderstanding due to professional life, but it will not surface up where others can see it. Expenses will be a major issue, during this time.

Leo: During this time, luck will not favor you much. Some known people may become the reason for it. There will be philosophical gains and material gains in this time. Your elders may go for a long outing. Property related issues can come up.

Virgo: You will long for a union, but it will be delayed till the extent of disliking. Some of you will have misunderstanding with your beloved. Domestic life will be peaceful. AS health problems are possible, avoid heavy foods and sweets like sundaes & ice creams. 

Libra: Many of you may face legal issues and problems from servants. There might be some issues related to children. Your vehicle may also give unnecessary troubles at times. Avoid long journeys. Your egoistic attitude will deter your love life and may make some deep dents in it.

Scorpio: There may be some roughness among the family members. Some sudden issue may come up related to an old disease. It is suggested not to lend money to anyone, as you may not get it back soon. Chances of sudden gains are also seen. You will win over your opponents. Travel to abroad is also there.

Sagittarius: New vehicle may come to your porch. As a result of this transit, you will make new friends. Work front will be good. You may purchase gold or diamond. Overall, it is good for you from many aspects.

Capricorn: Due to this transit, you may face troubles from workers, as they will ask for more expense. Work front will be below average and you may face dejection. Some false allegation is also possible; therefore, stay alert. It is suggested to taking decisions wisely, or you may regret later. Listen to the first voice that comes from your heart.

Aquarius: Initially, you will make profits, which may get drained later. Luck will not favor you much and you make commit some mistakes. Be calm and at peace and better avoid major decisions for now. Love life will be confusing and dull.

Pisces: Health should be your prime focus, at this time. Also, keep a check on expenses and your personal life. You will be feeling jovial, but may not feel the same for long. Tooth and genitals related problems can trouble you. Be careful with your eating habits. During this time, you may become a victim of blackmagic; therefore, avoid strangers.

By Acharya Raman
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Venus Transit In Pisces (April 28, 2014)

Venus will transit in Pisces on April 28. Venus is the planet of love and tenderness, but how lovely will it be for us? Will it bring favorable results or unfavorable? Read the article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra to know the answer.

Venus is transiting in Pisces on April 28, 2014. This transit is favorable for the couples who are facing tensions in their married life. Women harassment issues will decline. Cosmetic industries will get tremendous benefits. When Venus will be transit in Pisces, ascendant Capricorn will rise and Venus will travel from ascendant Capricorn to the third house. Films released during this phase will be successful in entertaining the audiences. There is a huge possibility of a woman candidate winning an election, irrespective it takes place anywhere in the country.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Now, let’s discuss the impacts of this transit on the zodiac signs:

Aries: You are expected to spend money on items related to luxury and comfort. During the period, you will be experiencing high standards of marriage and love life. There is a need to restrain from sensual pleasures, as they may lead to concerning issues. You should be cautious of your opponents and anti-personal approaches. Overall, financial condition will be stable during the period.

Taurus: During this transit period, each of your efforts will turn into fruitful results. Friends and well-wishers will be supportive. Your expectations and desires will be fulfilled during the period. Travelling is suggested to be beneficial for the Taureans. Familial happiness will also be achieved of high standards. Relation with friends and colleagues will remain good. Although expenses will be high, income will be compensating the expenditure with regular increments.

Gemini: You are expected to achieve an important milestone in your profession. This will multiply your fame. You will be able to act judiciously in unfavorable situations. There will be an improvement in relations with business partners or customers. You can expect a respectable behavior by the family members. Business tours are possible during the period.

Cancer: You are expected to receive recognition and respect from reputed people. Familial life will be pleasant, where relations with guardians will soothen. There is the possibility to tour abroad. Family life will remain harmonious. Increment at workplace is foreseen. Promotion as per your expectations is possible. It is possible that the mind is drawn toward religious activities.

Leo: This is the time to be cautious for Lions. You should not perform a misdeed that stains your image. Do not let sensual thoughts overpower your mind. Take care of your health. Leisure travels should not be given much importance. There is the possibility to gain wealth; but, try to keep aside the unnecessary expenses. Relatives and acquaintances will prove to be supportive.

Virgo: The witty side of your personality will be reflected during the transit period. You may go on some leisure trip. Accompaniment of a feminine spouse will prove to be beneficial. This period will grow your inclination toward performing music and arts. Your will perform extremely well in your work field. There will be an increment in the income. Family life will be pleasant; however, minor health issues are possible.

Libra: You should keep aside sensual thoughts, during this transit period. Take care of your health. Workload might be tedious, although the environment at the workplace will be consoling. You should think, act and react, as your opponent seems to get dominant on you. Avoid misunderstandings with women to pacify things. It is also advised to bring control on expenditure.

Scorpio: The transit will glorify your social status. Family life will remain prosperous. Awaited desires will be fulfilled, during the period. Social circle will increase and you will meet old Possibly, you will be communicated regarding a good news. Overall, success will be in your grasp during the transit.

Sagittarius: The transit period brings an increment in your status and income level. Family life will be at peace. There is the possibility to get an profitable deal. Any occasion might be organized in family. Journeys will be rewarding. Opponents won’t get success in harming you. A new entrant is likely in your family. Efforts will prove successful.

Capricorn: This transit will bring zeal and enthusiasm into your life. Small journeys and family environment will be prosperous. Contacts with people will increase. Work front will improve. As this time is highly in your favor, awaited desires will be fulfilled. Concerns related to children or romance is likely to be solved, during this period.

Aquarius: During this time, you will spend good time with family. You will be able to use your wits in difficult situations. Income will increase. Auspicious activity will be held in family. You will enjoy the company of a women. You will grow a taste toward delicious food delicacies. You may also spend on domestic items.

Pisces: This period will bring happiness in your life. Overall atmosphere around you will be prosperous. You will feel inclined toward women. This is a favorable time for married and love life. Little efforts can raise your income, immensely. Health should be taken care of.

By Hanuman Mishra

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Transit Of Venus In Aquarius (March 31, 2014)

Venus will transit in Aquarius on 31st of March. Predictions have been made for each zodiac sign. So, what are these predictions? How will this transit effect you? Read this article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ and get the answers. 

Transit Of Venus In Aquarius and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Venus, the significator (Karak) of luxury, is transiting into Aquarius on 31st of March 2014, after leaving Capricorn. Both these signs are associated with Saturn, and Saturn shares friendly bond with Venus. As it is moving from an earth element to an air element, so this transit will yield favorable results. Good time ahead for those couples who were facing some disturbances in their married life. The women victimization will decrease. Film and cosmetic industries will get profitable results, during this time. 

Let’s know the effects of this transit on all the zodiac signs:

Aries: During this period, you will get extreme pleasure in your family life. An increase in the number of family members is foreseen. Siblings will also perform well in their fields. Your much awaited desires and wishes will come true. Every endeavor will produce fruitful results. Friends and relatives will support you completely. Journeys will be favorable. You will share good rapport with your colleagues and friends. Although expenses may increase, but flow of income will remain good. 

Taurus: You will see an enormous increase in your reputation and honour. Behavior of family members will remain good toward you. Some business related trips are possible. You will get considerable success at workplace. Relations with business partners and customers will improve. You will accumulate several things and might spend on some luxurious items. During this period, you will easily deal with unfavorable situations. 

Gemini: During this period, even your small efforts will lead to an increase in income. Your family life will remain happy and prosperous. If you are expecting a promotion, favorable results are possible. You will get honor and appreciation from senior officials. You will share harmonious relation with parents and teachers. During this time, you may go on some long distant journeys. You might get attracted toward spiritual or philosophical activity.

Cancer: In this duration, you will get constant support from your relatives. There is possibility of sudden financial gain. Try to keep your expenses under control. You need to be more careful about your actions. Don't do anything which can harm your status. Don't let sensual thoughts dominate your mind. It is suggested to take care of your health. Try to avoid unnecessary travelling.

Leo: During this period, you will see an increase in your earnings. Family life will give you pleasure. Your social nature will help you in connecting with different people. You may get attracted toward music, fine arts or beauty. You may go for entertainment. You will get benefit from the company of females. You will do well in your business. However, you may face some minor health issues.

Virgo: During this time, workload may make you restless; however, conditions at your workplace will be your favour. You need to be careful from your opponents. Try to keep your expenses under control. During this time, make sure not to spoil relations with females. Avoid sensual thoughts and take care of your health.

Libra: Your social pride and happiness will increase during this period. Your social circle will increase, and you will get a chance to meet old friends. Some good news is also expected via communication medium. You will feel attracted toward females. Family life will give you happiness. Your much awaited desires will get fulfilled. At this time, you may inclined toward music and arts. 

Scorpio: During this period, there is possibility of an increase in family members. Your family life will give you happiness. There is possibility of some family get together. You will get benefit from travelling. Opponents will not be able to harm you. There will be an increase in your honor and reputation. You may get any profitable deal. You will get success in your efforts. Overall, this time will remain in your favour.

Sagittarius: During this period, your social circle will increase. Small trips and family life will be pleasurable. Situations at workplace will improve. This proves to be a fortunate period and your every desirable work will accomplish. You will feel highly enthusiastic and active.

Capricorn: There is a possibility of some auspicious activity in your family. You might spend on some household products. You will enjoy quite good time with family members. Income will increase. You will get an increase in your income. You may gain money from via some shortcuts. You will spend quality time with females. You will feel tempted for expensive and delicious food. You will deal with circumstance very smartly. 

Aquarius: During this period, the environment around you will remain cheerful. You will also feel joyous and happy. You will show interest in fine arts, music, and literature. You may feel inclined toward females. This time is good for married couples. A little effort at work front can help you to increase your earnings.

Pisces: During this period, you will experience extreme pleasure in your love and married life. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. But it’s better to keep a check on your spending nature, otherwise it may lead to some problems. Be careful from your opponents and enemies. This time has mixed results from financial point of view. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

How Venus Is Related To Your Marriage?

Venus, the planet ruled by the Goddess of beauty and love, is the significator for marriage and life partner. Being the governor of love life, the planet affects all the 12 houses in one or the other way. Read this article to know how Venus rules your married life.

In our horoscope, Venus is the Karak (significator) of married life and life partner. However, if we talk about Venus and Jupiter, a few astrologers as well as the common people have a lot of confusions about both these planets. This is because some of them consider Jupiter for life partner and Venus for marriage. But, I would like to clear that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and therefore, it expands the family. Venus is the Karak (significator) of marital happiness and life partner. Love, emotions, understanding, and sexual pleasures are represented by Venus. Apart from Venus, we need to analyze the 7th house and it’s lord. 

Let’s see what Acharya Varahamihira has said about Venus:

दधिकुमुदशशांककांतिभृत स्फुटविकसतकिरणो बृहत्तनु: 
सुगतिरविकृतो जयनवितः कृतयुगरूपकरः सीताहृदयः

This means that if Venus is huge, good in speed, unaffected and pure like curd, lotus, and moon then it blesses the native in all ways. Placement of Venus in your horoscope describes your married life and life partner.

If Venus is placed in 1st house, the native is expert in sensual activities. Also, the native is famous and popular among females.

Placement of Venus in 2nd house makes the native eager for physical contact, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. These native have chances of involving in extra-marital affairs. 

Venus in 3rd house makes the native obedient to his wife and he likes sensual pleasures.

If Venus is placed in 4th house, it blesses the native with domestic happiness and vehicle. 

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If any malefic planet is affecting Venus, the native is likely to go for live-in relationship. 

If Venus has occupied 5th house, the native becomes over-sexual. The native goes for love marriage, if Venus is not affected by malefic planets.

Venus in 6th house makes the native characterless and he may suffer from sexual diseases.

Venus in 7th house gives good married life and the native is blessed with a good wife. Such natives are likely to get involved in sexual relation before and after marriage. 

If Venus has occupied 8th house, it boosts the love relation of the native. However, if Venus is affected, it can give hidden sexual diseases.

Native whose Venus is placed in 9th house is favored by the luck of his wife. But if Venus is afflicted by malefic planets, it affects the married life in a negative way. If Venus is connected with Moon, it makes the native to have relationship with unmarried girls. 

If Venus is placed in 10th house, it makes the native over sexual and the native gets benefits from ladies. A strong Venus blesses the native with huge income even with small efforts. However, a weak Venus does exactly the opposite.

Placement of Venus in 11th house blesses the native with property from ladies. He makes relationship with many ladies and chances of marrying twice are also there.

Venus in 12th house makes the native highly sexual and he spends on pleasures. Also, the native is interested in arts and music.

The results of Venus given above are as per general standards. Other aspects of sign and planets can change or modify these results. For any specific prediction, we need to analyze the complete horoscope with other aspects of Venus. 

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Transit Of Venus In Capricorn (February 28, 2014)

Venus is transiting into capricorn on February 28, 2014. Predictions forecast that this transit will affect film industry and manufacturers of cosmetics in a positive way. How will it change your destiny? To know more, read the article given below. 

Venus, the significator of luxurious things, is transiting into Capricorn on February 28, 2014. As this fiery sign is entering the earthly sign; therefore, the violence against women will considerably decrease. But, this transit of Venus in Capricorn may put a negative effect on the harvests and the price of edible items may increase. In this duration, film industry and manufacturers of cosmetics will get benefited. Let’s read further and know more about the effects of this transit of Venus in Capricorn on your zodiac sign.

हिन्दी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।


In this duration, you will achieve success at work. Your relations with your business partners and clients will get better. You may go on a business trip. Your respect level and reputation will increase. Your family members will become more caring toward you.


In this duration, you are likely to get promoted according to your expectations. You will experience harmony at home. Your relation with your parents and elders will be better. Your mind will get attracted toward highly philosophical and religious activities. 


In this duration, do not let the sensual thoughts rule your mind. Avoid doing things that may harm your reputation. Though during this transit of Venus in Capricorn you may get financial benefits, yet try not to spend unnecessarily. Avoid needless travelling. You need to take proper care of your health.


During this transit of Venus in Capricorn, you will do wonders at work. Your regular income will get increased. You may also go for a fun trip. Your affable attitude will give you a chance to socialize and get linked with a lot of people. You will experience harmony at home. But, you may come across some health issues.


In this duration, you will do well at work, but you may have a lot of work pressure. Try not to spend unnecessarily. Try not to spoil your relation with a female. Do not bring sensual thoughts in your mind. During this period of time, your opponents may get active to harm you, so be watchful. You also need to take care of your health. 


In this duration, you may get attracted toward some person of opposite gender. You will experience harmony in domestic life. All your desires will fulfill in this duration. During this phase, you will get some good news. You interest will incline toward art and music. Your social circle will increase.


In this duration, you may get your hands on some beneficial deal. Your income will also increase. You will experience harmony at home. You hard work will be appreciated. You respect level in society will increase. Your opponents will not be able to harm you. Some journey may prove out to be fortunate for you. This duration will be gratifying for you.


In this duration, good luck is walking hand in hand with you, so all your desires and wishes will come true. Your position at work will also get better. During this transit of Venus in Capricorn, you will be high on energy. You will socialize more with people. Some short trips will prove out to be beneficial for you. You will experience harmony in domestic life. 


In this duration of transit, your income will get increased. You may also get financial benefit through some quick way. You may spend some money for domestic purpose. The company of a female may be fortunate for you. You will be a part of some celebration in your family.


Your hard work in this duration may come up with fruitful results. You will get inclined towards music. The atmosphere around you will be harmonious and happy. In this duration of transit, you will feel happy and joyous. You will get attracted towards some person. This duration of time is perfect for you to get married. 


In this duration, you will spend more money on luxurious items. There are chances for you to get married soon. In this duration, you will be financially stable. Try to control the sensual thoughts from trapping your mind. Be watchful, as your opponents may harm you. 


In this duration, you will succeed in all you do. Some new family member may 

add up to your family. In this phase, your deepest desires and dreams will come true. Your friends and well-wishers will assist you. Both, your income and expenditure will get increased. 

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Retrogression Of Venus: Natal & Mundane Effects

Venus is moving to Capricorn on December 5, 2013 in afternoon. On 22nd December, planet Venus will turn retrograde after travelling around 4 degrees in Capricorn. On 1st February, it will get direct after moving back upto 19 degrees in Sagittarius. On 31st March, it will move to Aquarius after a long travel. Let’s see its effects on you...

Retrograde Venus Effects

Venus is a planet connected directly with the material happiness, be it anything. Venus is the chief governor of music. Good Venus promotes lavishness in a person’s life. Venus will be travelling in constellations of Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars in direct and retrograde motion. There will be an interchange of signs by Saturn and Venus for this long period. The other benefic Jupiter is also retrograde these days.

Venus is also called God of love, marriage, beauty and various other comforts of life. Venus also represents Mahalakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu mythology, Venus is also called one eyed. Venus rules Yajurveda and Vasanth Rithu (April & May). Affliction to Venus can generate eye diseases. One’s passion depends upon the strength of Venus and aspects on him by natal and transit positions. Venus is not being aspected by any planet as of now. But when Mars will enter Libra, Venus will have bad aspect of Mars, as Saturn and Rahu will conjoin him.

I feel that this retrogression will pave way for further immorality, as Venus is going 6-8 to Jupiter, the most moral and benefic of all. There will be eye problems, irregular cycles to females, problems in male genitals, stuffs of lavishness will not work properly (i.e. luxury cars may breakdown suddenly for no apparent reason) and costly gadgets may ill perform. Female natives need to be more careful in their day-to-day activity and are advised not to trust anyone blindly, particularly those in metros and working in dark shifts. However, Capricorn is a friendly sign of Venus, but the Mooltrikona of Venus is carrying Rahu. Thus, precaution will be good. There could be some troubles in the families of film stars, musicians and actors. Joint families will see some discord in their day-to-day life. We may hear news of raids on brothels, sex rackets may be busted and popular females may lose fame due to their unscrupulous acts. Time is not going to be much happening, as Mars will come to Libra for few days and will retrograde. Between 8th January to 4th February, 2014; Venus will be aspected by Mars and this is the period when we can witness the above incidents with more severity. Some natives will have to undergo surgery. There will be acts of misconduct from responsible people toward women.

Effects Of Retrograded Venus On Various Ascendants

Aries: There will be marital discord and unpleasant atmosphere in the family and expenses on ailments of children. Negotiations of marriage may get delayed. Love affairs can go to next level.

Taurus: There will be dilemma in decision-making, you will take extra time, and by the time, things will be out of your reach or influence. There will be physical problems in eyes, genitals, sore throat, cough, and cold.

Gemini: You will have many wishes fulfilled, but in the last part. Initially, you will be going through some distorts in personal life; nothing serious is there for you. You just need to control expenses and long travels.

Cancer: You will see monetary gains, health improvements, and fulfillment of your wishes. There will be a religious bent also these days. Spouse will be the source of gains and good news.

Leo: There will favors from higher officials and short travels around. There will be expenditure beyond control and religious travels. Materialism will be off for sometime.

Virgo: There is threat to reputation from opposite sex, there will be expenses and quarrels, people will plot against you and you will not be able to keep your word.

Libra: Librans are going through a bad phase since long and this retrogression will further increase it, you may acquire chronic disease. There will be pressure at work. You will make silly mistakes and may become a laughing stock.

Scorpio: This is going to be a good period for you for some time, but then you will face discords in personal life, professional life and may have to do useless travels causing wastages.

Sagittarius: You will get name, fame favors from higher authorities, but you will not be able to take benefit of any of it. There could be hospitalization.

Capricorn: This transit is going to be beneficial for you, there are hidden gains, good time and all goodness of sorts for you.

Aquarius: You can expect gains and fame at the same time, not for all, there will be newsmakers of this ascendant and we will see them. There could be ailment for small time but not much to worry about.

Pisces: You need to be careful from viral infections, there will be ailment for short time and there will be gains and good time. This transit will prove average for you. You need to be careful from materialistic instincts.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Transit of Venus to Virgo on 11th August, 2013 - Let’s See Its Influence On Us!!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Transit of Venus to Virgo
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus will transit from Leo to Virgo on 11th August, 2013, at 8:48 AM. It will stay in its debilitating sign, i.e., Virgo, till 6th September, 2013. Venus's transit will have an impact on all the signs. According to Astrology, Venus has influence over a person's  wealth, physical pleasure, expenses and luxury.  As Venus enters a debilitated sign, it will have an adverse impact on farmers. There may be a decline in rain. This would also have a negative impact on rice harvesting. Though the price of silver will fall, gold price will rise at a rapid speed. Let us see how Venus's transit to a debilitating sign, Virgo, affect you.


It seems that your money had been stuck somewhere and now you will get it. A lot of people will pose as obstacles but you will be able to fight them off. Name and fame are bound to come your way.


You will gain wisdom and intelligence. Owing to this intelligence, you will get some unexpected wealth. Your child will make you happy. This period is auspicious for students. But Taurians need to take care of their health.


You will gain in terms of land, property and vehicle. All the work that had been paused due to some reasons, and your plans will succeed. You will be relieved from the mental stress that you were going through. You may want to opt for a new business or job.


Friends and brothers will benefit you. Cancerians, this period is very profitable for you to invest or build your assets. Your juniors may support you and work in favor of you. I suggest you not to take any decision out of anger.


The time is ripe for investment and wealth. You may witness general changes in your life. You will be happier. But you still need to put in an effort to maintain good relations with your superiors and master control over your tongue.


The period will be very lucky for you. You will become even more charismatic. Your enemies will not dare to stand before you. You will be happy with your vehicle and everything else will be positive for you. Income will increase, but at the cost of increase in expenditure.


Transit of Venus to Virgo will be fruitful for you. You may have to travel somewhere, but it will benefit you or you may gain from an outsider.  Expenditure will be on the rise. You may also get trapped in an argument with your friends or brothers.


There is a chance that your income will increase. You may reap business or job benefits. You may sign a new deal. Your money that had been held back will be given to you.


You will benefit from government sector or your bank. You will become very busy because of work overload in business. Eventually, you will be able to spare less time for your family members.


This period will be auspicious for you. Family business will give you wealth. Long journeys will benefit you. Don't take any decision out of emotions.


You will not gain much from Venus's transit. You may get to hear some unpleasant news. You may also face financial loss. Try to maintain good relations with your partner.


Partnership will help you accomplish tasks. There's a possibility that unmarried people may get
tied into the sacred bond of marriage. You will become more attractive. Your life partner will support you. But some old issues may crop up once again.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Venus Transiting To Leo On 17th July - See Its Effects On You!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Venus is transiting to Leo.
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus is transiting to Leo on 17th of July and will stay there till 11th of August. Planet Venus gives worldly pleasures, facilities and wealth. When Venus transit to another sign, people get affected. Matters related to love, finance, job and business will get highly impacted. Let’s see how this transit of Venus in Leo will influence your life:

Aries: The conjunctions of marriage will become stronger for Arians. Time also seems beneficial for the matters related to finances. If you have any interview during this time, then there are chances that you may get success. Hence, this transit of Venus is auspicious for you.

Taurus: Venus is the Lord of your sign; and due to the transit, it is located in your fourth house. Hence, you will attain property, vehicle, mother’s love, prosperity and wealth. You may also get a significant rank. Income will rise, but domestic expenditures will stay constant. Sour relationships will be sweetened. Working people may get a promotion.

Gemini: Venus is transiting to your third house. Hence, your self-confidence will improve. Friends will come handy. Time is also favorable for love as well as children. You may encounter some new proposals. Expenditures will be on high.

Cancer: Venus is transiting to your second house. Hence, you may spend more on luxury goods. So, you need to spend keeping your situation as well as family’s in mind. It will be important to keep a control over speech. Still, time will be considered positive for you.

Leo: Venus is affecting your first house. Hence, you will have to abstain from showoffs. Try to stay and act as natural as possible. Avoid any new change. However, external relations and contacts will improve. Still, you will have to be a little bit cautious.

Virgo: Venus is transiting in your 12th house. Hence, new schemes and proposals may come up. Ancestral business will experience a favorable time. Time is also beneficial for financial matters. Additionally, you will get support from high ranked officials with proper coordination.

Libra: Venus is the Lord of your sign and is transiting in your 11th house. Hence, you will certainly get some benefit. Your tasks will speed up. You will move further with a new energy. Transit of Venus is indicating favorable signs for love matters too.

Scorpio: Transit of Venus is in your tenth house. Hence, you need to move forward with strong and stable decisions. Focus on your actions and work. Opponents will not be able to hurt you. Still, you are advised to stay cautious in the matters related to finances.

Sagittarius: Venus is transiting at your destiny house. Hence, there will be philosophical changes in your thoughts. Chances of travel are there. Expenditures may rise. Some matters related to debts may come afore. Thus, the transit of Venus will be average for you.

Capricorn: Transit of Venus is in your eighth house. Hence, some obstacles may hinder your tasks. Still, the time will be good for fun. You will try to spend most of your time with your partner or spouse. You shouldn't waste time in sloth. Stay alert for your works.

Aquarius: Venus is putting its effect in your seventh house. Hence, chances of your marriage and profit in business are strong. You will get benefits from females. Some positive changes will come to your thought process. You will get good news. Your influence and domination will increase. It means that the time is good for you.

Pisces: Transit of Venus is happening in your sixth house. Hence, some good incidents will take place. Debt related matters will speed up and opponents will stay dormant. Name, fame, respect and prosperity will increase. Small trips will be beneficial for you.

I hope that you will act accordingly and make your time blissful after knowing your predictions from 17th July to 11th of August.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Venus Transit in Cancer

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Venus Transit
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus is considered the significator of beauty, enjoyment and luxury. Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer on 23rd June at 1 A.M and will remain there till 7:32 P.M of 17 July 2013. Let us see the transit’s impact on different Zodiac signs.

Aries: The time is great for you as your reputation and income will increase. There will be happiness and prosperity in your family. Short travels will be favorable for you and you will succeed in your attempts. Also, your mother will support you in all your attempts. It can be said that this time period will be fruitful for you from every aspect.

Taurus: During this time period you will be highly enthusiastic and energetic. You will interact with a lot of people and will progress professionally. Short travels will be comfortable and fruitful. Prosperity will spread in the family and siblings will stay happy.

Gemini: Relationship with your family will strengthen and there will be increment in your income. Your family will organize an auspicious event. Further, you will enjoy the company of women. You will indulge in eating expensive and delicious food. Also, you will spend a lot of money in buying things for your house. There will be general atmosphere of happiness and bliss with all members being together.

Cancer: You will be happy and blissful during this time. The atmosphere around you will also be positive. You will interact with a lot of women. Work a little harder and it will increase your income. You will take a serious interest in music and literature. Good times for you as you will get the support of your family.

Leo: You will spend a good amount of money in luxuries of life. Attraction to opposite sex will increase. Further, there are chances that your rivals will try to harm you. Do not take them lightly. Though this is not a bad time for you financially yet it is advised that you should avoid spending too much money.

Virgo: You will succeed in all your attempts during this period. Friends and well wishers will be supportive. Most awaited desires and dreams will get fulfilled. Prosperity in the family and compatibility between siblings will flourish. Your expenses will increase but income will be enough to handle them.

Libra: This time will come to increase your reputation and respect. You will achieve a great amount of success in your profession. With time you will start saving money but will simultaneously spend on luxurious items. Your family will be supportive and caring. It is likely that you will travel a lot due to work commitments. Further, you will be able to get out of all the odds due to your consistency and determination.

Scorpio: Your relationship with parents and teachers will be cordial and sweet. You will be appreciated and felicitated by people who are well placed in life. During this period your capability to fight with unfavorable situations will increase manifold. If there is an expected promotion then it will be exactly as per your desire. You will be tilted toward performing religious and philosophical activities.

Sagittarius: This time period is not very favorable for you. It is likely that your reputation might get maligned due to a controversy or scandal. This time is not good in terms of your health as well. However, there are chances that you might have a sudden financial gain but your expenses will also increase simultaneously. You will enjoy the support of your family.

Capricorn: During this period your behavior with everyone will be that of courtesy and respect. You will stay away from arguments and controversies. There is a high probability of an enjoyable journey in this time. You will work diligently in your business or job. Due to hard work you will achieve a substantial increase in your income. There are chances that you will fall sick but overall the time will be prosperous for you and family.

Aquarius: This time is not very favorable and it is advised not to get involved in immoral activities. Your work and daily routine will be affected due to some health related issues. You will rise professionally. It is advised that you should develop the skill of resistance during unfavorable conditions. Also, keep a check on your expenses.  

Pisces: Venus is in your 5th house, which will attract you towards the opposite sex. It is likely that you will experience good times ahead. In addition to this, you reputation and prosperity will increase. Family life too will be happy and blissful. Dreams and desires will get fulfilled during this time. Further, it is likely that you will meet old friends and socialize a lot.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Venus Transit in Taurus: Effect on All Zodiac Signs

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Effects of Venus Transit on different Sun signs
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On 5th May 2013, Venus is moving from Aries to Taurus. This transitory change of Venus is not only good for women but also it is going to be great for the entire country. The violence against women is expected to decline. Due to the conjunction of Venus in the Aries sign of Mars, terror created by frequent rape cases will also decline. Further, it will also benefit people belonging to art and entertainment industry. Movies released during this period will also perform well at the box office. Conjunction of Venus with planet Jupiter will make the period more fruitful. There will be an escalation in the prices of gold and silver. This period is also good for people who have been experiencing trouble in their married life. Film industry and cosmetic industry will also benefit from this conjunction. Let us find out what will be the effect of the transit of Venus in different signs.

Aries: You will get high results out of your business. The time is fruitful for you. However, your expenses will also increase.

Taurus: It is likely that you will travel during this week. Family business will flourish. Business will also grow to other areas and will benefit you immensely.  

Gemini: For people of this sign, Venus will not be beneficial for you. You will spend excess of money than you should. It is advised that you should avoid taking any risk in your business as the results could be bad. You will not achieve in proportion to the efforts which you put in.

Cancer: You will get a lot of support from your spouse. Your plans will subsidize while you will be travelling. Matters related to property will be fruitful. Partnerships will lead to financial gains.

Leo: All the matters related to loans will be sorted and overall the time will be fruitful for you. Venus looks really good for the people who are doctors and lawyers. However, a few troubles related to health might surface.

Virgo: For people of this Rashi, Venus will be fruitful. It will be really good for students. Time is favorable for people who want to marry with their own choice.

Libra: This time period is not very good for people of this sign. It is advised that you should keep your plans a secret as it will be beneficial for you. Due to retrograde Mars in sign Leo, it is advised that you should not invest in land and property. Also, do not lend money to anyone. You will be worried regarding financial matters.  

Scorpio: You will get exactly what you will give. Things will be as per your plans and you will get the results as well. You will get a lot of help and happiness from your friends. Due to this help a lot of your unfinished tasks will be done.

Sagittarius: People dealing in shares and stock will have to be extra cautious. Also, it is advised that people with this sign should exercise control over their words.

Capricorn: People with this Sun sign will experience an average period. Keep a track on your words as this may lead to trouble. Avoid spending too much and do not indulge in any sort of addictive habit.

Aquarius: This time period is favorable for you. Though you will spend a lot but these expenses will be good for you. It is likely that you might invest in buying a vehicle or property. Be careful while making the investment.

Pisces: You will feel that you are becoming increasingly brave and confident. The time is favorable for your business. All the investments will be favorable for you. However, due to the other aspects of the transition we should be careful.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Venus Transit in Libra: Effect on All Zodiac Signs?

Venu transiting in Libra will affect all zodiac signs significantly.
The planet of beauty and luxury, Venus has left its debilitated sign on November 17th. It will stay in the sign Libra till 11th of December 2012. The change of Venus from his debilitated sign will benefit those people who were facing troubles in their married life. There will be a decrement in brutality against women. Film industry and the producers of cosmetics will also gain profit. It will also have different effects on all the zodiac signs. Let’s have a look at the effects on different zodiac signs.


You are going to remain very calm and composed during this time. Conflicts with the people you love will be resolved. There are chances of some fun trip. You will acquire profit from the company of females. Music or other creative arts and beautiful things will catch your attention. You will do great in your service and business. There will be an increment in income. New relations will be formed due to your friendly nature. Some ailments might also affect you.