State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019: Maharashtra And Haryana

Surveying The Maharashtra And Haryana Assembly Elections 2019

The assembly elections in two states of India, Haryana and Maharashtra, have commenced from October 2019. According to the details released by the Election Commission, the people of Maharashtra and Haryana will vote for the 14th State Legislative Assembly on 21 October. The counting of votes will take place 3 days later, i.e., 24 October 2019. Come evening, everyone will know clearly which political party will come into power in these states and who will have to face defeat. 

According to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, the term of the 288-member Maharashtra assembly ends on 9 November, while that of the 90-member Haryana assembly will come to an end on 2 November. Therefore, the elections in both the states will be held on time.

In the 2014 Maharashtra Assembly elections, Congress suffered defeat and the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power with its ally Shiv Sena. As a result, Mr Devendra Fadnavis of the Bharatiya Janata Party became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This year, Congress has tied up with the Nationalist Congress Party or NCP, led by Sharad Pawar. However, it is worth noting that the ED has its eyes set on Sharad Pawar and the noose seems to be tightening as the day passes. 

Coming to Haryana, Bharatiya Janata Party had formed the government last time there as well and did its best in demarcating Congress and the Omprakash Chautala-led-INLD. Presently, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar of BJP is the Chief Minister of Haryana. The Akali Dal of Mr Parkash Singh Badal that supported BJP in the Punjab elections, has decided to contest on its own this time.

This time the Bharatiya Janata Party is ready as a strong contender in the Vidhan Sabha elections and the opposition seems to be divided into different camps. Even Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal has also mentioned about being a part of these elections. 

In such a scenario, the contest will be enthralling because on the one hand, BJP's credibility is at stake and it will try to grab all the seats. On the other is the question that will the divided opposition be able to pose a challenge to BJP by becoming united.

Keeping all these things in mind, we are attempting to find out which party will wear the crown of success in the upcoming assembly elections, and who will have to face defeat. We have taken the help of Vedic astrology to come to a conclusion, and based on the planetary movements and nakshatra, we have uncovered some interesting things, which we are discussing below.

Planetary Transits This October

Venus will make its transit through the zodiac sign Libra on 4 October, which is its own sign. The Sun will also enter the same sign, i.e., Libra on 18 October. Simultaneously, Mercury will remain posited in this sign from the beginning of the month, and will then move on to Scorpio on 23 October. Soon afterwards, Venus will also enter Scorpio on 28 October. 

Let us now use Vedic Astrology to analyze the kundalis of the main parties, BJP and Congress, and take a look at the influence of the planets on them:

Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP: (6-4-1980; 11:40:00; New Delhi)

BJP Natal Chart

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of BJP is Gemini, while its moon sign is Scorpio. 
  • The three major planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in retrograde motion.
  • In the third house of the kundali, i.e., in zodiac sign Leo, the planets Rahu, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are in conjunction.
  • The Shani Sadesati is coming to an end.
  • The lord of the ascendant, Mercury and Ketu are in conjunction in the ninth house. 

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, BJP’s kundali will have:

  • Dasha of Moon-Mars-Moon till 9 October 2019.
  • After this, dasha of Moon-Rahu-Rahu will begin, and persist until 1 January 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, BJP’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will transit to the second house from the natal Moon.
  • Jupiter is already posited in the natal moon sign, and will move towards the second house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the eighth house from the natal Moon.
  • Mars will be posited in the eleventh house from the natal Moon and will exhibit its influence.

BJP’s Performance & Status in The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

At the time of assembly elections 2019 in Maharashtra and Haryana, when they are being held and counted, in the kundali of BJP the major period of Moon and sub-period of Rahu will prevail. Moon is in the Jyeshta nakshatra which is a Gandmool nakshatra. However, the Lord of the Ascendant is Mercury that is posited in the ninth house forming a Raj Yoga, and the Moon is posited in the nakshatra of that very planet Mercury, the Lord of the fourth house and the Ascendant. Rahu is posited in the Magha nakshatra, over which Ketu has lordship, and is forming the Raj Yoga once again, while posited in the ninth house. On the other hand, Rahu is getting influenced while posited with Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. 

In such a situation, it can be said that this election can help BJP achieve success and come into power. Yet, while its ally Shiv Sena will support BJP openly on one hand; on the other, it can also keep certain demands in front of the latter which may cause some problems for BJP. Saturn transiting in the second house from the moon sign and Jupiter already posited there are creating conditions that indicate a return to power for the party, however, they still need to be cautious in certain situations. BJP, with the help of its allies may return to power, yet, there can be a drop in its vote percentage, and they may even lose some seats as compared to previous elections.


Congress: (02-01-1978; 11:59:00; New Delhi)

(Congress Natal Chart)

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of Congress is Pisces, while its moon sign is Virgo. 
  • The three major planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are all in retrograde motion.
  • A combust Venus is posited in the tenth house of Sagittarius, with the Sun.
  • Mars is posited in the fifth house of Cancer, which is its debilitated sign.
  • The conjunction of Rahu and Moon is in the seventh house.

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Congress’s kundali will have:

  • Major period of Jupiter, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub period of Venus, which will persist until 1 January 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Congress’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will transit to the fourth house from the natal Moon, over the natal Sun and Venus.
  • Jupiter will transit from the third house from the natal moon sign, and will move towards the fourth house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the tenth house from the natal Moon, over the natal Jupiter.
  • Mars will be posited in the natal Moon sign and will exhibit its influence.

Congress’s Performance & Status in The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

During the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections, the Congress party will be going through the Major period of Jupiter, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub-period of Venus. Jupiter, lord of the ascendant and tenth house in the kundli, occupies the fourth house and is completely aspecting the tenth house. Simultaneously, Saturn the lord of the eleventh and twelfth houses, is posited in the sixth house; while Venus, the lord of the third and eighth houses, is occupying in the tenth house. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Mars, which is the lord of the ninth house in the kundali and is posited in its exalted sign, in the fifth house.

On the other hand, Saturn is in the nakshatra of Ketu which is in the ascendant, while a combust Venus is posited in the nakshatra of Ketu as well. Due to the transit of Saturn in the fourth house from the natal sign, there is a possibility that Congress may reap some benefits of its manipulation policy. However, its chances of success in forming a government are unlikely. There may be some discord in the party, and some Congress leaders may even join another party. The way the Congress has tried to align with Sharad Pawar's NCP, they may benefit from it in certain ways, yet it seems more unlikely that they will come into power.

Devendra Fadnavis

Many challenges in the assembly elections 2019 may cause obstacles in the path of Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the main contender of BJP-Shiv Sena. Coordinating with the Shiv Sena on the topic of sharing seats will be the first challenge for him. 

Devendra Fadnavis: (22-07-1970; 6:00; Nagpur)

Devendra Fadnavis Birth Chart

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of Devendra Fadnavis is Cancer, while its moon sign is Aquarius. 
  • Mars is posited in the ascendant, its debilitated sign, along with Sun and Mercury.
  • The conjunction of Venus and Ketu is in the second house.
  • Jupiter is posited in the fourth house.
  • The conjunction of the Moon and Rahu is in the eighth house.
  • Saturn is posited in the tenth house of Aries, which is its debilitated sign.

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Devendra Fadnavis’s kundali will have:

  • The Dasha of Mercury-Jupiter-Rahu, which will continue till 12 October.
  • After that, dasha of Mercury-Saturn-Saturn will begin, which will persist until 15 March 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Devendra Fadnavis’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will be posited in the eleventh house from the natal Moon.
  • Jupiter will transit from the tenth house from the natal moon sign, and will move towards the eleventh house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the fifth house from the natal Moon.
  • Mars will be posited in the eighth house from the natal Moon sign.

Kundali Analysis For The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

In the kundali of Mr Devendra Fadnavis, during the assembly elections and when the result will be announced, the major period of Mercury, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub-period of Saturn will prevail. In his birth chart, Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth house, and is posited in the tenth house; while Mercury is the lord of the third and twelfth house, and is occupying the ascendant. The transits of Saturn and Jupiter from the natal moon sign, Aquarius are forming situations that are in his favor.

Devendra Fadnavis will have to make several efforts on a personal level and at the same time will have to make efforts so that his plans and schemes reach the public, effectively. Based on the planetary positions in his birth chart, it can be concluded that the upcoming times will be in his favor and he may be successful in continuing being in power. However, some problems will continue with the allies. In the coming time, when Saturn will transit in January, Shani Sadesati will begin for him. The Sadesati will bring him mental stress as well as some opponents, who may be associated with his allied parties. 

Manohar Lal Khattar: Short Analysis of Name Kundli 

Due to a lack of comprehensive birth details, we cannot discuss the birth chart of the present Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. However, according to his name, the birth chart of zodiac sign Leo forms, where Saturn is transiting in the fifth house and Jupiter in the fourth house. It seems that a lot of people dislike him as Chief Minister, yet he will definitely get the benefit of having BJP in power in the Central Government and the state being close to the Central Government. Thus, there are good chances of him returning to power.


In addition to the aforementioned individuals and parties, we took a look at the other parties including the Aam Aadmi Party, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, and some other major parties and contenders. From all this data, it can be concluded that the present ruling party of Maharashtra and Haryana, the Bharatiya Janata Party may benefit from the fact that the opposition is not united and they may return to power. Despite that, they are still likely to lose some seats and there are also indications that they can come up short on some traditional seats as well. 

Chances are, there will be a decline in the vote percentage for BJP, however, in HAryana specially the impact of BJP in the Central Government will be apparent. Moreover, keeping their recent policies concerning Pakistan in mind it can easily be said that the Bharatiya Janata Party may return to power, yet lose some seats. As a matter of fact, the ruling party will face defeat in some seat quite unexpectedly. 

On the contrary, Sharad Pawar's difficulties may only increase further, and the Congress will also suffer due to its weak strategies.
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Celebrate Holika Dahan and Curb the Effects of Saturn!!

Perform Holika Dahan ceremony as per auspicious muhurat and eliminate all the doshas!

Holika Dahan is the first and most special day which announces the arrival of the festival of colours, Holi. On the Purnima of the month of Phalgun, Holika Dahan is celebrated nationwide. The celebration of Holi begins the very next day which is also known as Dhulendi, Dhulandi and Dhuli in various states of India. This festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil, which is why it is necessary to solemnise the Holika Dahan ceremony according to an auspicious time (muhurat). It is believed that the ceremony’s successful commemoration negates problems and negative influences from one’s life and brings success and prosperity to one’s family. Let us take a glance at the auspicious timing to commemorate Holika Dahan 2019 before discussing its importance and procedures.

Holika Dahan Muhurat 2019
Holika Dahan Muhurat
From 20:58:38 to 24:23:45
Time Period
3 hours 25 minutes
Bhadra Punchha
From 17:34:15  to 18:35:34
Bhadra Mukha
From 18:35:34 to 20:17:45

Important: This muhurat will be effective in New Delhi Only. Know the Holika dahan auspicious muhurat in your city.


The celebration of Holashtak ceremony marks the beginning of Holika Dahan Festival, which is celebrated approximately eight days before the festival of Holi. In the same manner, Holashtak ends with Holika Dahan. Astrologers advise people not to commemorate any holy function such as Griha Pravesh or Housewarming ceremony, Marriage, Mundan during Holashtak as the given period is considered quite inauspicious. It is only after Holika Dahan that this inauspicious period comes to an end.

Phalgun Poornima

Phalgun Poornima is observed after Holashtak ends and falls on the Poornima of the Phalgun month. Just like Holi, Phalgun Poornima holds high religious, social and cultural significance. Therefore, people fast from sunrise till moonrise. Religiously speaking, fasting on this day helps the natives get rid of sufferings and gain the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, Holi is observed on this auspicious date along with Holika Dahan, which is observed the night before.

Importance of Holika Dahan 

  1. According to Hinduism, festivals have religious and mythological importance as every festival grants us knowledge, message and advice. The festival of Holika Dahan also has its own relevance as:
  2. While burning the bonfire meant for Holika Dahan, we burn the vices of the society. It is believed that a person should shed his/her demonic traits and put them in the sacred bonfire to gain purity.
  3. According to the tradition, if the person circumambulates or completes the circle around the sacred bonfire, then he/she is blessed with health, wealth and prosperity.
  4. Through this festival, we express our gratitude towards Lord Agni and welcome the Spring season.

Holi is celebrated a day after the commemoration of Holika Dahan. Get ready to welcome the festival of colours- Holi 2019

Pacify Saturn and Resolve All Your Problems

  • According to Vedic Shastras, if the native offers prayers during the night of Holika Dahan, then the vices (doshas) prevalent in his/her Kundali can be curbed.
  • Offering prayers during the Holika Puja can help the natives get rid of the effects of Shani Dosha and Pitra Dosha.
  • One can eliminate all the doshas by circumambulating across the sacred fire and roasting sugarcane.
  • Circling around the holy bonfire (Holika) can help the natives to get rid of planetary obstructions or Grah Badha.

Remedies To Observe During Holika Dahan

  • It is considered auspicious to complete a circle around the fire of Holika along with family members. Offer gram, peas, wheat and linseed to the fire as this ritual can help one to prosper financially.
  • According to traditions, one should light a lamp of ghee under a Peepal tree and circumambulate around it seven times on the night of Holi. This will negate all the upcoming hurdles in one’s life.
  • The very next day after Holika Dahan, colours should be offered to Gods and Goddesses first and then to each other.
  • Offering camphor to Holika (holy fire) will destroy all the harmful bacteria that live amongst us.
  • Offer some mustard seeds to the holy fire while invoking Goddess Lakshmi so that she offers her blessings to one’s home and family.

According to astrologers, observing these remedies associated with Holika Dahan will eliminate sorrow, pain and ailments from one’s life and success and prosperity will touch his/her feet.

Auspicious Rituals To Follow During Holika Dahan

According to Hindu Shastras, Holika Dahan should be solemnised after sunset (Pradosh Kaal) once the effect of Purnima Tithi becomes powerful. Holika Dahan is considered important for the prevalence of happiness and prosperity in one’s family. Let us read about the initiation of the Holika Dahan ceremony and things to keep in mind during this time.

  • While performing the Holika Dahan ceremony, one should face the north or east direction.
  • In the puja plate, materials like roli (sacred thread), flowers, garlands, raw yarn, turmeric (in non-powdered form), lentils, colours and five types of grain, wheat and a tumbler of water should be kept.
  • It is considered auspicious to circumambulate around the fire of Holika along with one’s family while enfolding raw yarn around it.
  • After performing the necessary rituals, an offering of water should be given to Holika and fire should be lit during Pradosh Kaal (after sunset).
  • The ash of Holika Dahan is considered quite sacred. Applying this ash on your body, the following morning after Holika Dahan will help one to get rid of all ailments and sorrows.

We hope that this article on Holika Dahan/Phalgun Purnima will benefit you. AstroSage offers you best wishes for Holika Dahan and Holi.

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Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi: Fate of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

2019 Lok Sabha Elections- Kundli of Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi predicts the winner!

Political debates have started before the Lok Sabha elections, and with it, there are new speculations about who will emerge as the winner. The general public has brought forward many decisions. Some people are in favour of our current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, while others are talking about giving a chance to the opposition party, Congress. However, the real picture will be clear after the announcement of the election results. Let's know the birth details and astrological chart of these two leaders:


Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: 17 September, 1950

Time of Birth: 11:0:0

Place of Birth: Mehsana

Longitude: 72 E 28

Latitude: 23 N 37

Time Zone: 5.5


Name: Rahul Gandhi

Date of Birth: 18 June, 1970

Time of Birth: 21:52:00

Place of Birth: Delhi

Longitude: 77 E 13

Latitude: 28 N 39

Time Zone: 5.5

Rahul Gandhi and Modi’s Grand Face Off

The two leading political figures competing for the post of Prime Minister are trying their level best to win the confidence of the people. Congress has unofficially named Rahul Gandhi as their candidate and our current prime minister, Narendra Modi will be seen contending against him from Bharatiya Janta Party. On the basis of astrology, we will declare who stands a better chance of achieving victory in the upcoming elections.

The Five Year Record Of Narendra Modi

During Narendra Modi’s five-year-long tenure, the country witnessed many changes. He managed to surprise the general public quite a few times by undertaking measures like demonetisation and application of GST. The dreadful Pulwama attack news has reached the ears of every Indian and caused a terrible wound in our hearts. The Prime Minister’s decision to conduct air and surgical strikes have proved that he will net set his foot back in taking crucial decisions regarding the country. He will not compromise with the country’s pride and security. With these measures, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party are trying diligently to win the general public’s favour to gain victory in the upcoming 2019 elections.

Congress’ Comeback Possible With Rahul Gandhi’s Candidature?

After facing a massive defeat in the 2014 elections, Congress is leaving no stone unturned to come back to power in 2019. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief’s new demeanour, is seen in a new avatar nowadays, channelling the intensity and dedication within him. He has also devoted time in correcting his image nationwide. His dynamism was seen during Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Lok Sabha elections which might have been a reason for Congress’ victory in these states. Even though if Congress achieves victory in 2019 elections, they do not have an official or clear name contesting for the post of Prime Minister. According to probabilities, the party will bring forward Rahul Gandhi’s name only.

What Does The Stars Of Narendra Modi Say During The Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

According to our astrological specialists, sub sub-period of Mars will begin in Prime Minister Modi’s kundali from 26th March 2019 which falls under Moon’s Mahadasha or major period and Venus’ Antardasha or sub period. The Mahadasha and Antardasha of Moon and Venus will remain static after 1st May 2019 as well. However, instead of Mars, Rahu’s sub sub-period will begin and last till 2nd August 2019.

Will Success Touch Modi’s Feet Because Of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga?

In PM NaMo’s Lagna chart, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is forming presently. He will achieve great success in his upcoming life. In his kundali, Moon is in a debilitated but active position, which will help him in tackling his problems. As Moon is the mentor of the mind and in a quite active position in Narendra Modi’s kundali, this will encourage him to take decisions with a stable mind. Many times he has faced criticism for his decisions, but he is capable of handling those difficult times efficiently.

What Does Venus’ Antardasha Says About Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi is undergoing the Antardasha or sub period of Venus. Venus is responsible for the growth of royal and aristocratic qualities in a human being. In Modi’s Kundli, Venus is in the tenth house which is also known as karma bhava (house) or the house of actions. The presence of Venus in this house increases the strength of a person which allows him to give his best in challenging situations. Such people can make great use of their speech skills, and this virtue is present in our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven different stages between the month of April and May. During this period only, PM Modi’s sub sub-period will change from Mars to Rahu.

Effect Of Sub Sub Period On Narendra Modi’s Kundali

In Modi’s Kundli, Mars is getting placed with Moon in the Lagna house, hereby forming a raj yoga. As Mars is placed in Lagna, it is also known as Shashi Mangal Yoga. As this Yoga is forming in the lagna, it will bring positive changes in Narendra Modi’s life. Public will be in his favour, and certain members of opposition can also change their party after being influenced by Modi. He will also solve the differences prevalent in the party during this time.

However, Rahu’s sub sub-period which is starting from 1st May 2019 can become the root cause of blooming differences between party members. It will not have life-changing consequences, and on a more significant note, it will prove to be beneficial for the upcoming elections only.

What Does Rahul Gandhi’s Stars Tell About The Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Rahul Gandhi will undergo the Mahadasha or major period of Mars, Antardasha of Jupiter and sub sub-period of Moon respectively, which will start from 17th March and last till 15th April 2019. From 15th April, he will undergo Mahadasha or major period of Jupiter and antardasha or sub period of Mars along with Partyantardasha or sub sub-period of Mars. From 5th May to 26th June 2019, he will undergo the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mars and Jupiter respectively along with Rahu’s Antardasha.

Presence Of Surya Mangal Angarak Dosh In Kundali Affecting Elections

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, Mars is placed along with Sun in the Lagna house. The conjunction of Sun and Mars is creating Surya Mangal Angarak Dosh, which leads to several obstacles arising in life. This is the reason why many of his party people do not approve of his leadership. Saturn’s aspect on Mars will construct unending hurdles in Rahul Gandhi’s life.

If the Mahadashas or the major periods of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are analysed, then Rahul Gandhi’s Mahadasha appears to be weaker than that of Narendra Modi.

What Does The Sub Period Of Jupiter Say?

The ruler of Rahul Gandhi’s antardasha, i.e. Jupiter, does not seem to be beneficially placed as Saturn is aspecting it and along with Rahu, it is creating Navpancham Yog. Both Saturn and Rahu are harmful to Rahul Gandhi. Because of Saturn’s influence, Rahul Gandhi may not be able to remain active on the political front as expected by the general public. His demeanour might lose grip, which will cause a stir amongst his political peers.

The position of Moon and Rahu will benefit Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s kundali will undergo the sub sub-period of Moon, Mars and Rahu from 17th March to 26th June 2019. Moon is debilitated and placed in the sixth house of kundali which will cause problems in Rahul Gandhi’s life. However, the placement of debilitated planets in the sixth house grinds positive outcomes. As Moon is the determining factor for ‘mother’, Sonia Gandhi will be successful in rescuing Rahul from unfavourable circumstances. Rahul may also succeed in making an important decision with the aid of Sonia Gandhi. Considering his sub sub-period, it would not be wrong to say that Sonia Gandhi can help Rahul in gaining success during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Rahu is placed positively in Rahul Gandhi’s kundli as it is posited in Aquarius zodiac sign. He can earn small victories in the Lok Sabha elections. He will have to work harder in order to increase the success rate. Considering the zest and activeness of Rahul Gandhi in politics these days, it can be said that he is using all his energy and dedication to win the elections.

Yoga Present in Rahul and Modi’s Kundalis

Extremely powerful Shashi Mangal Yoga and Budhaditya Yoga are present in Narendra Modi’s Kundali. Both of them are considered auspicious for the attainment of political success. There is quite a possibility that BJP can form a government this time also, without having to adhere to a coalition. This implies that Narendra Modi can earn a second term to serve as the Prime Minister of India.

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, the presence of Dharam Karam Adhipati Yoga is seen, but Saturn is in a debilitated state which will block his path of prosperity. However, his performance will be better than average in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


It becomes clear after observing the respective birth charts of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi that Narendra Modi may stand a better chance of winning this election than his opponent, Rahul Gandhi. Rahul’s Mahadasha and Antardasha is weaker than that of Prime Minister Modi. The sub sub-period of Rahul Gandhi is good which will bear him good results during elections. On the other hand, the sub sub-period of Narendra Modi is not good, and as a result, he can face a challenge or two during elections. Because of this, he will have to put some extra effort and hard work to gain victory.

Thus, it can be said that the positions of stars indicate the victory of Narendra Modi, whereas Rahul Gandhi will have to depend on his deeds and actions to become the Prime Minister rather than depending on his luck.

We hope that you will like this astrological perspective of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Good luck with your future.
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AstroSage’s First Retail Outlet in Noida Opens Now

AstroSage’s first ever outlet in Noida, Galaxy AstroSage, opens now offering astrological services and products! Apart from establishing a dominating online presence, AstroSage will now embark on a new journey in the retail sector through Galaxy AstroSage.

The world’s #1 Astrology portal, AstroSage is gearing up to disrupt yet another vertical. It has entered into brick-and-mortar business with its new retail outlet “Galaxy AstroSage”. It has added another feather in its cap and is all set to shine bright. Inaugurated by the Minister for Culture Dr. Mahesh Sharma, this outlet aims at catering the astrological and religious needs of people.

Galaxy AstroSage: What To Expect?

The store offers astrological consultations, puja, rituals like havan, along with products such as Gemstones, Yantras, Rudraksha, Mala, Feng Shui, and Vastu. According to Mr. Punit Pandey, it will prove to be a one stop solution for everything related to astrology, religion, and spirituality. It will make the whole process easier and enable the people to take a closer look into the world of astrology.

It sounds easy to directly pay a quick visit to the outlet for reliable solutions rather than scrolling on the internet. Here, you will be provided with well-analysed results and offered various products to cure malefic astrological effects of planets, houses or nakshatras. It's much more feasible to establish a interpersonal relationship so as to understand the concerns closely and suggest best-quality products.

Ruling the Retail Sector @ Galaxy AstroSage

Explaining the rationale, AstroSage’s founder Punit Pandey says, “We are planning to open 50 such outlets all across India till the end of 2019. It’s a $30 billion market and is still unorganized. Being the biggest player, it is a logical next step for us to organize the market and harness this untapped opportunity.”

Minister for Culture Dr. Mahesh Sharma praised this initiative and congratulated AstroSage team.

DD Tiwari, AstroSage’s Chief of Retail, sheds more light, “We’re already the biggest astrology website. Also, we have recently crossed 15 million downloads in Android organically. But, India is a huge country and there are people who cannot be touched just by staying online. This retail chain would be within arm’s reach for those who want to see things themselves before doling out their hard earned money. Galaxy AstroSage is definitely going to be the engine of growth in a market like India for startup ecosystem.”

We hope that you’ll like this initiative taken by AstroSage and it proves to be useful to you. Thank you for the love and support!

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What is Shani Sade Sati: Significance & Remedies

Read effects and fid accurate measures! Find out what is Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya and how it impacts human life, as well as measures related to it.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें!

People get fearful when they hear about Sade Sati of Shani and Dhaiya. Due to Saturn being tagged as a cruel planet in Vedic astrology, people have a belief that it brings pain, but it is not the case. Lord Shani is hailed as the Punisher or Penitent, which is why he is also called as the Justice-loving Judge in Kaliyug. He churns out the fruit of every action, good or bad, done by a native in this world. Shani has no claim to position, status and prestige, as it doesn’t matter to him. He punishes every person equally and gives out justice.

Saturn is pleased when a person asks for forgiveness for his crimes and becomes determined to do good deeds. At the same time, Saturn is very cruel when it comes to punishing a man for his sins. Because when Shani punishes, he deprives one of wealth, honor, prestige and all amenities.

Shani Sade Sati

Sade Sati means seven and a half years. All Navagrahas transit in 12 zodiac signs. The journey period of planets in a zodiac sign is different. Among them, Saturn's duration is the highest, because it transits for about two and a half years in a zodiac sign. When it makes a transit from birth moon sign from twelfth house, rising phase of Shani Sade Sati begins. When it transits over the birth moon sign, peak phase of Shani Sade Sati remains. Now, when it enters in the second house from moon sign, setting phase of Shani Sade Sati begins. When it gets out from this house, Shani Sade Sati ends.

As Shani remains in a zodiac sign for about 2.5 years, so its journey in these three houses adds up to 7.5 years. That is why it is called Sade Sati. apart from that, when Shani enters in fourth and eighth house from birth moon sign, it is called Dhaiya or CHoti Sade Sati. its duration is 2.5 years. 

Remedies for Shani Sade Sati

The simplest way to avoid the inauspicious effects of Shani Sade Sati is by performing auspicious deeds and repenting for all bad deeds ever done. Apart from this, religious and Vedic remedies can also be carried out to avoid such malefic effects.

  • To appease Lord Shani, worship him on Saturday. Along with that, offer food made in Sarso or Mustard oil to poor, needy, labour and dog.
  • Use mustard oil, black salt, surma, camphor (kapoor), kajal made by camphor, black sesame, black urad, iron nails, perfumes etc. when worshipping Shani Dev and donate them as well.
  • To get the blessings of Shani Dev, it is beneficial to read Shani Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa or Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra on every Saturday.
  • Pour mustard oil in an iron vessel, see your reflection in it and donate the vessel. It is called Chaya Patra Daan.
  • Donation of items related to Saturn planet should be done in Saturn's Hora and Saturn's nakshatras (Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada) on Saturday at noon or in the evening.
  • Respect your maternal uncle and the elderly people. Always keep your employees or servants happy.
  • Chant the Shani Beej Mantra for getting rid of Shani Dosha. Mantra - “ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः / oṃ prāṃ prīṃ prauṃ saḥ śanaiścarāya namaḥ”.
  • To please Saturn, you can also chant this mantra - "ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः/oṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya namaḥ”.
In Vedic astrology, Saturn has been called a cruel planet, but it is your friend, not your enemy. He rolls out the fruits of every deed in a justified manner. Hereby, if you want to avoid its malefic effects, do good deeds and think positively. 

We hope that you like this article based on Shani Sade Sati. AstroSage wishes you a good and bright future!
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Shani Report: Resolve Shani Related Problems Easily!

Get rid of Shani related troubles! This reliable report based on your birth chart will describe about the effects of Saturn on your life as well as solutions for the problems.

Unable to attain success in job? Constantly struggling to make your mark, but failing in doing so? Are your expenses high while income is low? If you’re facing such circumstances, then you are surely suffering from the malefic effects of Saturn.

The wrath of Saturn often leads to problems in life. At the same time, by the grace of Shani Dev, a person reaches the heights of success and royalty. Shani Sade Sati, Dhaiya, Panoti and Transit brings in major transformations and changes in one’s life. During such times, if Saturn is not posited correctly in a horoscope, the native might face sufferings, diseases and sorrows. So, Shani Report has been specially prepared to provide prevention and remedies in order to get rid of such troubles.

In this report, you will read about the impact of Saturn on your job, business, education, economic status, marital life and health, according to its position in your birth chart, as well as the time and effects of Shani Sade Sati, results of Shani Dasha and effects of Saturn Transit on your life.

Features of Shani Report

Kundli based Predictions- This is a Kundli based personal report. So, all the effects of Saturn on your life have been analyzed accurately. Additionally, all the predictions provided are based on the position of Saturn in your birth chart.

Predictions for Job, Business, Wealth- Aspects such as Job, Business, Financial Conditions, Marital Life and Education are important for every person. Therefore, this report has given precise predictions on all these matters.

Effects & Results of Shani Sade Sati- Often people are afraid to hear the occurrence of Sade Sati, but there aren’t always unfavourable outcomes. This event stretches up to seven and a half years, has three phases and deliver different results in every phase. This report provides exact time of Sade Sati occurrence, sequential effects and outcomes according to every phase and necessary remedies.

Effects of Shani Mahadasha and Antardasha- Mahadasha and Antardasha denotes the time period when Shani directly affects a native’s life. During this period, Saturn influences one’s life in both positive and negative ways. This report mentions the beginning and end period of Shani Mahadasha and Antardasha as well as measures to be followed in order to avoid the unfavourable effects of Lord Shani and gain auspicious results.

Do’s & Don’ts- Any native blessed by Lord Shani lives a luxurious life. On the other hand, malefic effects of Shani leads to constant failure despite struggles to achieve success. Hereby, it is necessary to avoid inauspicious effects of Saturn and achieve favorable results through necessary astrological measures. All these measures have been mentioned in this report, following which you can get salvation from all the sufferings casted by Shani.

Overall, Shani Report provides a complete diagnosis of all problems related to Planet Saturn. After the huge success of Raj Yoga Report, Big Horoscope, Trikal Samhita and Year Book, AstroSage has provided yet another reliable and trustworthy report called Shani Report.
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Palmistry: Discover the Health Secrets of Your Life

Know secrets to your health on your Palm lines! With the help of Palmistry, know what is there on your palms that unveils all the things that you want to know about your health.

Big Horoscope - Key To Your Bright Destiny

Palmistry or Palm reading, also known as Hast Rekha Vigyan in Hindi, is a gift of Indian Culture and Heritage. It has evolved from Samudrika Shastra, an ancient scripture to study Human body analysis. Palmistry is all about studying special signs and lines formed on palm and fingers. One can retrieve information about one’s past, present and future through palm reading. 
According to Hast Rekha Vigyan, it is believed that planets reside in different areas of the palm. By analysing the signs formed on them, good or bad times are identified. Primarily, life line, heart line, mind line, fate line and marriage line are found on one’s palm. Health line is also one of them, though, it is generally not found on everyone’s palm. However, it is not a bad thing if a line is not present on your hand, i.e. if health line is not there on your palm, you don’t have to worry about it.

Health Line

Information about one’s health can be obtained by analysing the health Line on their palm. Also, what diseases might occur to them can also be known through palm reading. For those people who don’t have health line on their hand, they can also acquire health related information with the help of other signs and lines on their hand.

Line extended from Venus mount (the base of palm) to Mercury mount (below little finger) is the Health line of a person. With the help of this line, one can learn about their health and energy, and also about their stomach and liver health. Health line can emerge on any place on the base of palm, and on the basis of that, information about the health of a person is obtained. Furthermore, it provides more auspicious results, if located on a distance from Life line or Fate line.

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Know Your Health With Health Line

A person with a thick and clear Health line has a good digestive system. Such people are internally very strong and have firm immunity to fight diseases. They also have good memory and mental strength.

If the Health line is being intersected by criss - crossed lines on one’s palm, health issues occur as they age. If the line is chained, a person suffers from stomach related issues. If there is an island on the line over Mercury mount, it may cause serious problems and might lead to intestines related diseases.

If Health line on Mercury mount is wavy, such individuals may have problems related to Liver or Gallbladder. Also, diseases like malaria, fever or jaundice may affect their health. If the line is more yellowish, it means that a person has high chances of contracting jaundice or venereal diseases.

If a person's health line is clean, but Life line is thin, crossed or cut at some place, this indicates improvement in health. Similarly, if Head line is weak and health line is strong, this also imply positive results for mind related problems. However, its opposite signifies poor health, especially problems related to head and stomach may increase.

In the same manner, if a person’s Heart line is clean, but Health line is crossed or cut, this means that they may suffer from heart and liver problems. However, its opposite hints towards improvement in such problems.

In Palmistry, different planets are associated with the lines on your hand. You can also find about how your health will be in future or what diseases may affect you later by analysing their position on your palm. Let’s take a look at what health issues may arise from different signs, lines or symbols:
  • A cross sign on Health line means that a person may suffer from indigestion.
  • If there is a triangle on the line over Mercury mount, it indicate perfect health.
  • If Mars mount has more lines on it, there are chances of stomach or blood related ailments.
  • If lines emerging from Mercury mount reach Saturn mount while intersecting Life line, a person might suffer from an injury or accident.
  • If lines emerging from Mercury mount reach Saturn mount while crossing Head line and Life line, there are increased chances of catching grave diseases.
  • If upward Mars mount has a Mole on it, a person may suffer from eye problems.
  • If Head line reaches Moon mount and is slimmer than other lines, high blood pressure or stomach issues are likely.
  • If Saturn mount has cut or crossed lines on it, diseases related to teeth like Pyoria or gas related problems may occur.
  • If chained lines are present on Saturn mount and more lines are there on Mars mount, a person may suffer from Arthritis problem.
  • Cross sign on Mars mount may cause Piles problem. If the same sign is also on Saturn mount, it might add to your health problems.
  • If Life line and Head line are meeting with each other and Jupiter mount is developing, a person may have throat problems.
  • If Star symbol is on Health line of your palm, it might create problems with childbirth.
  • If both Head line and Health line are clean to read, it indicates that a person has good memory.
  • If multiple lines emerge upwards from Health line, people with such lines enjoys good health and well-being. However, if these lines are in downward direction, a person suffers from health problem.

  • If a woman’s Life line is cut or crossed, she is more likely to have menstrual and Uterus related issues.
  • Cross sign on Saturn mount may lead to problems like accident during a fight or dispute, mental illness or infertility. A web symbol composed of many short lines on the mount increases suicidal tendencies in a person. Furthermore, if there is a circle symbol on this mount, there are increased chances of pain from poison or snake bites.
  • Web symbol of small lines on Apollo (Sun) mount offers mental development as well as defamation.
  • Star symbol on Mercury mount represents good health. On the other hand, cross sign on the mount indicates skin diseases. Webbed lines or mole can also cause skin related problems. Island on this mount is a bad omen for health, but if there is a circle symbol on it, that means a person has a long life.
  • Cross sign on Moon mount indicates danger from water or unknown, or urinary related diseases.
  • Web of small lines on Moon mount may cause Epilepsy or arise suicidal tendency, fear and pessimism in a person.
  • Circle over Moon mount on the palm causes cough related health issues, whereas island symbol on it gives birth to problems such as Psychopathy or mental illness, sleep walking, depression, etc.
  • Cross on the mount of Mars signifies physical injury, whereas web symbol of multiple short lines indicates mental illness and suicide tendencies. Furthermore, Mole symbol on Mars mount causes problems such as irregular blood pressure, physical disability, injury during a fight, etc.
  • Symbols on the mount of Venus give birth to various health issues like cross causes venereal diseases, webbed lines lead to health declinition, Mole indicates Gonorrhea, venereal diseases, danger from water; Circle causes physical disability due to an accident, Venus related diseases or chronic issues.
  • Cross sign over the mount of Rahu on your palm causes long - term diseases, webbed symbol gives birth to madness, mental illness or hallucinations. Mole symbol on this mount leads to blood disorder in a person.
  • Symbols on Ketu mount such as Cross creates health problems in childhood, web symbol causes different types of diseases, Mole represents Smallpox whereas Island indicates physical weakness and diseases.
  • Overly developed Jupiter mount on your palm may result in fat related problems. Health ailments like indigestion and diabetes also occur due to the inauspiciousness of the mount of Jupiter. Apart from this, the problem of swelling in one’s body can also be assessed with the help of this planet mount.
  • If your nails are clean and clear, it represents good health.
  • If Saturn mount is underdeveloped and the mount of Jupiter is also not elevated, a person may suffer from health issues such as arthritis, joints pain or gas problems.

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Thus, from the above information on Palmistry, you can gain insight on various types of health diseases. Furthermore, by acknowledging them, you can also employ the required remedies necessary to prevent them. We hope that this article based on Palmistry from AstroSage will prove to be helpful for you.
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India Vs Australia - What Do The Stars Say About Winner?

The exciting semi final match between India and Australia will happen today. All the eyes are set on this match, as winning it is an entry into ‘world cup 2015’ final. “Acharya Raman” is all set to let you know which team will cheer and which will cry. 

World cup frenzy is at its peak and we have the last semi final ahead of us in which India will be playing against Australia. As always, I will try to find the winner with the help of KP System. The result lies with god and we as astrologers can only try to know what’s hidden in the future – which may or may not be true.

Date: 24:03:2015
Time: 10:34:05
Place: New delhi
KP Horary number: 233

Now let us analyze the data.

Ascendant Sub lord: It is Mercury. It is in star of Jupiter and sub of Saturn. Both the planets are retrograde.

  • 6th cusp sub lord: It is Saturn in own star and in sub of Sun
  • 11th cusp sub lord: It is Rahu in star of Moon and sub of Saturn 

On the onset itself, KP astrologers will see that this team is going to lose, but let us also see the condition of the opponent.

Ascendant sub lord: It is again Mercury in star of Jupiter and sub of Saturn. Both are retrograde.

  • 6th cusp sub lord: It is Saturn in own star and sub of Sun 
  • 11th cusp sub lord: It is Moon in star of Sun and sub of Jupiter 

Moon at this time is in Sun star and Jupiter sub.

Let us see the houses signified by these planets:

Planetary House Signification

Planet     House 

Sun        1 8 12

Moon       1 2 6

Mars       1 2 9

Mercury    1 4 5 7 10 11 12 

Jupiter    4 5 7 10 11 12

Venus      2 3 8 

Saturn     8 12

Rahu       2 6 7 

Ketu       1 8 12

A planet signifies various houses in the order of strength as follows -

Level 1- House occupied by the star lord of the planet
Level 2- House occupied by the planet itself
Level 3- Houses owned by the star lord of the planet
Level 4- Houses owned by the planet itself

As this signification is in the order of strength, signification at level 1 is more powerful than signification at level 2. Signification at level 2 is more powerful than signification at level 3 and so on. Level 1 to 4 is usually mentioned as grade A to E significators.

For India, the houses signified are -

(1) 5,12,1,10,11,4,7

(2) 8,12

(3) 2,6,7

For Australia the houses are -

(1) 11,6,7,4,5,10,1

(2) 2,6

(3) 8,12,7

As esteemed readers can see, it is going to be anybody's match on that day. There is no clear signification even from the sub-sub’s of the cusps. But, it seems that the match will tilt in favor of India finally and we will win this match. Best wishes to both the teams.

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Saturn’s Eye On Navsamvat 2072 - Know How It Will Affect You

Vikram Samvatsar 2072 has begun. Do you know that Lord Saturn will rule all the zodiac signs this year? Will you be able to stay at bay from the wrath of Saturn? Don’t worry. We will tell you how Saturn’s aspect will affect you. But, let’s first know what is this Vikram Samvatsar 2072.

Saturn will affect you in this Hindu New Year 2072.

Vikram Samvatsar 2072 is beginning from March 21, 2015. The Vikram Samvat is quite old. Emperor Vikramaditya is considered as the inspiration for Vikram Samvat. The name of Samvatsar 2072 is Keelak. In the cabinet of planets, Saturn is posited as King and minister is Mars this year.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Saturn is considered as the Lord of Justice. It means that matters related to corruption and crime will get stricter. As Mars is the ministers, reach of law will increase to all the hidden corners. Due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, this is year is comparatively very much interesting.

Let’s now know if Saturn will bless you or curse you this year.

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Hindu Calendar 2072 Monthly Effects As Per Astrology

These predictions are based on the months of Hindu Calendar.

Chaitra (Mar 6 - Apr 4)

Heavy rains are possible this month, which might give you some difficulty. Inflation in eatables are also possible. It might be a tough time for youngsters.

Vaishakh (Apr 5 - May 4)

This month might come with the troubles for businessmen. Inflation is expected due to lesser rain. Liquid stuff such as milk, purified butter, etc. might get cheaper.

Jyeshtha (May 5 - Jun 2)

Some areas of South India might get adversely affected during this month. Clothes, etc. might get expensive. Pain in joints might give some trouble.

First Half Of Ashadha (Jun 3 - Jun 16)

Heavy rains during this time might adversely affect economy. Natural calamities might make the life difficult. Diseases might increase.

Second Half Of Ashadha (Jun 17 - Jul 31)

There might be heavy rains in some regions and on the contrary, drought is expected in some other regions. Prices of eatables might go up and down.

Shravan (Aug 1 - Aug 29)

Farmers might get troubled due to heavy rains or drought. Political parties might cause some serious ups and downs in the system of our nation. Businessmen might face a tough time.

Bhadrapada (Aug 30 - Sep 28)

Grains might get expensive due to heavy rain. Animals might face a troublesome time. Fear and restlessness might stay in your mind.

Ashvin (Sep 29 - Oct 27)

Things might get expensive due to lack of rain. Natural calamities might trouble people. A tough time might come for artistic people.

Kartik (Oct 28 - Nov 25)

Inflation may increase. Drought at some place might cause troubles. Fear and restlessness might keep you troubled.

Margshirsha (Nov 26 - Dec 25)

Inflation due to heavy rain might make you cry. Time is not very positive for businessmen. Animals might also face a difficult time.

Paush (Dec 26 - Jan 24)

Businessmen might face monetary losses. People will experience bliss and happiness during this month.

Magha (Jan 25 - Feb 22)

Prices of common eatables will go down. People relation to politics or administration might face some losses. Grains might go into losses.

Phalgun (Feb 23 - Mar 23)

It might be a tough time for businessmen and politicians. Common people will face a mixed time.

Chaitra (Mar 24 - Apr 22)

Liquid stuff will get cheaper. People will experience bliss. Animals might face some diseases.

Protect Yourself & Get Saturn’s Blessings

The boon of Saturn, the King of Samvat 2072, is enough to make you the King or the beggar. So, we will now tell you some simple remedies, so that Lord Saturn keep his good blessings and a caring hand over you. Read this little piece of information now to know those 5 simple remedies - 5 Tips To Ward Off Saturn’s Malefic Effects That You Must Know

Apart from this, you may wear Neelam (blue sapphire) to impress Lord Saturn. If Neelam is too expensive for you, wear Amethyst or Gun Metal.

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In Vikram Samvatsar 2072, if you will perform these remedies with full faith and devotion, you will get good blessings of King Saturn rather than curse. We hope that you will try these tips and your life will be full of happiness. Please hit like and share to spread the word. Have an auspicious year ahead!

We wish a wonderful Hindu New Year 2072!

Event of the Day!

Today is the festival of Gauri Puja or Gangaur. The festival is dedicated to Maa Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Unmarried ladies worship the goddess for getting a husband of their choice and married ladies for a happy married life.

Panchak, the inauspicious period of five days, is coming to an end today. Auspicious deeds like marriages and Mundan cannot be performed during this duration, but house warming ceremony, Bhumi Pujan can be done.

Today is Matsya Jayanti. Matsya was the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he took birth on earth on this day.

Today is Jhulelal Jayanti. The festival is celebrated by Sindhi community to celebrate the birth anniversary of saint Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal.

Have a great day!

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5 Tips To Ward Off Saturn’s Malefic Effects That You Must Know

Do your efforts fail at the last moment? Are you not getting success inspite of putting all that hard work? Financial crisis remain in your life? Is health also giving troubles? If yes, it is quite possible that you might be suffering the malefic effects of retrograde Saturn’s aspect. Know 5 simple tips now to stay shielded from the wrath of Saturn; and get success all around.

Discover the 5 tips to protect yourself from Saturn’s malefic effects.
Mythological texts provide numerous examples of Lord Saturn’s wrath. It is said that Ravana captured all the planets and locked them into the most auspicious house, i.e. eleventh house in the birth-chart (Kundli) of Meghanada, his son. However, even the conqueror of 3 worlds, Ravana couldn’t cease the steps of Saturn. Lord Saturn gradually stepped into the troublesome twelfth house. Due to this, the unconquerable Meghanada had to taste defeat and die.

As per Vedic astrology, Saturn gives different results in different houses. Saturn is popularly known as the son of Sun. Beliefs say that Saturn has the power to turn a king into a beggar and vice versa. Let us unveil those 5 secrets that can calm down Saturn’s wrath and help in fetching his blessings.

1. Recitation Of Hanuman Chalisa

Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa is the best way to safeguard ourselves from the anger of Lord Shani (Shani is the Hindu name for Saturn). If you are going through Dhaiya (2 and a half years period of Saturn) or Sade Sati (7 and a half years period of Saturn) and have become the victim of malefic effects of Saturn, Hanuman Chalisa is definitely the remedy for you. Beliefs has it that Lord Hanuman got Lord Shani freed from the confinement of Dashgreeva. It is also believed that during Kalyuga, egoistic Lord Shani once approached Lord Hanuman and said, “You saved me from Treta definitely, but now it is Kali Kaal. I have to perform my duty. Hence, from today, Sade Sati is beginning on you. I am coming over you.” Lord Shani sat on Hanuman’s head while saying this, which led to itching on the head. To get relief from it, he (Lord Hanuman) kept a huge mountain over his head. Shani Dev got crushed beneath it and started screaming “Traahi maam traahi maam” (save me, save me). He apologized to Lord Hanuman and promised that he will neither disturb the lord nor his devotees. Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most prestigious Stotra of Lord Hanuman and is extremely powerful. Recitation of it frees one from all the miseries of life. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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2. Chanting Shani Mantra

It is believed Mantras are so powerful that it they can bring a dead person to life. Every god/goddess has their own Mantra. Chanting these Mantras in the right way is the easiest way to please that concerned deity. Chanting below mentioned Shani Mantra 19,000 times in the period of 40 days is very effective to get relief from Sade Sati - 

“Om Paraam Pareem Paron Seh Shanichray Namah” (ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनिश्चराय नमः)

The power embedded deeply into the Beej words of Shani Mantra demolishes the negative impact of Dhaiya and Sade Sati. All of us should take benefit from this Mantra. Other than this, Shani Stotra by Dasharatha is also one of the ways to get shielded from adverse effects of Saturn. 

Are you going through Sade Sati? Discover now - Sade Sati Calculator

3. Donation Of Til, Oil and Chhaya Paatra

Til, oil, and Chhaya Paatra are beloved items of Lord Shani. Charity of these things is the prominent remedy to pacify Saturn’s malefic effects. As per beliefs, donating these things are the way to get relief from sufferings given by Shani Dev. The remedy of donating Chhaya Paatra is very easy. Take mustard oil in a mud vessel. See reflection of your face in it and then donate it. Doing so will not only remove ill-effects of Saturn, but will help on seeking his blessings. 

4. Wear Dhatura Root

Vedic astrology provides remedies to pacify planets using different roots. Some astrologers believe that wearing gemstones might harm, but no harm is caused by roots (Jadis). While gemstones increase the power of planets, roots divert the energy of planets in positive direction. To please Shani Dev and fetch his blessings, wearing root of Dhatura is suggested in mythological texts. A small piece of it’s root could be worn around neck or hand after wrapping. Doing so will bestow you with Saturn’s energy in positive way and you will soon feel the difference. 

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5. Wear Saat Mukhi Rudraksha

Just like roots, Rudraksha is also known as the remedy against Saturn. Wearing Saat Mukhi Rudraksha not only pleases Lord Shiva, but also fetches blessings of Shani Dev. According to mythology, Saat Mukhi Rudraksha maintains financial bliss in family and Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi keeps her blessings shining. It also helps in fighting against health issues. Wearing this Rudraksha on Monday or Saturday after bathing with Gangajal (Holy water of Ganga) helps in overcoming troubles related to Saturn. Also, it bestows with property. 

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Remedies given here are easy to apply and show effects in minimum time. If these remedies are followed with pure heart & soul, we can protect ourselves from retrograde aspect of Shani Dev and get his blessings. According to Numerology, Saturn is affecting year 2015 most. Hence, these remedies are even more important this year. Implement these easy remedies and bring bliss in your life with the blessings of Lord Shani.

Event Of The Day!

Today is the festival of Sheetla Ashtami or Basoda. People consume Basi or stale food on this day and worship Maa Sheetla for their well-being and preventing diseases like chicken-pox, measles and small-pox.

Have a great day!

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