Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Horoscope (Feb 27 - Mar 05): Follow Your Stars

Curious about how the month of March will be for you? Want to know your love horoscope for the week? Weekly Horoscope is here for you, to ease your worries and lessen your hassles. So, make the most out of this piece of information, by browsing and abiding by it. 

To know your Moon Sign - Moon Sign Calculator


 This week would be fruitful and would herald fame and recognition in your life. Going or planning for a long journey is possible. It’s advised that you take no big decisions in this duration, to avoid any issues later. All your past toils would bear fruit this week. Keep up the good work, and do not get demotivated, whatsoever. Excessive expenditure seems likely for you. You might shell your hard earned money on things that aren’t much of a necessity, but more of a luxury. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You’ll have to maintain transparency in your love life this week. Only this could guarantee sweet results in this duration. The start of the week would be great, with the mid giving you scarce opportunities to meet your lover. But as the week comes to a full circle. Things would start changing for the better. 


REMEDY: Offer water to Lord Surya everyday.


This week looks great for love relations. You’ll be committed towards your partner, and the same would be reciprocated. You’ll be highly social this week, which would help you make new friends and acquaint yourself with brilliant minds. As predicted by your stars and planetary position, you might feel detached from work due to less recognition of your work. Despite of this, your team would be supportive and kind towards you. This week your life might get infested with chaos and dillema. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you might stay a bit off. You’ll be lost in your own world, and might shut off your partner too. It’s advised that you talk to your partner and share your every little problem with them, so that it gets a solution quickly. You’ll have to maintain a balance between your work life and love life, so that it doesn’t dwindle. The week would start off on a good note, with the mid excellent for your relationship. 


REMEDY: Serve and donate at orphanages and old-age homes.


Some long journeys are predicted for you this week. You’re advised to stay away from shady work, to avoid any controversies and defamation. At the home front, you’ll have a cordial relation with everyone. Maintain good relations with your siblings to keep a harmonious environment intact at home. Your father’s health might require you attention, as chances of him falling ill are slightly high. You might start falling for a colleague in this duration. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you great results in your love life. At the start of the week, you might plan a romantic getaway with your lover. With the mid of the week, you will start experiencing things in a new way, which would broader your horizons. The weekend would give you ample of ways to meet your lover and go with them to celebrate the between you. 


REMEDY: Offer Kheer to Goddess Durga on fridays and feed the remaining to little girls.


The week seems to give you plenty of options to perform well at the work front. You’ll have to keep tabs on your health; minor cold and cough could become the major reason of you falling ill. Avoid coarse food. The time is great for relationships and befriending new people. Some issues at marital front might affect the relationship that you share with your partner. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The weekly predictions advise you to abstain from bickering with your partner. Some issues might escalate into something big. So no matter what your partner asks of you, it’s advisable that you nod at it, to keep yourself at bay from all the tiffs. And the plus point of this would be that your partner would stay in a great mood due to this. At the beginning of the week, you must stay absolutely modest to stay away from any any negativity. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion.


This week chances of your health declining are pretty high. You could be in a state of confusion, which could cloud your judgement and get the better of you. Some tiffs in marital life are probable. Sudden gains are on the cards for you in this period. Some issues related to better understanding are a possibility. Your younger siblings might have to suffer this week. At the career front, you’ll be dissatisfied with the amount of recognition your work gets. Try and maintain cordial relations with people of opposite sex. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would be sweet for you, when it comes to love life. If you fall in love with someone in this duration, chances are that the stars will shine brighter for you. Keep in mind that you don’t give any chance to your partner to complain about anything. The start of the week would be joyous; mid a little mellow but as the week comes to a close things will start changing for the better. 


REMEDY: Try to keep your house and surroundings clean this week.


This week might come along as an emotional one. You might dip your feet in foreign waters in this duration. You’ll enjoy a progressive and positive marital life. Your soulmate would be blissfully in love with you, and you’ll enjoy peaceful moments with them. Mother’s health might dwindle in this period. Avoid aggression at all costs. Refrain from showing too much anger. Good results at work place can be expected. Your capacity to take and face challenges would increase by the end of the week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks promising in terms of love life. Albeit some minor issues and tiffs could sour your mood. Despite of this, you’ll have a blissful time with your lover. The mid of the week would be your solace from from the negativity in your relationship. By the weekend, your stars are advising you to stay loyal and modest in your relationship. 


REMEDY: Serve a cow regularly.


You might have to face lack of concentration this week. Your determination to achieve something big in life would overpower your judgements. However, your lethargic attitude might keep success at bay from you. Chances of you contracting a disease are high in this period. Minor tiffs with spouse are likely. Try to keep misunderstandings in your relationship at bay.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would be dull when it comes to love matters. With your continuous efforts at making changes and altering your behaviour, you could get your relationship on the track. In the start of week, you might find someone from your school, college or work attractive. This might blossom into a beautiful relationship in the long run. Although, take extra precautions before proposing them. By the mid of the week, some minor tiffs are possible. But as the week comes to a close, things will start shaping up for you. 


REMEDY: Worship Goddess Durga with utmost devotion. 


The week would not be any lesser than a Valentine Week. Just remember the threshold of sanity while expressing your love to your partner. The chances of getting married with your love interest are very high. Married people won't be satisfied in your domestic life, due to which you might act irritated and icky. Avoid shortcuts at work to abstain from getting a bad name attached to you. You'll be completely devoted towards your partner, which might be a little problematic for your professional life. Maintain a balance of both the important arenas of your life to stay out of trouble. This week you might go away from home and family for a work related trip. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although the week would be dull in love related matters, but with a sweet tone you could change things and take control of the situation. At the start of the week, you might be stressed out over a petty issue, which could result in the fullness of your relationship. As the week goes on, you'll start afresh and make considerable changes in your outlook towards the world. By the weekend, you'll be happy with your partner, and will cherish every moment spent with them.


REMEDY: Put Kesar tilak on your forehead regularly. Also, consume Kesar regularly.


Deep thinking would keep you busy this week. You'll take wise decisions at work, which would help you be the better person than you were before. Your wit would boost your business. You might consider buying a new vehicle in this period. A new is also on the cards for some. At the domestic front, some occasional tiffs might erupt. Your spouse would gain status in this period. You'll enjoy the pink of your health in this week. Chances are that this week you'll splurge on yourself. Your younger siblings would be supportive of you.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week seems pretty fabulous for you. You'll have to work harder when it comes to maintaining a balance between your work and love life. At the beginning of the week you might consider going for entertainment related options. Going on a short trip is also predicted. As the week comes to an end, you'll start noticing new changes and happy beginnings.


REMEDY: Wear a copper kada in your right hand.


Expenses are expected to increase as they have been for a long time now. Some unexpected gains are indicated too. Gains through foreigners are foreseen. MNCs might also play a crucial role in your professional success. A new relationship might keep you on your toes. Students would perform exceptionally good in this duration. Higher studies are also possible for those belonging to this sign. You would dominate over your opponents. Legal actions, if any would come out in your favour. Domestic and marital life would be brimming with bliss.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week promises to give you good results. Albeit, you won't be able to find much solace this week, as chances of meeting your lover are not that high. Despite of this fact, communication gap won't exist between the two of you. You'll be able to squeeze in all the fun by the mid of the week. As the week comes to an end, you'll be pleased to get the desired results in your relationship.


REMEDY: Feed ants on Saturdays.


This week embodies a state of predicament and you would find yourself in a quandary situation. This week, your spouse would be highly devoted towards you and you would not be able to follow the trail of thoughts of your partner. You would experience that your marital life would be quite dull this week. You might be busy from the gains which you would get from several aspects. This week, students would be highly disciplined and determined and they might get exceptional results in their academics. This week would make your domestic life to flourish and you would feel pleasure food by dining somewhere out. This week you might receive gains from landed property.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you average results. It'll be better if you maintain proper transparency in your relationship with your partner. In the first days of the week, your emotions will be all over the place. By the mid of the week, you might plan a romantic dinner or a day out with your partner. The weekend also carries good news for you. Chances of you going out with your spouse are substantially high. 


REMEDY: Wear a ring made of black horse shoe in your middle finger on a Saturday.


The week seems to be a muddled one for you as you might find yourself in a confused state of mind with blended thoughts. Long journeys are probable this week and you would work very hard. You might procure gains through foreign lands and you would be devoted to your spouse displaying great affection and care. This week exemplifies your commitment in your love matters and a decline in the health of your spouse is probable. Your expenses might increase a bit and you would enjoy a lavish life this week. You would enjoy all the materialistic comforts and your domestic life would be quite happening. As far as students are concerned, they would excel in academics in this week and your luck would be on your side this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You would be able to enjoy your love life this week. Although at the start of the week, you might go for a short journey with your partner. By the mid of the week, you’ll be blissfully in love. You’ll enjoy every moment spent with your partner. You’ll feel the passion rising in your relationship. As the week comes to an end you’ll plan a romantic getaway with your lover. A date or a dinner is on the cards for you. 


REMEDY: Serve brahmins on Thursdays by offering food etc.

We at AstroSage hope that you enjoy this week to the fullest. Cause no matter what, we’ve always got your back. Till next time, stay glued to AstroSage.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

First Solar Eclipse of 2017 Today, Know The Time And Precautions

Scared of Solar Eclipse? Know the optimistic side of this eclipse. Don’t be afraid of the shadows that veils the light, rather they can eclipse it for a short period of time. It is a well documented fact by now that every Solar Eclipse has a different effect on us, as all Solar eclipses have numerous variations as well as countless types. Join us as we take you on a ride and explain you the effect, this Solar Eclipse (which would fall on 26 February, 2017) shall have on us along with its astrological significance. 

Type of Solar Eclipse: Partial Solar eclipse

This shall be the first Solar Eclipse for the calendar year 2017, and although the fact still stands that it shall not be witnessed in India as well as other Asian countries, still it would hold great astrological importance. Having said that, the effect (sutak) for this Solar eclipses shall however be to no avail & wouldn’t hold of much significance. 

Time for the eclipse: 17:39:00 to 23:04:00 Hours (IST)

The countries that shall witness this Solar Eclipse

The countries/regions that shall witness this phenomena are as follows:

The south-western regions of Africa, South American countries such as Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and region across . 

As per the Indian Standard Time, the Solar eclipse shall start & end as follows:

Eclipse starts at 05:39 PM
Partial phase starts from 06:44 PM
Peak phase 08: 26 PM
Partial phase ends at 10:00 PM
Eclipse ends at 11:04 PM

To know all the dates for 2017’s eclipses, please visit: Eclipse Dates For 2017

As per science, an eclipse is an astronomical occurrence yet, according to vedic astrology, it holds of great importance. People belonging to the nakshatra & the zodiac sign that is eclipsed, feel the direct brunt of its effect, which could either be positive or negative and sometimes even both. On 26 February, 2017, Shatabhisha nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, would experience the eclipse first hand. This would be the reason for the possible ill effect that people born under this nakshatra might experience. 

Although every zodiac sign shall experience different things from this eclipse, which would solely and completely depend on other astrological facts as well as planetary positions. We don’t mean to scare you but this Solar eclipse could witness one too many incidents such as terrorist attacks, earthquakes or even death of a pivotal & a famous political leader.

Let us find the effect this eclipse shall have on all the zodiac signs. The following predictions are based on your Moon Signs. To know your Moon Sign - Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: You could act like a bear with a sore head. Your finances could see a sharp decline as well. 

Taurus: There is a strong chance for you to score a new lavishy property or a vehicle. Things are looking up for your mother but the same could not be said about your father. 

Gemini: Your reputation & prestige shall rise significantly at your workplace. Family life could struggle as you might spend most of the time away from them. 

Cancer: Your enemies would try their best to derail the good run that you currently find yourself in. There could be a strong chance of ending in a dispute or even a court hearing so, lookout for that as well. 

To know the effects of Sun on all the 12 houses, please visit: Planet Sun in Astrology

Leo: Your marital life could be going through a sticky patch & you might have a quarrel or two but, nothing of much significance. Just try to keep a cool head & you shall be fine. A long trip is on the cards too.

Virgo: You could suddenly find yourself gaining a thing which you thought wasn’t gettable. Take care of your health as it could dwindle during this period. 

Libra: Your children could be in a world of pain. Pregnant ladies should be very cautious. Studies would be an area where the students would have to work their socks off. 

Scorpio: Your vehicle or property could suffer from harm so, keep your eyes wide open. Your mother’s health looks pretty bleak too. 

Sagittarius: Your siblings wouldn’t know what hit them but, you would & yes hindrances, roadblocks and obstacles could hit them. Your social status as well as reputation would see a meteoric rise.

Capricorn: Mental & physical problems could peg you back real hard. You could also end-up burning your fingers but, obviously not literally. A long and satiating trip could soon be a reality.

Aquarius: Foreign as well as foreign relations could give you many a opportunities to reap in the benefits. You could end up printing money as you would see your treasure chest fill to the brim & then some more.

Pisces: Your in-laws could keep you engaged, but for all the wrong reasons. Monetary gains would be all over the place for you. So, just stuff all that money in a bag & run.

To know the effect of Rahu on all the 12 houses, please visit: Planet Rahu in Astrology

Mantra For Solar Eclipse

During the Solar Eclipse Chanting of Mantra is very essential. According to the religious beliefs, the recitation of Mantra can eliminate the malefic or ill effects from our lives and thus it becomes necessary to chant the Mantra. During the Solar Eclipse, chant the following mantra:

"ॐ आदित्याय विद्महे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात् ॥"

Things that you shouldn’t do during an Eclipse

It is a widely known & accepted fact by now that during an Eclipse, the air gets contaminated or becomes impure due to the harmful rays that the Sun so blatantly radiates while the Eclipse is taking shape. Just follow these simple guidelines & you shall be just fine from all the ill-effects of this Solar Eclipse & others that might follow after this one. 

During an Eclipse, it is advised that you get on with literary as well as religious books, recite/chant various mantras or even Vishnu Sahastranaam.

It is strongly advised not to worship the idols of all the gods & goddesses as well as the plant Tulsi. Once the Eclipse is over with, one should bathe the idols diligently. 

One should neither cook nor eat any food item during an Eclipse. If you have cooked food already stored in your kitchen, you are advised to put a tulsi leaf over it, in order to keep negativity at bay.

One shouldn’t indulge in any kind of physical relations during an Eclipse. 

Sprinkle holy Ganga Jal all over your house once the Eclipse is over for good. 

Pregnant women should not step out of the house during an Eclipse. They should be extra cautious during the entire period of the eclipse & otherwise. 

Kids, old folks as well as ill people would not experience any bad effect during Sutak kaal, whatsoever.

To know the complete detail about all the zodiac signs for the entire years. 

A Solar eclipse would have both good as well bad effect on the lives of people, but with the proper astrological guidance & tutoring you shall come out on the other side unscaved. 

We sincerely hope that this piece of information comes to good use & that you are successfully able to wade away the ill effects of this Solar Eclipse.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Mahashivratri Today - Know Muhurat & Puja Vidhi

The importance of some divine festivals are way too difficult & complex to be able to be expressed in mere words. I guess that’s why I thank god for inventing Idioms & phrases, but to stress the importance of Mahashivratari & the significance this day has on Indian mythology & people alike, even the mighty idioms & phrases fail to deliver on that front. 

Mahashivratri is that holy festival where in people all across the country join hands & venerate the mighty Lord Shiva by showering him with prayers, prasad and utmost devotion. The zest, exuberance & the fresh enthusiasm is all but visible as it becomes increasingly difficult for people to keep a fine grip on their emotions. As per popular beliefs, Mahashivratri marked the first day when people got to see Lord Shiva in a different avatar (Ling incarnation to be very specific). Mahashivratri is usually celebrated on the 14th day of the dark lunar fortnight in the month of Falgun. This year it shall be celebrated on 24th of February. So, mark this day on your calendar as this day shall help you reel from all the things that had been holding you back in life & help you seek redemption from your past un-greatful of deeds.

Maha Shivratari Puja Muhurat :

Nishita Kaal Puja Time : 24:09:07 to 24:59:21

Duration : 50 minutes

Maha Shivratri Parana time: 06:51:58 to 15:27:20 on 25th, February 

Note: The above mentioned timings are for New Delhi, To know about the Puja Muhurat in your city, Maha Shivratri Puja Muhurat

How to satiate Lord shiva with that perfect puja vidhi 

The Fast & the Rudrabhishekam holds utmost importance in regard to Maha Shivratri festival. It plays a vital & an instrumental role in pleasing Lord Shiva. 

  1. Observe a fast for the entire day, eating only fruits & milk. 
  2. Recite Shiva Puran as well as Mahamrityunjaya mantra. Chant Om Namaha Shivay. Try to stay up all night to worship Lord Shiva sincerely. 
  3. Pay homage to Lord Shiva, along the 4 phases of night. However, keep in mind that during the Nishita kaal, the veneration to Lord Shiva holds of great & pivotal nature. 

The Significance of the most important of fasts there is to please Lord Shiva

One such parable which greatly explains this phenomena is when Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva as to which of the fasts would prove to be the decisive factor in becoming the most standout-est of fasts to amend all the wrongs, while being practically the most sort after fast there is to attain mental satisfaction as well as inner peace, only if such a thing ever existed. To answer this question, Lord Shiva slowly explained to goddess Parvati about the gravity that this fast holds, which should be observed on Mahashivratri. And because the incarnation of Lord Shiva came to light on the said day, hence it is celebrated as Mahashivratri 

To know about the Mahashivratri Puja Vidhi in detail & in great depths. 

How Lord Shiva ended the Ego trip of both Lord Vishnu as well as Brahma. 

According to the popular folklore, Lord Vishnu as well as lord Brahma started being self confident & egoistic. Both of them wanted to prove to each other as to which one is the stronger between the two of them. While they were having this intense discussion/bickering, Lord Shiva amused by the topic of dispute thought of teaching the mighty lords a lesson to really think about. He conjured this super-colossal of a humongous light pillar & asked Lord Vishnu to descend & Lord Brahma to ascend to the bottom & the top respectively. After hours of climbing & descending, the mighty lords caved in to the never ending chase. This incident alone was enough to remind the two that no matter how much they fight over the fact that who is the most powerful, for that place already belongs to the unparalleled & unsurpassable Lord Shiva. 

You should also give our Parad Shivling a shot & experience the positivity for yourself. 

Astrological Viewpoint 

According to Vedic Astrology, the 14th day of the dark lunar fortnight is considered to be the day when the moon is the closest it can be to the Sun, and is considered to be a very important and potent time. This is that time when Moon, the life, conjoins with Sun, the Shiva. This is the reason why we venerate Lord Shiva and achieve eternal & complete fulfillment. It is widely known that Lord Shiva vanquishes off anger, annoyance, greed amongst other things & replace these with peace & tranquility. 

Experience the miraculous stone found in the depths of river Narmada: the Narmadeshwar Shivling & bask in the glory of blessedness. 

We at AstroSage wish you a very prosperous MahaShivratri & we wish that this MahaShivratri brings nothing but good things for you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mercury Transit In Aquarius - Know the Effects this Transit on Your Zodiac

The youthful & heavenly planet Mercury is also responsible for many things that include education, business, appearance for starters & the list goes on. But before we take a crack on the list here is some other piece of news we would like you to crack on. So, just hack on while you crack on this blog .

To know in depth about the planet of communication, click here: Planet Mercury

The Mercury will transit into the airy sign Aquarius on the 22nd of February, 2017 at 06:53 PM and shall remain there until the 11th of March, 2017. It will then enter the sign Pisces on 11.03.2017 at 02:43 AM.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign, to calculate your moon sign, follow the link: Moon sign Calculator

ARIES: You would witness an increase in income as financial assistance would arrive in abundance. Improve your eating habits or you could come down with an upset stomach.

TAURUS: You could mastermind a gem of business plan & this should open the door to numerous of other achievements & accolades. Just hold on to your cards & wait for the right moment.

GEMINI: You are going through one of those phases when everything you touch turns to gold diamond & other precious metals. 

CANCER: Your younger siblings could suffer through health ailments of some kind so, keep that in mind & take good care of him.

LEO: Your marital life would see a significant improvement, when compared to the past & this is a sign of better things to come & come they will.

VIRGO: Your health could take a turn for worse as you would be able to feel the decline in health, & it’s high time you did something about it.

LIBRA: Your income would see a sharp & drastic rise as it shall reach for the moon & quite literally & you would end up making more money than sense.

SCORPIO: Bickerings & small tiffs at home would keep you engaged this term but, it shall be the test of your patience against their constant troublesome behaviour or attitude if you like.

SAGITTARIUS: You might remain confused because of the dilemma that life has recently put you in but, you should be just fine & would quickly get through this down phase in aplomb.

CAPRICORN: It’s time you painted the town red because trust me money you have got, you should just do this for fun. Monetary gains will keep you high on your hog. 

AQUARIUS: You shall be inclined in doing more of the spiritual deeds for a change. Your health could decline so keep an eye on that too. 

PISCES: You just might be considering travelling to abroad & explore the world like you never did before. You could also travel to a far off place but that would be strictly for business. 

We at AstroSage, believe and hope that you fare well in this period. May this transit be the flagbearer of good times still to come in your life!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Horoscope Of The Week (Feb 20th- Feb 26th)

Want to wade through how this week might pan out? Weekly Horoscope for the fourth week of this month is here to let you plan out your week well in advance so that you have a jumpstart over everyone else. Embrace this information with grace and make the most out of this week.

ARIES: This week you might get stuck in strenuous situations, which will require your quick wit and intellect. Long journey is on the cards for you. At the work front, you’ll get benefits from your good ideas. You’ll need to double up your efforts to maximise the results this week. Children might feel icky in this duration; their tone of speech might turn a bit harsh. Some issues might erupt with seniors, which will require your immediate attention. Domestic life will be great in this duration; you’ll share a cordial relationship with everyone at home. Expenditure might increase, as you’ll make it a habit to shell out more on your spouse or lover. Partner might have to face some health issues. The week predictions advise you to hold your investments for now, as the time is not favorable for them. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The love forecast of this week warns you to be cautious in love matters. You’ll have to take every step with precaution, as things might take a turn towards the wrong side. Maintain transparency in your love life to avoid suspicions and doubtfulness. Your anxious nature might spun a web of all the rumors that have no base associated to them, whatsoever; so abstain from that. People who are not sure about their relationship must try and instill some faith in them. Being in two at a time would ruin your reputation and might also defame you. The start of the week might be slow and mellow but with the week coming to an end you’ll see better changes in your life. 


REMEDY: Feed the fishes. 

TAURUS: This week you’ll experience a gain in your intellect. Students will have a great time in this duration. You’ll learn new things and make great plans to enrich your mind through new ways and snips. You might consider going on a long journey, that’s bound to turn out fruitful for you. Some great time would be spent with lover in this period. Your love life will improve in this period. An essence of togetherness will keep you both together and madly in love. At your workplace, you’ll have to up your efforts to build a castle for you. This week you’ll accumulate wealth and get at the top of your game. Your health won’t be a fuss for you in this duration. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll see the world through optimistic lenses. You’ll be pleased to get your partner’s support at every step of life. However, chances are that you might get annoyed and icky sometimes. The start of the week will be average, with the mid slightly better. If you’re in love with a neighbour, it’s advised that you take better precautions to stay out of trouble. The week won’t add much to your substance, so you’re advised to maintain a decent behaviour throughout. 


REMEDY: Feed wheat flour to ants. 

GEMINI: This week you are advised to keep a tab on your health. Headache, skin infection, rashes, or mild fever might bother you in this period. Energy levels will be low during this month. You need to maintain proper sleep and keep healthy patterns of sleep. You’ll exert yourself too much, despite being unwell. You’ll will earn great in this period. You might go and meet your in-laws in this duration. Father’s health might dwindle in this period. Students are required to do a lot of hard work in this period. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week will produce you average results; you’ll be in for a treat this week as time is auspicious for you. If you’re married, you could expect greater happiness coming your way. Those who are in love with a colleague, the time looks great. You won’t have to take out much time out of your busy schedule, as your lover would be quite understanding. However, some of you might feel a little low and dull. However, some tiffs are possible at the start of the week, but with patience and calm you’ll be happy in your relationship. The mid of the week advises you to be modest. With the week coming to an end, you’ll see the doors of happiness opening up for you. 


REMEDY: Feed green fodder to cows.

CANCER: This week your health might decline. You’ll be mentally stressed and in agony. It’s advisable that you meditate and cease taking a lot of stress. You might get lethargic in this duration, due to which some problems might occur for you. Some long term illness might hamper the speed of your growth. Some disturbances in your relationship might sour your mood. Travelling somewhere far is on the cards for you. Efforts will yield you great benefits. At home, you’ll have a peaceful and harmonious relationship with everyone. Children will bring in peace and love in your home. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks average in love matters. Natives who have are either married or have their partner living somewhere far will have a blast this week. The start of the week advises you to maintain abstinence from physical pleasures. By the mid of the week you’ll be happily in love but as the week comes to an end, some problems might start escalating into huge tiffs. Try to maintain your calm and peace no matter what. 


REMEDY: Practice meditation. 

LEO: Some ups and downs in health can be expected in this period. Inflow of income will be there, but there’s a catch in it. You need to take your game to the next level if you want to achieve major profits. Some health issues to father are possible. People might spew some scandals for you, due to which you might get defamed at office. Students might face some issues in concentrating at education. But with proper hard work you’ll get great results. Debate or arguments must be avoided at all costs in this period. The period is very challenging for love life. You are required to keep tabs over your aggression.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week Lord Saturn would grace your horoscope. The planet might create some issues in your life, if you’re thinking about changing your relationship status from dating to married. Otherwise, some long term issues might grow between you two. The start of the week looks mellow and dull, but with the week coming to an end you will start experiencing some bright changes. The week end might start some issues between you two, but with proper care, you’ll start experiencing new changes. 


REMEDY: Help poor people with medicines on sunday.

VIRGO: This week your aggression might steep. You’ll be inclined towards trying new things and making or creating stuff. Some issues regarding the lower body parts, mainly your abdominal parts is likely. Mother’s health might create some mental stress for you. At the domestic front, some issues are likely. Some long distance travel is on the cards for you. You will get fame and glory at work in this week. Children will gain interest in studies. A promotion is also a probability. Lack of contentment in domestic life might bother you and hamper your peace of mind.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would give you average results when it comes to love life. If you’ve been thinking of proposing someone, chances are that your proposal would result in affirmative. The start of the week would be great, as you’ll go out for entertainment options and dinner dates. By the mid of the week, you’ll meet up with your partner, but it’s advised that you do it in a secluded place. Indulge in indoor games with your partner to have a healthy relationship. The weekend promises to be a great end to a beautiful love filled week. 


REMEDY: Feed jaggery to black cow.

LIBRA: Luck will support you this week. A good news will approach you in this period. You’ll get mixed results at workplace; efforts you do will yield you great results. Parents might suffer with some health issues. Your nature might get icky and irrational; students will do hard work and achieve good results. Chances of repaying old loans are high. Minor quarrels with partner are a probability. Harmonious marital and familial life would lure you towards a peaceful existence. Income would increase, but at a slower pace. So keep hanging there. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give you mixed results. However, you’ll indulge in unreasonable tiffs with your partner, which might get escalated to larger problems if not solved. Things require your patience, especially at the beginning of the week. Abstain from using foul language with your partner. By the mid week, you can plan a trip or a day out with your partner. The week end will give you positive results. 


REMEDY: Feed black buffalo. 

SCORPIO: Keep your tongue tied this week to avoid arguments at work and home. Some losses are probable this week, due to your irrational behaviour. Marital life will be great; love will blossom in your relationship, spouse will garner some gains that will help you accumulate wealth. Your hard work will fetch your great results. The week looks like the best time for love affairs. Relationships will be at their peak. Some income rise is also possible for you. Students might get overconfident, due to which some minor issues are possible. You might think of making swift changes at your workplace.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: The week would give solace to your heart, as you’ll be blissfully in love with your partner. Some minor issues are possible due to familial tiffs. Make sure that you keep an open eye towards everything and be loyal to your partner. Try to maintain transparency in your relationships to avoid any arguments. The start of the week will be amazing as you’ll learn new things about your partner. The mid will be weak, but the end would make up for all that’s lost. 


REMEDY: Recite Shiva Mantra. 

SAGITTARIUS: This week would give you high mental stress. You’ll be in mental agony due to too much work pressure. Being a workaholic you won’t complain about work and exert yourself too much. Income will rise in this period. You will get your things done on time and will hate procrastination. Seniors will be highly supportive and will lend a caring hand towards you. Keep in mind that you do your every task by yourself and do not hand it to anyone else. Children might get aggressive in this duration. A sacred or religious activity at home is possible. You’ll spend some great time with lover in this week. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week will get you amazing results in love life. Keep in mind that you must maintain a sweet tone with everyone, and do not indulge in any shady work. Be modest in your approach. Single masses will find someone interesting in this duration. You’ll be happy to find your partner totally in love with you. By the mid of the week, you might plan a trip or a small excursion with your loved one. As the week comes to an end, things will start settling down and you’ll be happy at your place. 


REMEDY: Water a banana or sacred fig (peepal) tree, regularly. 

CAPRICORN: This week you’ll get your father’s support, which will boost your morale and you’ll strive to achieve more in life. Luck in on your side this week, so make the most of it while you can. You’ll be intellectual and knowledgeable in this duration, but make sure that you don’t let it get to your head. Stick to the earth, while conversing with anyone. You might plan a long distance trip in this period, which will earn you fame and glory. Health might dwindle, but with proper care you’ll be able to make it through this week. Your expenses might increase in this period, so make sure you keep tabs on it. You are advised to drive carefully this week. Some natives might find this period to be a little challenging for them, but with added efforts in every arena you’ll be able to succeed. Domestic life will be cordial; every relationship would give you great results. Try to avoid any issues, as much as possible. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you’ll be in love with your partner. So much so that you’ll be eager to put everything on the line for them. Those in a long distance relationship will have a great time this week, as you’ll be able to go and meet your partner. The start of the week will be great, you’ll be able to make good plans. Married couples might bicker about some issues, but at the end everything would work out for the better. The mid of the week looks a little mellow but as the weekends you’ll get good results. 


REMEDY: Recite Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap. 

AQUARIUS: This week would give you loads of options to make money. You’ll get your long awaited wishes fulfilled in this week. Must keep your tongue tied this week, as chances of some issues erupting are high. Spiritual activities will lure you this week. Your income will increase, but so will your expenditure. Doubtful situations in marital life might erupt. You need to understand the importance of love and your lover. Students might face some challenges in their studies, but with added efforts everything will come through great. You’ll have to ae at your game to earn this month. Huge investments must be postponed this week to avoid any losses. Seniors will keep tabs over your work, so you need to take extra precautions. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week is great for love related matters. Natives who are in love with a colleague will find this time to be refreshingly pleasant for them. You might consider going out for a movie or a romantic dinner date during this week. You’ll move heaven and earth to replenish the passion in your love. Those in a long distance relationship would find this week to be their solace, as the week would provide them numerous ways and options to meet. At the beginning of the week, you’ll have to maintain a balance between your love life and work life. The mid would yield you average results, with the weekend being a little on the mellow side. 


REMEDY: Feed a black dog.

PISCES: This week you would feel detached from your workplace. Health will require your attention, as minor health issues might dwindle your well being. Your expenses might hit the ceiling this week, as you’ll be eager to shell out on luxuries of life. Partner will be supportive and will walk hand in hand with you. Love life will be steady and you’ll embrace the one you love with your dear life. Your hard work would get your desired results and you’ll make sure that you cash in all the previous efforts that you’ve made. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks sound for you. You’ll be pleased to get satisfactory results in all arenas. A pilgrimage seems like a viable option for you. You might plan a vacation with your loved one. During the mid of the week, you’ll not be able to spare much time for your lover. Count your blessings as you’ll be back on track as the week comes to a close. Keep your mind at peace, when it comes to your partner; there’s not much to worry about. Whenever you meet them, meet them with a clear mind and heart full of love. 


REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu.

We at AstroSage hope that you see this world through tinted rose glasses this week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day - Who To Propose, Who To Say Yes

What do you do when you are dating a male or female belonging to one of the zodiac signs and need some background information? Come on, let us get you going with our helpful tips on the pros and cons of dating the 12 rashis or signs–so that you're able to decide who you may propose and who you may say yes.

Aries / Mesh

The first sign of our zodiac, Aries, is a Fire sign ruled by Mars which is also fiery in nature.

Pros: When you are dating an Aries or Mesh rashi, you will get plenty of warmth and affection and also some fiery action and reaction. Fire is warm, generous, spontaneous and positive in a congenial mood. Aries people are go-getters, brave and bold, and take lots of initiative.

Cons: But when upset, fiery Aries can transform into extremely angry and volatile people. They can be very demanding, impulsive and selfish too.

Taurus / Vrishabh

The second sign of our zodiac, Taurus, is an Earth sign ruled by planet Venus. 

Pros: Earth element offers stability and strength. Venus being an artistic planet, it can make Taurus very creative and artistic, in an earthy kind of way. The partner you are dating will make the relationship stable which will give you loads of security.

Cons: Taurus can be very obstinate and unyielding when under negative influence. When their sensibilities are hurt, you will be surprised with some stiff and stubborn response. They will simply refuse to see reason.

Gemini / Mithun

Mercury is an airy planet and rules over Gemini, an airy sign. 

Pros: Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini borns can create an intellectual and fun-filled atmosphere. You can be sure you will not have a moment of boredom when you are dating a Gemini. They are natural entertainers and need plenty of freedom and space.

Cons: There can be lots of unpredictability and changeability in this relationship. Also, if you are an introvert or the reserved type, you may sometimes be driven crazy by non-stop chatter and activity.

Cancer / Karka

Water sign Cancer is strongly influenced by the watery Moon, which waxes and wanes constantly.

Pros: Your Cancerian dating partner will be very tender, loving, affectionate, caring, motherly half the time, when their mood is fine. Cancerians are great to be with due to their humorous and sensitive nature.

Cons: They will be withdrawn, brooding, sulking, cranky the rest of the time. If you offend or hurt them during your courtship period, they will drown you in a sea of emotions or you will witness quick changing moods. 

Leo / Simha

Sun, the proud fiery planet, is also the ruler of Leo. 

Pros: When you are courting a Leo, ensure that you do not hurt their ego and pride in any way. Otherwise, you are courting trouble. When they are given their due, Leos can be very warm, generous, protective, and noble.

Cons: Their hurt pride can make them very arrogant, angry, cruel, and you may be a witness to temper tantrums. Fire, when treated with concern and responsibility, gives warmth and light. If treated casually, you will be be left cold and lonely.

Virgo / Kanya

An Earthy sign, Virgo is ruled by Airy Mercury. 

Pros: They can be kind and courteous. Virgos prefer order and perfection, and the best way you can get close to them is by being a perfectionist yourself. The way you dress and present yourself, will not go unnoticed by Virgos. You will also be rewarded with plenty of help and service.

Cons: It is always better to be ready for a minor scrutiny while dealing with a Virgo. Be prepared to have intellectual conversations accompanied by critical analysis and caustic comments. 

Libra / Tula

An Air sign, Libra is guided by planet of arts and aesthetics, Venus. 

Pros: Having an interest in arts would make you an instant hit with Libra. They are positive and just people, with intelligent and humourous conversation going around most of the time. 

Cons: Never get into an argument with your Libran dating partner. When their scales go out of balance, the artistic Libran will turn into an argumentative Libran. And their air sign quality will give them endless ideas but drain you mentally.

Scorpio / Vrischik

An intense Water sign, Scorpio is ruled by fiery Mars.

Pros: Scorpio people can be eternal friends or life-long enemies. They have strong likes and dislikes. Your courtship period will be emotionally rewarding and you will have a very loyal partner. If your partner likes you, then your courtship will be memorable and wonderful.

Cons: But this comes with a warning: never ever, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt or ill-treat your partner. Scorpios are known for their vengeful nature, and their backlash will leave a scar or two, which will take a long time to heal. 

Sagittarius / Dhanu

Fiery Sagittarians are guided by benevolent and fiery Jupiter. 

Pros: They are, most of the time, full of life, impulsive-fun, positivity, enthusiasm, generosity, energetic and peppy conversation. They are also the most sportive of all the 12 signs, and will gladly forgive you when you hurt them or treat them casually. 

Cons: But beware: never question their idealism, integrity or their humanitarian causes or be dishonest yourself, in any way. Your dating will go for a toss, and instead of the jovial and philosophising dating partner, you will have to deal with a fiery, outspoken person and plenty of brutal plain-talk.

Capricorn / Makar

Ruled by slow-moving Saturn, your dating experience with Earthy Capricorns will move in a slow but steady pace. 

Pros: They are very practical and pragmatic, so try to balance your ideals and ideas with their perspective. Once they feel stable and comfortable, they will reward you with plenty of security and refreshing down to earth approach. 

Cons: Influenced by cold and stern Saturn, Capricorns may be aloof and distant sometimes. Sit tight on your anger and pride while your stingy dating partner has pulled the purse-strings tight. 

Aquarius / Kumbha

An Airy sign under the rule of Saturn, your dating experience with Aquarians will be directly proportional to your intellectual and humanitarian approach to life.

Pros: Their friendly and revolutionary attitude will appeal to your idealism. They are also tolerant of peculiarities and angularities in others. If you play it fair and deal with things in a mature way, you dating partner can turn into a lifetime friend.

Cons: Do not try to fence them in or put them in a framework. They are fiercely independent, unpredictable, contrary and contradictory. 

Pisces / Meena

Born under the intuitive Water sign, Pisces is guided by wise and expansive Jupiter. 

Pros: Pisces is the most sensitive and humane of all the 12 signs. Once you tune in patiently to their different but empathetic wavelength, you will have a great time with their versatile and multi-dimensional nature. 

Cons: Your lack of sensitivity to the Pisces feelings will be the major block during your dating period. Their dream-like elusive nature and mysterious personality can create misunderstanding.

We hope this proved helpful in understanding and getting along with your dating partner. For extensive analysis, deep insights, customised personal readings, please get in touch with us at

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Horoscope Of The Week (Feb 13 to Feb 19)

The weekly predictions for the week of Love are here. Know how the Valentine Day week will be for you, through the astrology predictions of the Weekly Horoscope for the third week of February. Plan and win over your love!

ARIES: This week you might go on long trips and journeys. Going abroad would intrigue you, and you might consider taking up that offer. Expenses are expected to skyrocket in this duration. Take special precautions when it comes to expenditure. Students will have to face a little lashing, as time doesn’t look in their favor this week. Chances are that you’ll be in a state of dilemma and will act icky and confused. Some natives might think of changing their jobs, for better opportunities. You’ll indulge in sensual activities this week; keep tabs on your health and make sure that you stay away from shady stuff. Some minor tiffs with spouse can be expected. Issues with seniors might arise; professionally, things might become bleak for you. You won’t be able to gel with your seniors properly. Mother’s health might dwindle, but with proper care it’ll come back on track. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although, this week promises to give you average results in love life, you’ll move heaven and earth to meet your partner on the Valentine’s day. Keep in mind that you must keep your relationship under wraps, so as to keep it at bay from your enemies. Just the weekend looks mellow, but throughout the week you’ll have a gala time. 


Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.

TAURUS: This week your earnings are presaged to increase. You’ll be focused and determined to increase the money inflow. The period is positive for love relations and affairs. For the single masses, the time bears good fortune. You’ll meet someone who’ll intrigue your interest. Some unexpected gains are possible from spouse’s side. Clashes at home are possible, which will hamper your peace of mind and you’ll have to take a back seat in numerous affairs. Your hard work might not give you desired results. Due to which you’ll have to work harder in order to reap the results of your toils. You’ll gain intellect and positivity in your life in this period. Parent’s health might decline; stay extra cautious. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks tremendous for love relations. Keep in mind that your partner doesn’t get mad at you. If you think that your partner is kidding with you, do not shy away from reciprocating the same. The week looks brilliant for you in love matters, so enjoy and create memories with your partner. 


Remedy: Worship Lord Shani

GEMINI: This week a sudden decline in health could hamper your day’s work. You’ll be in for a treat, as the stars play you for a fool. An increase in occultism and/ or hidden and mysterious things is indicated. This week younger siblings might have to suffer. Health of your father might decline. Eat healthy food, and abstain from junk foods and packed and frozen items. You are expected to implement gained knowledge and skills in your professional arena. At the familial front, things look a bit bumpy. You’ll be required to spend quality time with family and pay heed to all their needs. Professional associations with foreign lands would reap huge benefits. Your hard work in your vocation would reap you huge profits. An increase in determination but would feel highly impulsive.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although, this Valentine’s week looks swell for you, abstain from taking out your anger on your partner. Married couples are advised not to get mad at their partner and resolve each issue with love and care. Those in love with their colleagues will have a great time. The whole week looks promising for you. 


Remedy: On Wednesdays, float five coconuts in running water.

CANCER: This week you might go on long and beneficial journeys. The stars of your luck are on your side this week. You’ll be able to get your hands on things that you’ve been dreaming of. Siblings will be extra supportive. This week you might indulge in sacred activities. You would enjoy the company of your loved ones this week. Understanding issues and irksome nature might create some problems for you. The week looks great for students and educationists. Career will see new heights in this period. At the domestic front, harmony would prevail and you’ll be able to make the most of this time. Slight increase in aggression is presaged. This week your rivals might try to tarnish your image; Health will improve for the better and you’ll see bright new lights in your pale sky. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks great for you. You might get to spend your valentine's day on a vacation with your lover. Students might propose someone in their class or coaching centre.Although there isn't any risk involved, but you are advised to propose the love of your life with modesty. The beginning of the week might be dull, but as the week comes to an end you’ll feel the warmth of your love increasing. 


Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman.

LEO: This week you might remain confused and in a state of restlessness. You’ll have problems concentrating, due to which some matters might slip out of your hands. Some sacred activity or religious ritual might take place at home this week. You will take your time in processing and understanding every little detail. Spouse might exhibit an egoistic behaviour and would like to dominate the relationship. Your influential nature will make you the belle of the ball, as everywhere you go all eyes will be on you. Due to over sensuality, you might have to face some health issues. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Although this week looks promising for you, you are advised that you stay cautious in your life if you’re not serious about your relationship. If you’re pretty sure about spending the rest of your life with your lover, then time is in your favor. Overall, the whole week looks great for you. 


Remedy: Incorporate Surya Namaskar in your daily regimen

VIRGO: Your decision making prowess will make you land with good results. Due to your patient nature, you’ll be sorted and will take time in coming at conclusions.Marital bond will gain strength and love will be renewed. You would respect your spouse but your spouse might suffer from increased aggression. Your partner would like to have an upper hand always, in every situation, which might lead to some arguments. You would outshine your opponents in this duration. Love affairs will have a great time. Communication would improve in this duration. It’s advised that you express yourself properly in order to avoid misunderstandings. This period might give rise to expenses and you’ll have to keep tabs on them. Income would rise but despite of this you might have to face a money crunch due to over expenditure. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks pretty sweet for you. For those thinking about transforming their relationship into a nuptial bond will see the stars shining bright for them. Although you are advised to stay modest. The beginning of the week might be slow, but by the mid of the week everything will start taking shape. 


Remedy:  Feed black dogs regularly.

LIBRA: This week you might suffer from lethargy. You’ll procrastinate work and will have to be nudged in order to get benefits. You will have a hard time in taking advantage of opportunities. Ample of opportunities will knock at your door, but only with quick wit you could understand them. In this period you’ll have minor health issues but with proper precautions you’ll be able to lift them up. Professional trip to foreign lands might come up. Children might suffer from health issues. Students will find it hard to retain focus on studies. Minor health issues must not be taken lightly, as they might escalate into something big. Do not overlook any symptoms. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks bitter sweet for you. To make it sweet you’ll have to work on putting your ego aside to accommodate your partner’s wishes. Despite of the fact that you know you’re right, sometimes it’s better to keep mum and take the high road. The start of the week looks promising but the mid looks dull, and as the week comes to end, you’ll again be seen in high spirits. 


Remedy: Surprise your spouse with a present.

SCORPIO: This week you might have to face challenges at your vocation. You might face detachment from work in this duration, which might make matters worse for you. Your rivals could be planning to tarnish your image, so make sure that you do not give them any reason to complain about. Abstain from taking shortcuts; some clashes are probable. The time is highly auspicious for love affairs. Clashes in domestic life are high. Those looking to go for a love marriage, might get to do it this week. New beginnings in love relationships are indicated. Students might have to struggle harder to gain success. You might consider repaying an old loan.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: If you’ve been thinking of turning your relationship into a marital bond, then things might just take a turn for the fulfillment of your wish. You need to keep your emotions in check and your modesty intact. The beginning of the week would be great, your partner would be understanding. The mid of the week will be great, but you’ll have to work harder by the week end. 


Remedy: Consume sweets

SAGITTARIUS: This week might give a boost to your solitary attitude. You’ll be exceptionally good at work and will get the praises of all. Relationship with your father will be strenuous. You’ll have to cut him a slack, as all he thinks about is your benefit. Long journeys are on the card for you. Spouse might bring in gains in your life. This week those who’ve been thinking of getting a vehicle might just finally make up their mind. Property related tiffs are highly probable in this period. Marital life might feel unattractive and drab. But try to reignite the spark in your relationship. Siblings might suffer health issues. Domestic life will have mixed results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week would yield you good results in love life. If you’ve been planning to propose your partner at some romantic place, the plan might just actually work out for the both of you. The beginning of the week might turn out to be great for those who’re in love with their colleagues. The mid of the week will be great, but the weekend could turn a little towards dull.


Remedy: Apply Kesar Tilak on your forehead.

CAPRICORN: A sharp decline in health and steep rise in mental agony is indicated. Loss of wealth is predicted for you. You’ll have to keep a close eye on your expenses. You would gain the support of luck gradually which would lead you to professional gains. Intellect would improve your will and would pave the way for future success. Harshness in speech could create troubles in your relationships, so abstain from doing anything or saying anything that you wouldn’t like to hear. This week you would like to spend time on your own in solidarity. A pilgrimage is also a probability. Would gain support and blessings from the elderly. An increase in valor is expected. You would have an upper hand over your rivals and will outshine them. Those associated with sports, restaurant, travel, management and marketing would benefit in this period. Beginning of new relationships is on the cards for some. Exercise restraint and value your love relationship to make it last longer. 

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week looks great for you in love related matters. Although you’ll have to keep a strict eye on your stubborn habits. If you’re in love with a colleague or a neighbour, then chances are that you’ll get great results. The first day of the week looks meek and dull, so refrain from confessing your love on that day. The mid looks dull but by the weekend you’ll get pleasant surprises that’ll brighten your mood. 


Remedy : Wear the roots of Dhatura plant.

AQUARIUS: This week would yield mixed results in general. Your focus would be on increasing your income and accumulating wealth. An increased income might lead to increased expenses which might trouble you mentally. This would make your suffer from stress and anxiety. Marital life would be less satisfying and dull. You’ll need to work a little magic to make it come to life again. Children might suffer from health issues. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher education would succeed in this duration. Exam results would be favourable. A sacred ceremony at home can be expected. You would feel highly inclined towards spirituality. A the familial front, everything will be peachy and perfect. You’ll have a great bonding with everyone. Some benefits from property related matters are expected. Love life would remain pleasant. Your hard work and diligence would yield good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: For those who’ve their partner living away from them, the week looks great. Meeting them would be a piece of cake for you. But for the others the time could prove to be challenging. Those finding love on social media or internet would find this week to be great for them. The weekend looks great for you. 


Remedy: Worship Radha- Krishna and distribute sweetmeats amongst the needy.

PISCES: This week you’ll receive the support of your spouse. They’ll be happy to help you in every way possible. Some monetary gains are possible. You’ll work exceptionally hard in professional arena, that’ll yield you great results. You’ll find peace in giving most of the time at work. This week you will spare quality time to interact with people and develop relations. Siblings will be supportive of you. Love life will have some issues, but with proper care you could throw them off guard. Children might suffer from health issues in this period. Students will find it difficult to focus in academics. Increase in expenses is indicated. Your health might fluctuate in this period.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: If you’re thinking about spending your whole life with your partner, then the week looks amazing for you. Your Valentine’s day would be great if you’re serious about your relationship, but if you’re just passing time then the week looks bleak. The mid of the week requires you to be cautious and the weekend would be great in love matters. 


Remedy: Offer water to Shivling and meditate right in front of it