Transit of Sun in Gemini (June 15, 2014) - What Could Be The Effects On You

Sun is transiting in zodiac sign Gemini, on June 15, 2014. As we know that planets affect our lives differently, so what could be the effects produced by this transit? Know, what astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra has to say about this transit...

Transit of Sun in Gemini and its effect on all zodiac signs.

On June 15, 2014, at 11:02 a.m., Sun is transiting in the zodiac sign Gemini. Sun will remain there till July 16, 2014. As a result of this transit, we are going to see many political disturbances in the areas of North and East India, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On the other hand, suffering of children and some controversial situations are possible in the South Indian states. Western parts of India will remain filled with peace and prosperity. Now let’s read, what effect will be produced by this transit on different zodiac signs.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let's see how this transition will affect our zodiac signs.

Aries: Sun is posited in your third house, so your domestic life will remain filled with peace and prosperity. You might be able to complete all the pending works with your hardwork and dedication. You will get the news related to financial gains. Relationships with friends and relatives will improve. This is also a good time for health. You will get the chances of pleasing journeys. Small journeys will prove to be fortunate and pleasing.

Taurus: Sun is posited in your second house; therefore, this time is not appropriate for financial issues. Try to be more careful in the money related matters. Your domestic life may also get affected, during this transit. Some eye or face related problem might disturb you. During this period, take special care of what you speak and also try to control your words.

Gemini: Sun will remain in your first house, so you might feel an increase in anger. You might get affected by fever or any temperature related problem. You will gain profit through public sector or government. Small journeys are possible. You will surely get reward for your hard work. You will donate open heartedly in some social foundation. This will lead to an increase in your honor.

Cancer: Sun is posited in your twelfth house, which means your expenses will increase. Don’t do anything in frenzy, that last for a minute. You might have to face some loss in business, in case you don’t take your decisions wisely. So, try to do your work with patience and intelligence. Try to maintain cordial relations with friends and relatives, otherwise some tensions may arise. Avoid betting or gambling, otherwise you might have to face some financial problem. If possible, avoid long journeys.

Leo: Sun is posited in your eleventh house, so your wishes and desires will come true. You will share good relations with reputed people or people on higher posts. You will get help from friends and relatives. You will get a good increment in income. Long journeys will prove to be pleasing and productive. Deals performed during this period will produce good results. You will get immense favor from partnerships and contracts. This is also a good time for love relationships, but avoiding anger is also important.

Virgo: Sun is transiting in your tenth house, so this time will prove to be very satisfactory from every aspect. This transit is not only helpful in increasing your honor and respect, but will also helpful in removing all the financial troubles. During this period, you will gain success in your business or job along with the favor of your seniors. You will do productive journeys, regarding business. You will remain very busy and active, during this period. This time will prove to be the time for your diligence.

Libra: Sun is posited in your ninth house, hence it will produce mixed results. You will visit some religious places. You will meet people and get the favor of the people, placed at higher position. You will also get lots of work because of your good reputation. This period is also good for the financial matters. However, long journeys may not produce favorable results. Health of parents might be an issue of concern. Take good care of your father’s health.

Scorpio: Sun is in your eighth house, which is not considered good. As a result, some problem might arise suddenly. During this time, special attention is required while driving. Take care of your health. Try to avoid any conflicts with relatives. Avoid illegal works and doubtful deals. Read important papers carefully, before signing.

Sagittarius: Sun is posited in your seventh house, which is not considered good. This house is related to your employment and conjugal life. So, try to avoid any argument with your life partner. During this period, you will not get the desired result of your efforts. Your business partners will harm you or they will become a source of problem for you. You might feel surrounded by some mental tensions. So, take care of your health.

Capricorn: Sun is transiting in your sixth house; so, during this period, you will get favorable results in whatever you do. You will get success in disputes. You will get success in your work and job conditions will also improve. There are possibilities of increase in fame or promotion. You will get approval and promotion. You will also get respect and fame. All your problems will get resolved. Although, this period will produce good results in every matter, but this is specially a good time for court cases.

Aquarius: Sun is transiting in your fifth house, this transit is not considered auspicious. During this period, you will welcome life with happiness and joy, but this period is not good for the love relationships. But, if you are looking forward to getting married to your beloved, then the time will favor you. There are possibilities of sudden travelling. Much of consideration can be harmful, so avoid that.

Pisces: Sun is transiting in your fourth house, so the health of your parents might disturb you. Special care is required especially by the mother’s health. Hard Work is required at this time, but you will not be able to do it. You might feel a bit tired, because of continuous work. Avoid driving vehicle on a very high speed.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
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Transit of Sun In Taurus (May 15, 2014)

Sun is transiting into zodiac sign, Taurus, on May 15, 2014. This transit will have different impacts on all the zodiac signs. What effects these could be? Read these astrological predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra, to know about them.
Transit of Sun in Taurus and its effects on all zodiac signs.

Sun is going to sacrifice its supreme position on May 15, 2014. During the period, Sun leaves Aries, and transits into Taurus. This transit may bring a transformation in the ruling power. Women organizations may express their dissatisfaction through lobbying practices. Now, let’s take a look at how the transit of Sun in Taurus will affect the zodiac signs, overall. 

Now, let's see what effects does this transit produce on our zodiac sign:


Sun will be posited in your second house. This means that this is not a favorable time for your financial matters. Hence, you need to be cautious, if you are going to step into an economic deal. This transit is likely to affect your familial life, as well. Ailments related to eyes or mouth may be troublesome during this period. So, take care of your health. 


You are predicted to be furious over certain issues, as Sun is in your first house. Beware of the harsh weather, as heat stroke or fever is predicted to be troublesome for you. There are possibilities of some short trips. This transit period will bring you fruitful outputs, in accordance with your dedicated efforts. You will be socially active, and will donate kind and money to social homes. 


Sun is in your twelfth house, hence, you are advised to not take any impulsive decision. Expenditures will not be calculative, as it may rise. Business matters should be dealt with maturity to avoid any loss. Maintain your pleasant relations with friends and relatives, else it may turn into stressful situations. Overall, you are advised to think twice while dealing with finance.


Sun is placed in your eleventh house, so it will bring fulfillment of desires. You are likely to get co-operation from your friends and relatives. There will be an increment in your income level. Contracts and bonds will fetch you huge profits. This is a favorable time for love and romance. 


The transit of Sun is in your tenth house, which is going to be highly satisfactory for you. During this period, you are likely to gain success in your profession, be it a job or business. You will be able to seek help from senior officials. In this transit, you will remain busy and workaholic. 


Sun is posited in you 9th house; therefore, you will get mixed results. You will come in contact with reputed people and people sitting on higher positions. It will prove helpful for you. Religiously, you will visit important places. This time is quite good for financial matters. However, long journeys may not prove to be successful. During this time, take care of your parents health. 


Sun is posited in your 8th house, which is not considered favorable. As a result, you may face some problem, suddenly. Stay away from illegal activities and suspicious deals. Before signing any important papers, it would be good to read them carefully. Maintain cordial relations with relatives. Take care of your health, during this period. 


As Sun is in your 7th house; therefore, you may not get results according to your efforts. Business partner or colleagues may create some problems for you. During this time, avoid getting into any conflict with your life partner. Mentally, you may feel stressed or ill. 


Transit of Sun is happening in your 6th house. As a result, you will get success in every thing you do. Possibilities of rise in reputation and position are foreseen. You will earn respect and promotion. You will also get honor and happiness. You will get success in your works and working conditions will improve.


Transit of Sun is happening in your 5th house. This condition is not considered good; hence, you will welcome life with zeal and excitement, but will not enjoy a good personal life. You may go on unexpected journey. Therefore, take decisions wisely. 


Transit of Sun is in your 4th house. Therefore, you may feel concerned for your parents health. During this time, you have to work hard. Continuous hard work may make you feel tired. During this time, drive carefully. 


As Sun is in your 3rd house, therefore, you will enjoy domestic life. Awaited wishes and desires will be fulfilled. You will get good news regarding gain of money. Relations with family friends and relatives will improve. You will get opportunities for some trips. Short trips will prove fortunate and successful. 

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Effects of Sun Transit In Aries On April 14, 2014

Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014. Like every transit, this transit will also going to produce different effects on each zodiac sign. Read out what astrologer Nitin Datta has to say about the effects of this movement of Sun in Aries.

 Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014.Sun is transiting (moving) into Aries and going to experience exaltation (Uccha Rashi i.e. Aries/Mesha) on 14/04/14 at 03:35 a.m. Sun turns exalted once a year and it would be radiating its complete brilliance for a month’s time. Sun’s exaltation is benefic for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendants. For the rest of the ascendants, results would be based upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

Sun represents authority, boldness, decisiveness, father, government, boss, or anyone in authority who can influence one’s life for good/bad. These significations are likely to gain the center stage during this transit. This transit is more beneficial for natives having Cancer and Leo as moon ascendants. Leo is the zodiac owned by the Sun and it would be occupying the ninth house (Bhagya Sthan) meaning marked improvement in overall luck. In Cancer ascendant, Sun would be occupying the tenth house (Karma Sthan) thereby making it doubly powerful by way of directional strength also. Likewise native observing the Maha Dasha of Sun and favorable Antar Dasha under Moon, Jupiter and Mars Maha Dasha are likely to gain during this transit. The following are the likely results of this transit on the twelve zodiacs.


Sun is the lord of fifth house and it would transit into Lagna. Children are going to gain importance in life. At the same point of time, higher education and some religious activity like Japa or Havan may be on cards. If you recite some Mantra with some set objective then you are likely to gain during this transit. 


Sun is the lord of fourth house and it would transit into twelfth house. There may be some movement away from the family. Such a trip is likely to be beneficial in nature. Drive carefully, during this period. Some distant relative may appear out of chance with a pleasant surprise.


Sun is the lord of third house and it would transit in to eleventh house. Your efforts are likely to bear suitable results. Do not refrain yourself from taking up fresh initiatives. Your younger co borns are likely to benefit during this transit. Your father may play some role in your overall gains during this period. There is a likeliness of inflow of funds during this period.


Sun is the lord of second house and it would transit in to tenth house. Sun gains directional strength in the tenth house. Sun is going to turn doubly powerful in Cancer. There is a likeliness of some favorable actions from the boss/father. Your enemies would be at bay and they would not be able to harm you in any manner. Take fresh initiatives at work and you are very much likely to succeed. Try to spend some quality time with your family, especially your father.


Sun is the Lagna lord. Leo is the sign owned by the Sun. It would transit in to ninth house. This is a very beneficial transit with regards to improvement in the luck factor. Some long distance pilgrimage may be on cards. Good luck should prevail in almost all spheres of life during this transit. You would feel an aura of powerful positive energy around yourself. Stay vibrant during this transit to gain maximum benefits. 


Sun is the lord of twelfth house. It would transit in to eighth house. This not a good transit with some regards. Stay away from any kind of disruptions and scandalous behaviour. Stay morally correct and keep away from the authorities to avoid punishment of any kind. Keep a close watch on your father’s overall well being. Stay away from activities that yield sudden gains.


Sun is the lord of eleventh house. It would transit in to seventh house. There is a likeliness of gains flowing from your spouse. Maintain a happy go attitude during this transit and you are likely to gain immensely. Build upon fresh partnerships, if you are able to locate some opportunities. You may like to spend on your spouse during this transit. Some activity that leads to public acclaim may be on cards.


Sun is the lord of tenth house. It would transit into sixth house. This happens to be a powerful transit by way of getting rid of your enemies. As such your enemies won’t be able to harm you in any manner. Try to maintain a cool temper during this transit. Any competitive activity is very much likely to provide you gains. Develop a competitive activity in your professional job and you’ll succeed.


Sun is the lord of ninth house. It would transit in to fifth house. Some auspicious religious activity like a pilgrimage or Havan/Yagna may be on cards. Your children are likely to be lucky in gaining desired results in their actions during this transit. Your father is likely to play some important role in some homely activity during this period.


Sun is the lord of eighth house and it would transit in to fourth house. Drive carefully during this period. The domestic environment may turn ugly suddenly, so control your temper and do not exaggerate. Avoid any activity that leads to sudden gains/losses. Some close relatives might try to bother you during this transit so be ready to avoid it.


Sun is the lord of seventh house and it would transit into third house. It is likely that your spouse may play a pivotal role in some of your initiatives. You’ll be more charged up and bold to accept new responsibilities, during this transit. A long distance pilgrimage may be on cards during this period. Stay close knitted with your spouse and you’ll feel the pleasure of happy married life.


Sun is the lord of sixth house and it would transit into second house. Weigh your words before you speak anything. Your speech would hold the key to your success. Your eyes might experience some trouble during this transit You’ll be very competitive in all the activities that you would undertake, during this transit. It is advisable to keep your family away from the arena of competition. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse and children. 

It is advisable to worship Sun during this period by reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Surya Dwadasa Nama Mala, Surya Beej Mantra or Surya Gayatri for gaining maximum benefits. Offering Arghya (Jal) to Sun is also very much advisable. Such worship improves eyesight, improves relationship with one’s own father, improves relationship with the boss, favors from the Government departments, and favorable aura of positive energy around oneself. Remember that Sun is the King among the nine planets and its worship finds the most central place in Astrology. 

When Sun would turn exalted it would be aspecting exalted Saturn in transit. It is advisable to pacify this Saturn as it is in conjunction with Rahu

The following remedies are advisable to mitigate the ill effects of Rahu over Saturn and subsequently on Sun.

  1. Feed stray dogs with Chapati (Roti) layered in mustard oil on Saturdays.
  2. Offer mustard oil with black sesame (Kala Til) to Lord Shanidev on Saturdays.
  3. Feed ragpickers/sweepers on Saturdays.
  4. Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Stay Blessed !!!

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Sun Transit & Indian Elections 2014

On April 14, 2014, Sun will transit into its exaltation sign, Aries. Till May 14, it will reside here. It will be interesting to know the effects of this transit on the on-going Lok Sabha elections 2014. Read this article by astrologer Acharya Raman to know how this transit of Sun will hit these elections. 

Effects of Sun transit on Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Sun will be entering into his sign of exaltation on April 14, 2014. It will come on the axis of Rahu - Ketu and will be aspected by Saturn and Mars. Both the planets are retrograde. Sun will be in Aries till May 14 and the benefic aspect of Jupiter will be missing. Jupiter is aspecting Saturn and Rahu in Libra, but Mars is devoid of his aspect. Mercury is going debilitated till April 20, 2014.

In the foundation chart of India, the nation is going through Maha Dasha of Sun and Antara of Ketu. We are going through electoral process and some of the phases have been completed, but much is remaining. Sun will transit in the stars of Ketu, Venus and Sun in this transit. Sun is the ruler of planetary kingdom and so it represents rulers, high ranking officials etc. in mundane astrology. The polling is continuing and so does the movement of Sun in various quarters of these constellations. In a nation’s chart, the first house is of the masses, general public and general condition, as a whole. In the chart of independent India, it is ruled by Venus, which also rules the sixth house. Sixth house denotes armed forces, terrorist attacks, labour unions, medical and other paramedical services and doctors and nurses and diseases in general.

The tenth house denotes kings, rulers, party in power, national prestige, reputation, politics and parliament. Ketu is transiting in Aries ruled by Mars, which happens to be the owner of 12th and 7th houses of Indian independence chart. Since, Sun will conjunct Ketu, its effects will be shown by Ketu and Rahu and not by Sun himself. Sun will be in Ketu star till April 27, and then will come to Venus star Bharani. Venus rules 1st and sixth house, as stated earlier. It will transit in Venus star till May 10 and then Sun will move in Krittika in own constellation (Nakshatra). Sun rules the fourth house in Indian Independence chart.

Mercury represents common intellectual caliber of the nation, speed and communications, editors of print and electronic media and commerce among many things. It is going in its sign of debilitation. We are witnessing some useless speeches for the sake of gaining more votes each day. Politician are using their mind in putting efforts to impress the nation. 

On April 27, Venus will move to Pisces, its sign of exaltation. It will be directly aspected by retrograde Mars. Presently, Venus is under the benefic aspect of Jupiter. On April 20, Mercury will join Ketu and Sun in Aries. Fiery nature of the sign and Sun and venomous nature of Rahu-Ketu may affect the society. 

Conspiracies and plotting against top leaders may be unearthed by the intelligence agencies, during this time. There could be some major news leaks against the head of the state. From April 27, planetary movements may affect some leaders physically. This is the time when the politicians need to be careful and aware about their safety, during public meeting and travels. Female candidates for Lok Sabha also needs to be alarmed, as some untoward incident may happen with them.

All the sects of society will be confused in general upon choosing the right candidate. They will cast their vote not according to the benefit of the nation, but will go with the wave of the region or area. This will bring us to another hung parliament. It seems to me with no party getting majority of the votes and the pre decided options for the prime post may have to step back to gain the main throne. In all this happenings, I also think that there journalists and higher officials would really need to take care of their health and fame. 

A major section of people are wanting someone to become the Prime Minister of this country. In my opinion it is going to be very difficult. I wish the right person becomes the Prime Minister of this nation and takes this nation on a path of peace and progress.

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Transit of Sun in Aries (April 14, 2014)

Sun is transiting into zodiac sign, Aries, on April 14. Want to know, how the transit of Sun in Aries is going to affect your zodiac sign? Pt. Hanumman Mishra is explaining these effects on different zodiac signs. Read on the blog to know more…

Transit of Sun in Aries and its effect on all zodiac signs.

On April 14, 2014, Sun is going to enter in the zodiac sign, Aries. Aries is the first sunsign in the zodiac. When Sun enters Aries, it becomes eminent and exalted. Transit of Sun on 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th day will bring good results. During this time, a person might attains success, happiness, health & wealth, along with statisation. Also, there will be victory over rivals and increase in respect & honor. However, when Sun is posited in exalted sign, i.e. Aries, then level of rewarding results increases.

On April 14, 2014, Sun will transit in Aries at 7:39 am. At that time, there is a rise in the ascendant (Lagna) Taurus. Sun after being exalted, is in the 12th house. Along with this, when Sun is transiting in its exalted sign Aries, at the same time Saturn is posited in its exalted sign, Libra. This resulting Yoga is known as “Samsaptak Yoga”, which means Sun and Saturn are posited in seventh house from each other. This state of Sun and Saturn depicts a direct rift between the leaders and the public. Hence, during this election, people might go against the ruling party. Mars being posited in the enemy house, is aspecting Sun. As a result, attack on any big politician is also possible. Due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu, some politicians may try to get themselves attacked for the sake of publicity. Hence, this time period in politics is highly distorted. Therefore, people associated with politics may go beyond any limit. However, all this won’t harm the public in any way. As, planetary positions are affecting Sun and not Saturn; therefore, more than public, politicians need to be careful.

Due to dissatisfaction in the public, strike and violent demonstration may arise. Instability will prevail in the nation. There is a possibility of some major changes in the country, but for government and politicians, the situation seems critical.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let’s, find out the effects of this change in the position of planets, especially Sun in our life:

Aries: If you are not surrounded by any tensions from the past then everything will be alright. But, if there are certain tensions, try to deal with them with control and patience. For financial matters, this time is good; but, conflict with loved ones is possible. It is suggested to take good care of your health. Avoid taking any risks.

Taurus: This time is not so favourable. A lot of hard work is required to attain the desired results. There could be some difficulties in other aspects of life too. Try to refrain yourself from unnecessary disputes and legal matters. Avoid taking tension and distress. Take care of your health.

Gemini: Sun posited in the 11th house, will benefit you. But try to avoid yourself from indulging in profited related to any wrong activities, as may will affect your self respect. During this time, your attitude may turn aggressive. Stay cautious in money related issues.

Cancer: You will gain wealth and prosperity. Majesty and respect in the society will rise. But, it is important not to indulge in any controversy. Try to keep a control on your expenses. Peace and harmony will prevail in the family. Benefits from journeys is also there. Take care of your health.

Leo: You will get opportunity to go on pilgrimage. Also, you will get chance to be a part of any religious activity. Your work will attain success and the workplace conditions will be favorable. Carelessness in work can result in losses. Economic conditions will improve.

Virgo: There will be improvement in work and business. You will meet senior dignitaries and your respect will increase. But, due to some issue you may face some mental tensions. There will be happiness in the family. Brothers will be supportive and there would increase in economic conditions. But it is important to take care of your health.

Libra: There could be some hurdles in the work. Hence, you should try to postpone an important work atleast for a months time. Try to give maximum time to your family, especially to your spouse. Don’t bring disappointment to your mind. Drive carefully.

Scorpio: This time seems good for you. Desired tasks will be fulfilled. Meeting with important people will turn out to be beneficial. But, there could be some tensions related to children. There would be benefit of money, but some expenses are also possible. Try to resolve your domestic tensions with seriousness. Take care of your mother’s health.

Sagittarius: To a great extent, you would succeed in your tasks. But some domestic matters might create tension. If you will try to find the real cause behind the tension and curb it, you will attain success definately. The time is favorable, for economic affairs. There is a possibility of religious trips.

Capricorn: There are some tensions in personal life, Worship Lord Sun and chanting Mantras will bring good results. There will be a relief in economic affairs. You will get victory in legal matters. Hard work will lead to accomplishment of work.

Aquarius: This transit will bring a new energy. You will get support of friends and folks. There is a possibility that a big task might be completed. The sources of income will increase. There are chances of sudden increase in profit. But, take care of your health and avoid stress.

Pisces: During this period, your work might face some hurdles, but they will get completed. Problems will get resolved. You might receive your money which was stuck in the past. It is important to be polite and humble. Married life will improve, but your sleep might get interrupted.

Due to Sun’s transit in Aries, if somebody is facing a lot of trouble, he should try these solutions:

  • Donate Tamba (copper), Gehu (wheat), Gud (jaggery), Masoor ki dal (lentil)
  • Also chant the mantra “ Om ghrini suryay Namah”
If these solutions don’t work, chant Surya Mantra and perform Havan (ritual of praying in front of holy fire).

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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Sun Transit In Pisces (March 14, 2014)

Sun will transit in Pisces on 14th of March. Till April 14, 2014, Sun will reside in the same sign. Transit of Sun will bring alterations for all the zodiac signs. Let’s read out what astrologer ‘Hanumman Mishra’ has to say about it. 

Transit of Sun In Pisces and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Sun, the king of all planets, will transit in Pisces on March 14, 2014. It will stay here till April 14, 2014. This transit doesn’t seem favorable for the entire world. Arguments may rise up due to any religious personality. This time is not favorable for the rulers of north eastern regions of the country. Political ups and downs are also foreseen. Changes in situations are possible due to judicial interference in some political matter. As per the predictions, this time is not good for scholars and children. 

Let’s see the effects of this transit on your sign:

Aries: Arians, this is the time when you have to work hard and this hard work may make you feel restless. Avoid from mingling up with bad company. Drive carefully to avoid mishappenings. 

Taurus: Taureans will enjoy a prosperous domestic life and their awaited desires will be fulfilled. Journeys and short trips will bring good fortune. You will get good news regarding financial gains. Social relations with family friends and relatives will improve. You will enjoy sound health. 

Gemini: You may face some problems in your domestic life. Family problems are also foreseen. You should be careful in financial matters. Try controlling useless expenses.

Cancer: During this time, you will remain optimistic toward life. Your confidence level will boost up. Respect and reputation will rise. You will get success in short trips, due to your hard work. However, take proper care of yourself and your family. 

Leo: Transit of Sun in Pisces is not that favorable for you. Therefore, avoid undertaking any task in aggression and think wisely before coming to a decision. At this time, keep proper care of your health. Try to maintain healthy relations with friends and relatives. Avoid opting shortcuts to gain money. 

Virgo: Your desires and wishes will come true. Friends and relatives will prove supportive. You will be benefited from deals and contracts. This time is good for love and romance. Income will increase. Long journeys will be fruitful to you. 

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Libra: During this period, you will be highly active and busy. Success in business and job is foreseen along with support from seniors. You will get relief from all the financial issues. Overall, this time is quite satisfactory for you. 

Scorpio: At this time, long journeys won’t be fruitful for you. However, you will get support from senior authorities or officials. You may go on a pilgrimage. This period is favorable for professional life and financial matters. Take care of your parent’s health. 

Sagittarius: Some problems may come up, during this time. Try to keep good relations with relatives, else unwanted conflicts may rise up. Take care of your health. Avoid illegal activities and suspicious deals. Before signing any important paper, analyze it carefully. 

Capricorn: You may not get results as per your hard work. Business partners may try to harm you. You may feel tensed and weak. Therefore, keep a check on your health, till April 14, 2014. 

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Aquarius: Transit of Sun in Pisces will be fortunate for you. You will get success in anything you do. All problems will come to an end and you will achieve success. You will win over your enemies and will cherish name, fame, and reputation. 

Pisces: During this time, you will welcome life with zeal and excitement. However, for love matters, this time is not favorable. You may go on an unexpected trip. 

So, this was all for Sun transit in Pisces. Stay tuned and get yourself planned in advance.

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Sun Transit In Aquarius (February 12, 2014)

Sun, the King of all the planets, will transit into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that it will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, bringing some positive results. To know what this transit has for you, read this article. 
Sun transit in aquarius is taking place on February 12, 2014.

The King of the planets, ‘Sun’ is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. It will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, when it will transit into Capricorn. Sun in Uttarayan has been praised to deliver benefic results. Following would be the likely effects of the transit on the different zodiac signs (as seen from the rising ascendant/Lagna):


Benefits from education/academic front are foreseen. In case you are married, then benefits from/to the children are very much there. Pleasant change in the income pattern are possible. It is a good time to showcase your talents to your boss and seek related benefits.


Excellent transit with regards to professional life. Sun would be casting its extreme brilliance to deliver professional excellence. You may get benefits from your seniors/boss. The family atmosphere would be very charged up and there may be some auspicious occasion in the family.


There may be some long distance pilgrimage taking place during this transit. Your efforts are likely to bear good results and you would be lucky all round. You would be running high on energy level. This is also a time for fresh activities/endeavors.


Sun would be transiting in 8th house; therefore, you may face some problems in issues related to placement. We suggest you to take good care of your father, during this time. Also, you should act smartly at professional front, keeping an eye on your boss/senior’s behavior. Avoid getting into any conflict. 


Now is the time when you will spend some quality time with your spouse. Do not focus on small issues, as they may hamper your happiness. It may be a good time for those who are looking for suitable alliances to get married.


Your enemies would be at bay. You would inculcate a complete fighting back spirit. Before making any expenses, seeking advice from someone will help you. At this time, take good care of your father. Spend wisely and act competitively in all situations. Avoid any kind of nasty encounter with the law.


Your children are likely to gain importance during this transit. You should appreciate your children, if they make you feel happy. Also, it is a good time for conducting Puja/Hawan and Mantra recitation. You may gain financial profits from speculations. 


During this time, be careful while driving. You may find difficulties in balancing your professional life and personal life. It is advisable to seek support from your father regarding your decisions. Praising your boss during this time period will help your professional life.


Some short distance journey is on the cards and don’t be surprised if it happens to be a pilgrimage. During this time, you may become short tempered. It is advisable to focus on unfinished business/tasks. This is a good time to enter a government project, if you are into business. Your father is likely to get benefit, during this transit.


You should stay close to your family and take good care of them. Some sudden events are likely to take place. During this period, keep a check on your words. Trying unnecessary efforts to impress others to get your work done will not help. It is advisable to stay low during this transit.


Your spouse is going to act a pillar of strength and support. Appreciate his/her closeness, during this transit and reciprocate in similar manner. If you are into business then your business partner will act as a strong ally. At this time, try to spend more time with family and friends rather than in isolation. Appreciate all the good things around yourself.


During this period, be careful in your loan/debt transactions. Also, be cautious while lending money to someone. This is a good time to get rid of your enemies. Your father is likely to go on a journey/tour. At this time, take good care of your father’s health. 

Stay Blessed !

You can also read the views and predictions about the same transit from our another expert astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’. To reach his predictions, please click here - Sun In Aquarius
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Transit of Sun In Aquarius (12 February, 2014)

Sun is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that this transit will affect the political leaders, media and may result in inflation. But, how will it affect you and your sign? To get the answer, read the article and the possible estimations.

Transit of Sun in Aquarius is on February 12, 2014.

On 12th of February, Sun is transiting into zodiac Aquarius and will stay here till 14th of March. Zodiac sign Aquarius represents Saturn. Sun is considered to be the King of planets and Saturn is believed to be the servant. So, we can say that a King is going to a servant's place. This transit is clearly pointing toward political ups and downs. Further, it is taking place on Wednesday; hence, increase in unusual comments from political leaders are also foreseen. Volatile situations may also pop up in politics. Along with this, due to news or media, some problems may also rise up. Inflation, disputes in ruling parties and disharmony are highly possible. Diseases may also spread. Let’s take a look on the effects of this transit on the zodiac signs.

These predictions are based on your Moon sign, please click here to know your Moon sign: Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: Sun is posited in your 11th house; therefore, your wishes and desires will come true. Also, you will get immense benefits from contracts and deals. Increment in salary is also possible. During this phase of time, you will enjoy harmonious time with your lover. 

Taurus: Transit of Sun in your 10th house will give you success in business or job. This time is good for promotion as well. In this duration, you will get support from your seniors. Business trips will bless you with fruitful results. Financial troubles will come to an end.

Gemini: As Sun is transiting in your 9th house; therefore, you will get mixed results. You will meet senior officials, which will prove fruitful. You may also go for some religious journeys. It is important for you to take care of your parents. This time is good for financial matters as well.

Cancer: Sun is transiting in your 8th house; therefore, some unfavorable situations may suddenly pop up. During this time, you should refrain from illegal activities and suspicious deals. You may have to deal with traffic many times. It is suggested to maintain caution while driving.

Leo: Movement of Sun in your 7th house is indicating troubles from your business partners. Avoid getting into conflicts with your spouse. You may feel stressed and mentally ill. We suggest you to take care of your health.

Virgo: Transit of Sun is happening in your 6th house; therefore, improvements at job front are expected. Troubles will end. Reputation and position will increase. You will get victory in disputes.

Libra: Sun is transiting in your 5th house; hence, avoid confusions and deep thinking. This transit will raise your zest and hilarity; however, this time is not that favorable for love and romance. Unexpected trip is also possible.

Scorpio: Transit of Sun is happening in your 4th house. As a result, your workload may increase and you may feel restless and tired. Concern for health of parents is also possible. Any household machinery item may stop working.

Sagittarius: Transit of Sun in your 3rd house will result in harmonious domestic life. Relation with friends and relatives will also improve. During this period, you may plan to buy an expensive phone. Health will remain good. Short trips will prove fruitful and will result in prosperity.

Capricorn: Sun will reside in your 2nd house; therefore, this time is to take caution about the financial matters. Family life may get affected. Your computer or laptop may face some technical problem. Trouble related to eyes and mouth may affect you.

Aquarius: Sun will stay in your 1st house; hence, your temper may increase. You may visit eye specialist. Short trips are possible. You may get benefits from public sector or government.

Pisces: Sun is in your 12th house; therefore, avoid taking decisions emotionally. Relation with friends and relatives will improve. During this time, you may face traffic while traveling. Expenses will rise up. Be careful in investment matters. 

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Sun Transit In Scorpion (November 17, 2013): Effects On You

On 17th November, Sun, the Lord of planets will transit to Scorpio. With this transition, effects on the country and all the 12 signs will be seen. Fortune and gains will chase some signs; whereas some problems may approach the remaining ones. To know the effects, this change is going to bring, let’s read this article...

Zodiac sign ScorpioOn 17th November, Sun is transiting to Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is water. During this time, Sun will cross constellations of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. On 16th December, it will enter Sagittarius in the Mool constellation ruled by Ketu. On 20th November, Sun will enter into Saturn’s constellation, Anuradha; and on 3rd December it will change to Jyeshtha, ruled by Mercury. On 27th November, Mars will be coming to Virgo. For almost 10 days, Sun will be getting the warmth of Mars; thus will be more prominent in giving its effects. Then, from 16th December, this aspect will fall again.

In Kaal Purusha chart, Scorpio falls in 8th house which deals with anus, genitals and allied things. It is also the house of death, dowry, ancestral property, insurance claims and gratuity, to name a few. Scorpio rules over places like butcheries, toilets, residence of prostitutes, mines, shoe stores and explosive warehouses. Sun is the King of planets in planetary combinations. In the horoscope of India, Sun, the Lord of the masses and 10th Lord of opponent will be aspecting the ascendant Taurus. Some consider Sun as a Kroor (cruel) planet; whereas some consider it as Satvik (pure). In any case, it is showing the wish of the masses being fulfilled, as far as the result of assembly polls are concerned.

In general, it will have effect on all the 12 signs. The probable ones are given below:

1) Aries: You will travel a lot. You may face bad luck initially, but soon there will be progress in work. Lot of paperwork is waiting for you. You may face troubles from legal matters, contracts and enemies. However, you will clear all these problems with the ferocity of Mars. It will be good if you take care of the elders of the family. 

2) Taurus: Opponents will try to take over but won’t succeed. Later, you will have good time and there will be happiness in the family from your family members or kids’ side. In this period, you will gain financial profits. 

3) Gemini: During this time, you will be revolving around work and family only. There may be illness in the family and pressure at your work front. For few days, you will feel suffocated due to lack of opportunities; but suddenly things will get better. Romance will also trend in your heart. The drainage system of the house can give trouble to you.

4) Cancer: You will be having problems all around. Losses, setbacks and bad news may trouble you. However, do not be disheartened as the time coming later is very promising and positive for you.

5) Leo: You will gain money and friends, but personal life will be erratic. You will not be able to make right adjustment between work front and home. You will be harsh to people which may go against you. Initially, luck may go against you; but in the later half, will become favorable.

6) Virgo: Your kids may fall ill and thoughts of making new relations may strike you. There will be gain of money but quarrels with family members is also possible. Someone may fall seriously ill in your family. Chances of eye and tooth problems are also there.

7) Libra: This is a good time, there will be good atmosphere in the family, irrespective of small differences in opinions. You will have financial gains and you may also buy gold. Luck will favor you and victory over opponents is also indicated.

8) Scorpio: Initially, everything will go good, but things may become unfavorable as the time will pass. The last part of this transit will be causing problems to you. Viral diseases and skin infections to family members is possible. There are chances of unexpected money gain. You may go away from home for few days. Any contract or commitment may become the reason of a problem. 

9) Sagittarius: You may have eye problems and luck may become unfavorable. Increase in expenditure is also possible. You can also go on a long journey for leisure. Servants may give problems and theft is also possible. The last part will be good for you, when Sun will be in the star of Mercury.

10) Capricorn: After initial losses, you will get your wish fulfilled. Health will be good. Work front will be progressive. Luck will be favorable in the last part. You may face problems related to digestion and a minor accident may happen. There are chances of unexpected gains.

11) Aquarius: Overall, this period is good and new purchases are possible. There will be progress on professional front. New works or deals can also come up. However, partners may be dominant.

12) Pisces: Gains will drain initially, but later on there will be stability. Servants may give you problems. Opponents will be giving way to you. Younger brother/sister may face some problems in their personal life. Health of father should not be overlooked.

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Sun Turning Debilitated In Libra

By Nitin Datta

On 17th October 2013 Sun is turning debilitated (very weak) for one complete month. This period demands some serious attention on account of weakness in the results delivered by Sun.

Sun in Libra

Sun debilitates (in Libra) every year during this period i.e. mid of October but this time it is going to encounter a painful conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in Libra. Sun and Rahu are arch enemies likewise, Sun and Saturn are also arch enemies. The negativity caused to Sun would be heightened to the fullest level due to combined effects of Rahu and Saturn. Such a conjunction happens once in eighteen years and leads to severe Dosha for those born under this period. In transit it can cause severe problems to everyone in significations related to Sun.

Primarily Sun signifies soul, father, boss and government. Any affliction to all of these or any of these can result in serious problems. This period demands certain strict precautions combined with some specific remedies to counter the ill effects of Sun. The following are the precautions and remedies for all ascendants/lagna that can help in bypassing this period.

Precautions To Be Taken

  • Fractures are common during this period. Be watchful while walking and working.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary debating with your seniors (especially at workplace).
  • Seek blessings from one parents by touching their feet every day. Do not provoke any undemanding negative feeling from their side.
  • Avoid anger in order to overcome any unnecessary problems.
  • Do not initiate any new venture/project during this period.
  • Be extra careful while driving and limit your driving speed.

Remedies To Be Followed

For Sun

  • Offer jal to Surya every morning and recite “Surya Dwadash naam mala”.
  • Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” everyday.
  • Flux (visarjan) 21 pieces of almond (badam) or 11 coins of copper in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Blow off the gas stove burner using milk ( perform this remedy when the last chapati/item has been cooked)
  • Regularly offer jal (water) to a Peepal Tree.

For Saturn/Rahu
  • Flux (visarjan) some pieces of raw coal (koyla) in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Feed stray dogs with chapatti (roti) layered in mustard oil.
  • Feed rag pickers regularly.
  • Offer milk to “Lord Kaal Bhairav” regularly.
  • Offer food/donation to a snake charmer.

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Difference Between Sun sign & Moon Sign

The main difference between Sun sign and Moon sign is that, the Sun takes one year, i.e one month in each zodiac sign to complete its transit as such it is easy to calculate the Sun sign with the help of the birth information of that person. Whereas the Moon stays for only 54 hours in a particular zodiac sign and takes only 28 days to complete the transit as such it is difficult to find out the Moon sign and can be done only with the help of the individuals horoscope. Read on know more on this topic.. 

What Is A Sun Sign ? 

Sun sign astrology

Sun symbolizes the individuality of a person and dictates his mannerisms and outer appearance. Sun sign of a person is the sign which corresponds to the position of the Sun on the birth date of that person. There are total of 12 Sun signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these sign has its particular traits or characters. Some of these traits are creativity, ego, romantic and sexual preferences. These factors make Astrology of Sun sign important for the purpose of compatibility check.

Calculating Sun sign of a person is very easy and is done on the basis of date of birth of an individual. 

For example, a person who is born on 10th August has the Sun sign Leo. 

It is our Sun sign which reflects our "uniqueness". It tell us about how people around see and observe us and also signifies our overall nature. Sun sign represents how we approach our life. In general, the Sun reflects those attributes which remain constant throughout our lifetime. Our reaction to external factors depends on our Sun sign. Sun sign focus on what we want in our life. It tells what our work is and how we do it.

What Is A Moon Sign ?

Moon sign astrology

Position of Moon in the sky during the birth of a person is the Moon sign of that person. Calculating Moon sign is not easy because it depends on the exact birth time and birth place of the person. Moon sign is all about our inner feelings and emotions. It defines our romantic side and behavior. It is the Moon who decides what we need in our life. The Moon sign reveals our connection with our mother. Moon sign is used for many calculations like for match-making, general predictions and naming a person.

Moon sign controls our important organs like liver, heart, brain, left eye, heart and also flow of hormones in our body. A person is called “double signed” if his Sun sign as well as Moon sign are same. 

For example, if a person has both Sun sign and Moon sign as “Taurus” then it is called “Double Taurus”. Therefore, it is possible to have the same Sun sign and Moon sign. However, it’s not the case with everyone. 

Overall, our Moon sign signifies what we are in our real life. It is the mirror of our hidden secret self. To know correctly the your Moon sign is, it is always advised to consult any experienced astrologer. 

However to make things easier, we have created a software which will tell you what your Moon sign is, just click here to find out your - Moon Sign

Sun Sign And Moon Sign Traits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs


Sun sign traits: Daring, aggressive, loud and energetic people.
Moon sign traits: Independent, courageous and assertive.


Sun sign traits: Stubborn, loyal and deliberate cautious people.
Moon sign traits: Logical, conservative, sensual and loving in nature. 


Sun sign traits: Friendly, talkative, alert, curious, adaptable and superficial.
Moon sign traits: Flirtatious, expressive, persuasive and witty.


Sun sign traits: Sensitive, possessive, shy and moody by nature.
Moon sign traits: Emotional, responsive and caring.


Sun sign traits: Selfish, flamboyant, attention seeker and egotistical but loving and creative. Moon sign traits: Charming, warm, generous and loyal.


Sun sign traits: Timid, finicky but practical.
Moon sign traits: Perfectionists but critical, cultured, helpful and capable.


Sun sign traits: Tactful, lazy and indecisive who avoids conflicts.
Moon sign traits: Peaceful, decisive, affectionate, diplomatic, charming and harmonious by nature.


Sun sign traits: Strong willed, possessive, generous, loyal and passionate.
Moon sign traits: Analytical, powerful, intense and controlling.


Sun sign traits: Independent, travelers, theatrical and athletic.
Moon sign traits: Optimistic, curious, adventurous, enthusiastic and philosophical.


Sun sign traits: Mature, judgmental, traditional and responsible.
Moon sign traits: Hardworking, ambitious, serious, disciplined and capable.


Sun sign traits: Music lovers, stubborn and social animals.
Moon sign traits: Charismatic, rebellious, impulsive, forward thinking, detached and contemporary.


Sun sign traits: Shy, unstable and vulnerable. 
Moon sign traits: Creative, compassionate, spiritual, sensitive and imaginative. 


Sun sign tells about our outer self whereas, Moon sign focus on our inner side or the real side of us. One can estimate his Sun sign easily but same can’t be said for the Moon sign. Only a qualified astrologer can exactly tell the Moon sign of a person. In vedic Astrology, Moon sign is given more importance than the Sun sign.

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Effects Of Sun In The 1st House Of Various Zodiac Signs

Effects of the Sun in the first house of various zodiac signs.

As we know, ascendant is our body. So today, we will discuss about placement of Sun in 1st house of all zodiac signs. Read your description below. The description is based on your Moon sign.

Aries: Lord of 5th house, Sun; in first house, ensures that native will be famous, wise, intelligent as well as educated. Sun gets exalted in Aries and Sun is the King. King is in full power and well placed. Native will have interest in sacred books and have good friends. He will be popular and well respected. The person having Sun in Aries in 1st house will acquire knowledge and will be influential. He will maintain healthy lifestyle. There will be some deficiency, problems from spouse. Native does not care about his work and takes his daily routines casually. He is easygoing and uncompassionate. There may be some defect in eyes. Sun’s aspect on 7th house may cause illness to spouse. Native will dominate his enemies. He will win favours from the government and will stay contented. Native may be short tempered and very powerful. Native will not be very friendly and never take orders from other people.

Taurus: Lord of 4th house, Sun; in the 1st house makes the native obedient. Native may face some problems in house of his mother and may not have good relations with his uncles. Native may face some problems in acquiring fame. He will acquire land, property and happiness in daily occupation through the power of his domestic means. Native will get happiness from his wife and physical pleasure too. He will be idle, rich and born in wealthy family. He will have many vehicles. Native will be very obstinate and will stick to an idea once decided. He does not like it, if other people contradict him. Native will never accept his/her faults; and if he/she is found guilty, will try to cover it with many tactful things and justifications. The native will be materialistic. Native should be careful for heart and liver disease.

Gemini: Lord of 3rd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native courageous and energetic. He may face opposition from brothers and relatives, which may lead to disputes with them. Native may have a very good, attractive and sexy body. He/She may suffer from many diseases. Native will work with great strength and influence, in the house of spouse. He will make great progress in daily occupation. Due to the influence of Gemini sign, native will be able to express himself and will speak to the point. He/She would be a quick learner, witty and good debater. Such persons can be misguided by flattery.

Cancer: Lord of 2nd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native a good businessman. Native will be rich and enjoy good wealth. He/She may get some dullness but he will earn through his own deeds and efforts. He may be dignified and glorious. Native will be arrogant in nature and will possess the art of avoiding awkward situations. He/She will be a good planner. Native will have oppositions, but he/she will be a continuous worker. He/She may change his occupation very often. Native may be coward and stubborn.

Leo: Lord of 1st house (own house), Sun; is like lion in the forest in this sign. Native will conduct his occupation and domestic affairs without taking much interest in them. She/He will be healthy, strong, active, will have a long life, and great dignity. He/She will be famous, but may feel deficiency of physical pleasures. Native will be egoistic and may not have satisfactory relation with spouse. She/He will be very brave. Native will have leadership qualities, will be ambitious and a man of self respect. A person you can believe, a true friend, who keeps his words. He will pose good memory.

Virgo: Lord of the 12th house in first house, good support from outside people and government. Native will be lazy, having bad relation with spouse. He/She will make enemies. Native will like his work to be done by others. He will be frank and blunt, so he may have few friends. He/She will be a practical person, will only believe in those things that have been proved. The native will not be superstitious. He/She will be intelligent and will know how to manage things and situations. He/She will be short-tempered, lucky and powerful.

Libra: Sun in Libra is like an uncontrolled fire, a King who doesn’t care for anyone; be them teachers, elders or anyone. He will be passionate and materialistic. Sun being the Lord of 11th house will give wealth to the native and native will earn good money. He will be a good planner and quite ambitious. He will take up a task, but leave it incomplete and will take up some other work so there will be no stability. There will be no good relation with spouse, as he/she will be short-tempered. She/He can be influenced by anyone; and thus, can be cheated. Native could be happy, but also sad at times. The person may be egoistic and may not hold a good image in the society.

Scorpio: Lord of the 10th house, Sun; in ascendant, will make the native highly placed official person. Native will do charitable deeds and noble acts. Native will be quick tempered, hard-hearted, valiant, unforgiving and may have defective eyesight. Native will be famous and respected. He will be glorious and may like ordering other people. He/She will get his/her work done easily due to contacts with high profile people. Native will get physical pleasures, but feel deficiency in married life and do big business. The native will be praised on behalf of others. Native will be honest, intelligent and active and ready to sacrifice for others.

Sagittarius: A King with the blessings of his Guru. Lord of the 9th house, Sun; in the 1st house signifies that native will be religious, active, wise, very fortunate and good looking. Native will be respected by everyone and will do good deeds. The native will be merciful and have faith in God. Also, will respect the religion. The native will be moral, idealistic and avoid quarrels. Native may get involved in gambling and criminal tendencies as luck will support him. He/She will be self-dependant, an interesting narrator as well as a good conversationalist. Sun in this sign will cause an increment of earned wealth, position, fame, power and political success.

Capricorn: Lord of the 8th house, Sun; in the 1st house, is not a good placement for Sun. Native will be unhealthy and unhappy, but will acquire sudden gains. He/She will prone to certain diseases like heart troubles and severe headaches, but will have a long life. The native may be naughty and introvert. Native should be talkative. His/Her mind will be wavering and may get a bit greedy. He/She will be competent in business. Native may not be very educated and will face problems in getting his work done. He/She will not have good relations with spouse.

Aquarius: Lord of 7th house, Sun; in 1st house, indicates that native‘s wife may be an influential and dignified lady. The native will be very affectionate to his wife, but may have problems in relationship. Native will have stable mind and will be energetic. Native will like simplicity and will be shy. He/She will be interested in science and literature. He may have many friends but may differ in ideas. Native may suffer through inferiority complex.

Pisces: Lord of 6th house, Sun; in first house, will make the native daring and bold. He/She will defeat enemies by mysterious and intellectual daring acts. Thus, his enemies will be afraid. He/She will acquire gains in his profession by daring acts. The native will be proud and lazy in later part his life. He/She will keep secrets. Native will be honest, methodological, cordial, sympathetic and sensitive. He/She is supposed to be a day-dreamer also. The native will win favors from the government as well as court too.

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