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Monday, March 10, 2014

Beat Those Expensive Skin Cosmetics With Yoga

Want a skin that is beautiful, supple, and glowing naturally? Obviously you do, but how without those expensive skin treatments and products? Well, here is the answer-Yoga. Try these 5 Yoga Asanas for that naturally flawless skin.

Yoga can help one to attain a glowing skin

The first step toward a healthy body is a healthy skin. In today’s busy life, none of us has time to give our skin the care and attention it needs. We all want to look good and beautiful naturally, but most of us fail to achieve this. Here, in this article, we have tried to explain some outstanding Yoga poses that will increase the flow of oxygenated blood in your skin, making you look young & beautiful naturally. Let’s begin this journey with these easy to follow Yoga postures.

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Practice Paschimottanasana for a healthy skin
Why practice Paschimottanasana?

This is a form of Yoga which facilitates the supply of blood to the face. 

How to practice?

On the floor, sit comfortably with your legs stretched out. Now, hold the toe with index finger and thumb. Exhale and gently bend in forward direction, trying to touch your forehead over knees. Make sure that your elbows are touching the floor. Do not inhale. Stay in this pose for some time. Inhale while coming back to the sitting position. 

Do not practice, if: suffering from back pain or spine related problems.


Get flawless skin with Matsyasana
Why practice Matsyasana?

To relax the facial muscles by allowing controlled flow of blood to the face. 

How to practice?

Lie flat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Straighten your legs and keep your arms on either side. Slightly raise your hips (one at a time) and place hands under each hip. Now, bend your elbows and push upper body off the floor, while exhaling. Make sure to raise your chest only, inclining head backwards. Stay in this position for some time. Inhale while resting back. 

Do not practice, if: suffering from high blood pressure and neck & back pain. 

Click here to know all about Kapalbhati Pranayama


 For a beautiful skin practice Halasana Why practice Halasana?

For proper blood supply to your face and head. 

How to practice?

Lie flat with feet flat on the floor. Place your arms on either sides and bend your knees, making your feet lie flat on the floor. Slowly raise your legs from hips and place hand on your hips while raising them. Now, try to reach the back of your head with toes by bending your legs. Your hands should lie straight on either sides. Exhale while going upwards. Gently come down to return to the lying position by rolling your back on the floor. Inhale while doing so. 

Do not practice, if: Suffering from hypertension, diarrhoea, liver problems, neck injury, and spleen disorders.


Pranayama can help you get a perfect skinWhy practice Pranayama?

To improve blood circulation and de-stress yourself.

How to practice?

Sit on the floor with crossed legs. Align your back straight, keeping chin parallel to the floor. Keep your hands on knees. Your palms should face upwards. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply and hold breath for few seconds. Now, slowly exhale. Repeat the same step approximately ten times. In the end, rub your palms together and place them on your eyes. Open your eyes slowly. 


With Savasana get your body the needed rest.Savasana is done in the end to relax the body. During this form of Yoga, you have to lie down comfortably with eyes closed. During Savasana, focus on your nose while observing breathing process. 

With these easy steps, you can get a glowing skin, you ever wanted. In place of those useless cosmetics and procedures, why not give Yoga a chance?? 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Yoga: The Origin And Significance

Everyone knows about Yoga, but very less knows about its origin. You must be curious to learn all about Yoga. Here we are providing the answer to your question. Read this article to know about the Origin Of Yoga.

Yoga is a word which describes the union of individual with the universal spirit.

Yoga is a very popular practice today, but how many of you knows about its origin? Here we are going to tell you about Yoga and its Origin. First of all you should know about the meaning of Yoga.

The Meaning Of Yoga

The word Yoga has come from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means ‘union’. Thats how Yoga is said to be the union of an individual and the universal spirit. Yoga is mediator to achieve the peace and tranquility. It is spiritual, mental and physical practice to get peace of mind. 

When one’s spirit unites with the cosmic consciousness, then only it can attain the state of peace in its life. One another meaning of Yoga is ‘connection’, the connection of one’s soul and the supreme soul. Yoga lets you learn about your soul and its peace. It is the path to achieve the goal of Moksha (liberation).

The Origin Of Yoga

Yoga was found during the excavation of Indus Valley Civilisation.India is known to be the place, where Yoga evolved and ‘Sat Yuga’ is said to be the time of its origin. The discovery of Indus Valley Civilisation unfolded so many stories about the old age of India. Yoga was also discovered at that time. Many sculptures found during the excavation of Indus Valley portrayed different poses of Yoga. 

Bhagvat Geeta shows the evidence of Yogic practices at the time of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna had talked about Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Gautam Buddha is also said to start Yoga as a practice all over. Gautam Buddha used to sit in the posture of Yoga. Meditation was one of his daily activities. 

Yoga flourished at the time when spirituality was all around and everlasting peace was in the atmosphere.

The Significance Of Yoga

As we talked above, the main goal of Yoga is liberation (Moksha). The practice of Yoga makes an individual peaceful and happy. A healthy body and mind gives happiness to every person. Yoga is the practice in which health and peace is what is desired for a human.

There are eight limbs of Yoga. Let’s talk about them one by one:

Eight Limbs Of Yoga


  • Nonviolence (Ahimsa)
  • Truthfulness (Satya)
  • Non Lust (Asteya)
  • Non Stealing (Brahmacharya)
  • Non Covetousness (Aparigraha)


  • Cleanliness (Saucha)
  • Contentment (Santosha)
  • Sustained Practice (Tapas)
  • Self Study (Svadhyaya)
  • Surrender To God (Isvara pranidhana)

Asanas are certain postures which keeps your body and mind healthy.

Following the exercises related to breathing process are called Pranayama.

Pratyahara means to leave the distraction of exterior World. 

Concentrating over the practices and no distraction from the existing atmosphere is called Dharana.

If one follows Dharana then the next step becomes Dhyana i.e Meditation.

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Samadhi is the next level to Dhyana. Meditation and concentration takes one’s soul to meet the super soul.

Yoga And Modern Era

If we talk about the world today, we all are in rush for success and happiness which ultimately takes our life away. Yoga is a practice which gives you health and happiness both and if these things are there in your life wealth will also follow you. 

So practice Yoga and achieve the goal of peace. We hope that this article about the origin of Yoga is helpful to you. For more such information stay tuned with

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trim Your Belly Instantly

Are crash diets and intense workouts helping you in no way? Are you fed up of following the strict fitness regime? Well, no need to stress yourself anymore. In today’s article, we bring to you some easy exercise steps which will help you to tone your belly and trim your waist.

Yoga to reduce the belly fat

We all have that dream of flaunting a toned and slim belly, but most of us are not that lucky. If your existing daily routine and gym exercises have given you zero results then you need to bring a change in your schedule. Want to know how? Here are some easy tips:

Cat Cow Pose (Marjarasana)

 Tone your abdominal muscles with cat cow pose

Cat Cow is performed with hands and knees directly under the shoulders and hips, respectively. Make sure that your spine is straight and neck is in neutral position. Now, inhale and drop the belly while lifting the neck gazing toward the ceiling. Now, exhale and rest the tops of your feet on the mat. Round your back while dropping you head toward the belly button. Repeat similar steps at least 5 times.

Why Practice Marjarasana?

  • To tone abdominal muscles
  • To enhance flexibility of spine

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Prevent troubles related to backache with cobra pose

To start cobra pose, lie on your stomach and place your forehead on the mat. Hands should be under the shoulders. Now, with the help of your back and belly muscles, raise your upper body. Keep your head up and elongate your neck, looking at the ceiling. Now, lift your hip to about 2-3 inches off the mat and hold hold the position for a few seconds.

Why Practice Bhujangasana?

  • To trim abdominal muscles
  • To get relief from backache
  • To maintain the strength and elasticity of dorsal spine

Shed those extra kilos with these 7 steps - 7 Yoga Tips To Burn Fats

Boat Pose (Navasana)

Strengthen your thighs and abdominal muscles with boat pose

Sit comfortably on the mat and lift your legs up in the air. Using your hands, try to reach your toes, making your body forming a V-shape. If you are a beginner then you can bend your knees. Try to feel this yoga in the lower abdominal area. Hold the is position for 30 seconds.

Why Practice Navasana? 

  • To strengthen your thighs and abdominal muscles
  • To improve digestion
  • To enhance the concentration level
  • To stimulate thyroid glands, prostate glands, and kidneys

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Enhance elasticity of spine with bow pose

Lie comfortably on your stomach. Now, bend your knees and lift your thighs up from the mat. With the help of your hands, pull your ankles, pulling your feet toward chest. Keep pulling until your trunk forms an arch. Legs and chest should be above the mat and only stomach should touch the mat. Feel the stretch in your chest, stomach, and back.

Why Practice Dhanurasana?

  • To enhance the vitality and elasticity of spine
  • To reduce abdominal fat

Abdominal Lift (Uddyiana Bandha)

 Improve working of heart with abdominal lift

Stand straight with your feets apart . Now, slightly bend your knees, lean forward a little and place your hands just above the knees. Inhale forcefully, pushing your abdomen forward. Now, exhale by pushing the stomach inwards. Without taking another breath, try to push in the stomach more, making it hollow. Hold your breath in this position for approximately 10 seconds. 

Why Practice Uddyiana Bandha?

  • To improve the functioning of heart 
  • To cure problems related to liver and constipation
  • To strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • To tone the nerves of solar plexus region

We are sure that these Yoga Asanas will definitely help you to get back in shape. Stop wasting your hard earned money in those expensive gyms and try these Yoga poses to get the toned and attractive belly. 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Mommy On The Yoga Mat

So now, when you have given birth to your baby, a number of responsibilities have increased. Feeding your baby, taking care of your little one, planning an entire new routine and getting rid of those unwanted pounds of fat, the list is long. Well, if you are planning to get back into your pre pregnancy clothes then this article is just for you. 

New Mom practicing Yoga after childbirth to reduce baby fat.

Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. But, you can't deny the fact that after the birth of the child, a lot of things occupy the mind. Out of all these things, the foremost thing is taking best care of the baby. But, how will you do it, if you yourself are not fit and prepared? Don't panic and relax, as this is the time when practicing some forms of Yoga Asana will help you in shedding that extra fat. So, what are these steps which can take you back into your pre-pregnancy form? Here, are they: 

Before you start practising Yoga, learn the basics here - Some Important Rules

When To Start Yoga After Delivery? 

Before starting Yoga after delivery, it is always good to consult a physician or doctor. Generally, it should be started 3 months after delivery, though it varies from mother to mother. 

Which Yoga Asana To Practice?

The Tiger Pose

Tiger Pose Yoga or Vyaghrasana to shed baby fatTiger pose is a very common form of yoga suggested to women after delivery. To perform the yoga, be on your arms and legs on the mat. Fold one leg in crouching position (with knees bent and upper body forward and downwards). Now, straighten the leg and then bring it back in the folded position. On each leg, perform this Asana for ten times.

Other name: Vyaghrasana

Benefit: Tiger pose helps in toning the lower part of the body. 

The Triangle Pose

Triangle pose Yoga or Trikonasana to get rid of baby fatTriangle pose is practiced with standing on the feet having as much distance between them as possible. Now, bend on your left side and touch the mat. Make sure that your right hand is raised up. Now, repeat the same on the right side. Practice this yoga for 10 times.

Other name: Trikonasana

Benefit: Practicing triangle yoga helps in reducing the fat deposits from the waist and nearby areas.

The Cobra Pose
Cobra Pose Yoga or Bhujangasana to cut baby fatMost of the women complain of back pain after delivery. To help them deal with this pain, cobra pose is recommended. To start the Yoga, lie flat on your stomach. Now press the pelvic area of your body while inhaling deeply. Raise (a little) the upper region of your body, distributing the pressure (strain) equally on the lower back.

Other name: Bhujangasana

Benefit: Cobra pose is done to cure back pain. 

If you are expecting your baby, take simple Yoga tips - Yoga For Moms-To-Be

Why Practice Yoga After Post Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling and to make sure that the baby is healthy, mothers leave no stone unturned from their side. However, after pregnancy, body undergoes certain modifications and changes, which result in an increase in weight and cellulite. If you have just stepped in the beautiful world of motherhood, Yoga is definitely something you need. Want to know why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Yoga is the fastest way to shed the weight accumulated during pregnancy. 
  2. With Yoga, mothers can get back into shape without going on diet and starving their body.
  3. Practicing Yoga makes the body gentle and supple.
  4. Regular Yoga after delivery balances the rate of metabolism.
  5. Muscles, especially abdominal muscles, get stretched during pregnancy and with Yoga, you can tone them back.
  6. For a healthy lifestyle after pregnancy, regular practice of Yoga is the first step.

With this article, we hope to help every woman who has just become a mother or is going to be one very soon. Follow these simple tips and continue your life, the way you used to live before pregnancy. 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yoga Asanas For Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences for every woman. The journey of these nine months brings variety of changes and emotions to deal with. During this time, every woman needs love, care, support and affection of her family. To make this experience smooth and enjoyable, yoga can help a lot. Here are a few quick tips...


Every woman has a dream to experience motherhood, to carry her baby in her arms and to live every moment of his/her childhood. If you are also planning to enjoy this incomparable journey or if already in the process, then below mentioned information is worth a read. 

Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy

Bhastrika Pranayama: While practicing Bhastrika Pranayama yoga, sitting in Vajrasana position should be preferred. After successfully forming the preferred position, keep your hands on the knees and close your eyes. Breathe-in completely with both nostrils till the lungs are full. Now exhale forcefully. Always remember to apply force while inhaling and exhaling. It should be done for 10-15 times daily. Practicing Bhastrika Pranayama yoga during pregnancy regularly helps in normal delivery of the baby.

Anulom Vilom: This form of yoga is also known as ‘alternate nasal breathing’. To begin Anulom Vilom, close the right nostril and inhale through the left nostril. Now, close left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Continue in the same way by changing the nostrils. Remember to breath slowly and deeply.

Butterfly Position: Sit on the floor and fold your knees. Adjust your legs in a position in which the sole of right feet touches the sole of the left feet. Now lift your bent knees up to the chest in the same position. Try moving the legs in the same way in which a butterfly moves its wings. In the beginning, this yoga should be done for 30 seconds and later it can be practiced for 1-3 minutes. Butterfly position of yoga during pregnancy helps in normal delivery of the child.

Pelvic Tilt Asana: During pregnancy, back pain is quite common. To get relief from it, practicing this Asana is very effective.

Virabhadrasana: This Asana strengthens the joints and helps in improving the balance. Also, it eases sciatica and backache.

Shavasana: It should be done once the yoga session is complete. Shavasana is done for final relaxation.

Note: Always make sure to practice yoga only with proper guidance of a yoga expert. 

Do you want to know the best time for you to bear a child? Are you both planning for your baby? If yes, then there is something worthy for you - Pregnancy Report. Know all about your pregnancy with this report. 

To avail this service online, please click here - Pregnancy Report

Yoga Precautions During Pregnancy

First Trimester: During this period of pregnancy, standing poses are advised. Standing forms strengthen the legs, generates energy, enhances circulation and reduces leg cramps.

Second And Third Trimester: This time period demands concentration on breathing exercises and meditation. Asanas leading to fatigue and overwork should be avoided.

A pregnant woman should prepare her mind and body for labor and birth. Doing so helps in concentrating on health, which is very important during this time. It is believed that practicing yoga during pregnancy keeps the body supple and active. Not only does it assures smooth delivery but also minimizes the common symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness. We hope that this article comes of good use to all the women who are going through this wonderful experience of mother-to-be. 

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

7 Yoga Tips To Burn Fats

Fatty!! Fatty!! Fatty!! Obviously, no one likes this word. So, what are the ways to get rid of this? Yes, we have the answer. It’s just some simple tips of Yoga to burn fats and look slimmer! Practice them and see the change! Read on the article to reach them...

Yoga: A Good Option To Burn Fats

Yoga is an effective fat burning option as it is a mixture of warm-up exercises, Asanas & breathing techniques. Yoga can give positive results if applied in a correct manner. There are numerous benefits of Yoga. Click here to know them - Yoga Benefits

If you want to learn more about Yoga, please visit here - Yoga E-Book

Daily Yoga To Burn Fats:

No one likes to be called a fatty, as your personality somehow affects the other person. But, you need not to worry. We have brought you some tips of Yoga for changing your personality. Practice these tips daily and all your fats would burn up. Yoga is based on different poses and rules to be followed. 

To know more click here: Basic Rules For Yoga Poses

Yoga Tips To Burn Fats

1. Wind-Releasing Pose(Pavanmuktasana): Reduces Abdominal Area Fat

Wind-Releasing PoseMethod: Lie down on the floor. Bring your knees up to your chest with your ankles together.Hold your arms together over your knees while bringing head up from floor. Breathe deep as you feel the stretch work your abs, then relax slowly.

2. Twisted Chair Pose : Aids In Digestion

Twisted Chair PoseMethod: Stand with your feet and legs together. Bend your knees; sink your hips down and back, as if sitting in a chair far behind you. Bring your palms together in front of your chest. Rotate your spine to bring your right elbow to your left knee. Try to keep your chest lifted the whole time. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

3. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandh) : Massages Lower Back

Bridge poseMethod: Lie down on your back. Bend your knees so that your feet rests on floor. The distance should be same between your feet & buttocks as your hands. Lift your body upwards. Stay the same for 5-10 times then release.

4. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) : Reduces Belly Fat

Bow PoseMethod: Lie down on the floor with your belly touching the ground. Keep your hands besides your chest. Take a deep breath and lift your legs & thighs up. Along this, try catching your legs with hand. Wait for 30 seconds then release.

5. Vakrasana: Relieves In Hypertension

Method: Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Put your right hand on your left hand on your left knee. Try to twist your body in the left direction. While this, keep your posture straight. Repeat the same in the right direction.

6. Grinding Pose (Chakki Chaalan): Massages Stomach

Grinding poseMethod: Sit in comfortable position. Spread your legs straight in front of you, touching each other. Do not bend your knees. Now, join your hands & move it in circular motion over your legs. This gives a good massage & stretch to your stomach, hands & legs. Do it 10 times in clockwise position & 10 times in anti-clockwise position. Release slowly.

7. Boat Pose (Nauka Chaalan): Tones Leg & Arm Muscles

Boat Pose
Method: Sit down in a straight, yet comfortable position. Spread your legs straight in front of you, joined to each other. Do not bend your knees. Place your hands besides your body. Now, move your hands forward & backward and also your body in the same manner. They should move as if you are riding a boat. Do it 10 times in clockwise position & 10 times in anti-clockwise position. Release slowly.

Hopefully, this information would help you in burning fats. But, diet is also an important component while practicing asanas; thus, reducing unwanted calories. So control on your food intake as well. After lunch, you can practice yoga after a gap of 4 hours.You may also find interest in exercises on mental strength and body. Please read: Ashtanga Yoga, Kriya Yoga 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pranayama: Give 45 Minutes To Stay Forever Healthy

45 minutes of Pranayama everyday can keep you healthy life-long. In this article, we are informing you the procedure and benefits of performing Pranayama. Pranayama is one aspect of Yoga that has gained immense popularity worldwide in improving the breathing cycle and rewarding its practitioners with overall self development. 

Pranayama is the breathing exercise that helps in maintaining the balance in human body for a forever healthy lifestyle. Breathing, the natural and automatic process, is controlled by our autonomic nervous system. Just like surviving in water comes naturally to fishes, breathing comes naturally to us since the moment we are born. 

Pranayama, the breathing exercise

Breathing is life and one of the most vital function. This most important life continuing function is promoted best by one of five principles of Yoga - Pranayama. As per the Yogic view, breathing brings oxygen to the brain and blood, to regulate ‘Prana’ (vital life energy).

Before Pranayama

Pranayama awakes the internal energy and promotes healthy and active life. This Yoga technique should be performed for minimum 45 minutes and can be elongated up to 2 hours for better results. Morning is the best time to practice it. Few points which should be followed necessarily before starting Pranayama are:

1. Take bath and wear loose clothes.
2. Sit straight, keeping the neck and head perfectly straight.
3. Body should be stable and spine should be straight.

To understand Pranayama in detail, click here - Pranayama

The 7-Step Pranayama Package

Let’s understand the seven steps of Pranayama, one by one:

(1) Improve Your Resistance Power With Bhastrika Pranayama

Procedure: Sit in comfortable position (Asana). Through both nostrils, breathe in; till the lungs are full and diaphragm is stretched. Breathe out gently; take deep breaths and breathe out completely.

Duration: 2-5 minutes

Health benefits: Effective against problems of heart, brain, lungs, obesity, migraine, cholesterol, asthma, paralysis and even cancer.

(2) Cure The Deadly Diseases With Kapalbhati Pranayama

Procedure: Forcefully, push the air out. Stomach will itself go in.

Duration: Begin with 1 minute or 30 times, increase it to 5 minutes. Maximum time for Kapalbhati Pranayama is 10 minutes.

Health benefits: Helps people suffering from diabetes, obesity, snoring, acidity, hepatitis B and allergic problems.

Note: Weak people and patients of heart disorders and high BP should do it slowly.

To know how to lose weight with Kapalbhati Pranayama, click here - Kapalbhati Pranayama

(3) The External Breath, Bahaya Pranayama

Procedure: Breathe air out, touch chin to chest. Squeeze the stomach completely and hold for a while. Release chin and breathe in slowly. Repeat the same process.

Duration: For beginners: 3 to 5 times
               For advanced: 11 times (21 times during winters)

Health benefits: Good for uterus prolapse, hernia, urinary and prostate issues and stomach ailments.

Note: Bahaya Pranayama should not be practiced by patients of heart complications and hypertension.

Click here to learn role of Pranayama in Yoga

(4) Arouse Your Kundalini Shakti With Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Procedure: Hold right nasal with thumb, breathe in from the left one. Open right nasal. Close the left one with middle and ring finger. Breathe out from the right nasal. Now, breathe in from the right. Close the right nasal and open the left nasal, breathe out and again in from the left nasal. Repeat the same.

Duration: 10 minutes minimum

Health benefits: Helps in dealing with heart blockage, arthritis, depression, sinus, high BP, cartilage, parkinson and sinual fluid reduced.

Note: Do it slowly and breathe into lungs and not into stomach.

(5) Free Your Mind From Anger And Frustration With Bhramari Pranayama

Procedure: Close ears using thumb, keep index finger on forehead and the rest three on the base of the nose, touching the eyes. Now breathe in. Breathe out through nose while humming.

Duration: For beginners- 3 times
                For advanced- 11 to 21 minutes

Health Benefits: Effective against depression, fear, heart blockage, sinus, stress and doubts.

Note: People suffering from tumor, migraine, epilepsy and severe headaches, should avoid Bhramari Pranayama.

Learn benefits of Bhramari Pranayama here-Bhramari Pranayama

(6) Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep With Udgeeth Pranayama

Procedure: Inhalation and exhalation should be long, slow and subtle. Inhale slowly and while exhaling, chant ‘OM’ slowly. Lengthen each breath to one one minute. Visualize the breath entering and moving inside the body.

Duration: At least 3 minutes

Health benefits: Improves the quality of sleep and is good for insomnia. 

(7) Proceed On The Path Of Spirituality With Pranava Pranayama

Procedure: Close the eyes and sit quietly. Breathe in naturally.

Duration: 2-3 mins or more

Health benefits: Deeper spiritual, physical and mental energy. Gives good health and and provides resistance against physical remedies. 

Practice Pranayama daily and you will get harmony between your soul and body. Adding this outstanding Yoga technique in your daily regime will improve your level of concentration, inner peace, helping you to have a better self control. These Pranayama tips have always benefited people and never harmed. Still, it would be better to consult a practitioner because performing Pranayama technique in a wrong way may harm you. We hope you will perform it right and take care if you have any health complication. Stay healthy & be blessed!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kapalbhati Pranayama: A Complete Body Cleansing Technique

Cleanse and tone up your respiratory system by releasing toxins and waste matter by adopting an internal purification Kriya (practice), named as ‘Kapalbhati Pranayama’. It refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and body and is considered as one of the most practiced breathing exercise around the globe. 

Kapalbhati Pranayama Method


  1. Sit in a cross legged posture with spine comfortably erected. If needed, use a back rest, but no head rest. Doing the kriya facing east offers extra benefits. Keep your hands upon your thighs with your palms facing upwards, with your face slightly upturned. Keep your thumb tips and index finger in contact. 
  2. Inhale deeply through nose, expanding your abdomen.
  3. Now, exhale with great force to contract your abdominal muscles to the maximum.
  4. Make sure, while exhaling, air is pushed out of the lungs contracting the diaphragm.
  5. Inhale again, this time without any effort. For this, relax your lungs and they will automatically expand by the air inside. 
  6. A single cycle of Kapalabhati Pranayama includes deep inhalation, forceful exhalation followed by an effortless inhalation.
  7. Once you get comfortable with this internal body cleansing Kriya, perform it with more force if possible, increasing the number of repetitions.

To Learn more about Kapalbhati Pranayam for weight loss, follow this link - Kapalbhati Pranayama In Yoga

When to practice?

Kapalabhati must be practiced with an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal. It is your own choice whether you want to practice it as a stand-alone or combine it with other Yoga Kriyas like different Asanas or meditation. People who find it difficult to sit down on the floor, can perform it on a chair.

Kapalbhati Pranayama Benefits 

  1. Treats common cold, asthma and improves respiratory disorders. Oxygen holding capacity of lungs increases and oxygen & carbon-dioxide exchange is facilitated.
  2. Has a positive effect on the functioning of nervous system by enhancing the functioning of brain cells.
  3. Maintains the blood pressure and keeps a check on blood pumping rate of the heart.
  4. Reduces the chances of heart problems such as heart attack and heart stroke.
  5. Provides a natural cure for diabetes, sinus, obesity, constipation and even hair loss.
  6. Cures mental and emotional problems by unlocking blockages by means of providing emotional satisfaction and mental peace. 
  7. Brings radiance and glow to the body.
  8. Makes skin healthy and beautiful by purifying blood. 
  9. Works as a great pain reliever and also provides relief from muscular and skeletal pain.
  10. Improves the body posture and enhances flexibility of joints. 

IMPORTANT: Avoid practicing Kapalbhati Pranayam in the following health conditions 

a) Heart disease
b) Hernia
c) High blood pressure
d) If dizziness or pain is experienced, practice it with less force.

Click the given link and learn more about the benefits of deep breathing exercises to bring a positive change in your life! - Deep Breathing Exercises & Their Benefits

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yoga For Peace & Tranquility

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer's own form.” - Patanjali

Yoga is the only way to attain that form; the form that you truly are. The selfless, tranquil and blissful you; ‘the you’ that does not need a reason to be happy. The importance of Yoga has been highlighted time and again and there is a strong urge in all of you to follow the path, which promises to make your body healthy and mind calm.

Yoga for peace and tranquility

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In spite of knowing it all, do you find it difficult to bring it in your life style? Well we might have a solution just for you. Learn the principles of Yoga with us and begin to live the change.

Rules of Yoga:
  • Practice Yoga empty stomach.
  • Relax for 10 seconds at least after each yoga exercise.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes for practicing yoga.
  • Do not push your body too much, instead be slow and patient.

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"You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state." - Sharon Gannon

Yoga is nothing but a simple way at getting back together with your former self, your true self. Yoga will not heal you, rather it will tell you that you are wounded. Further it will tell you what needs to be done to heal that wound. 

Yoga for ultimate bliss

"Breathe in a smile; breathe out a chuckle." - Cheri Huber

Enough has been said and read about this ancient art. It is time now to act upon all of it to ensure that you get all the happiness that you deserve, Yoga is the first step towards meditation. It is the grand entrance to physical and mental well being. Wake up to a new you and find that life has much more to offer than you bargain for. Life is out there to offer you all the pleasures, but are you prepared to accept it. We are lost and Yoga is a way to finding the self. Heal the wounded, mend the broken, for life has mysterious ways of offering you your share of happiness and sorrow; and ‘true you’ will accept all without any distinction.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kundalini Yoga Secrets: Transform Yourself Into A Powerhouse of Cosmic Energy

It is believed that Kundalini Yoga is most powerful and most effective amongst all the Yogas. All forms of Yogas have their own significance, but Kundalini is a class apart. This branch of Yoga is influenced by Tantra and Shakta school of Hinduism. One year of perfectly practised Kundalini Gurus of Kundalini Yoga claim that it is equal to 12 years of Hatha Yoga, 6 years of Raj Yoga, 3 years of Mantra Yoga plus 1 year of Laya Yoga.

For a more detailed understanding about history and origin of Kundalini Yoga, click here - More On Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga helps in releasing the suppressed energy in your body. This Yoga is also known as Serpent Power, according to the ancient Indian religious beliefs. 

Awakening Kundalini Energy

By practicing Kundalini Yoga, all the energy that is locked up in your body and mind will be released. You will become immensely creative, different talents will bloom in you, people will find you attractive and you will develop many secret powers. This Yoga is called the “Yoga of Awareness” or “Kundalini Yoga”, which helps an individual to expand the inner consciousness, awakening the spiritual potential and compassion to one another. Kriya Yoga Technique is one of the methods used to awaken the Kundalini energy in your body. This technique not only gives you spiritual enlightenment, but also helps to lead a stress free life and fills up the body with much needed strength and stamina. To know more about Kriya Yoga, please click here - More On Kriya Yoga 

Now that you know the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and what happens when it is awakened, we will tell you some of the symptoms that can be witnessed initially when Kundalini is awakened:

  1. A feeling of rushing energy in the body, intense heat or cold.
  2. You might feel slight tremor or shaking with all this immense energy inside. 
  3. Buzzing in the ears.
  4. Sudden fatigue and sleepiness.

These are indications that your Kundalini is rising. Patience is the key here. You are going to reap great rewards soon.

So, has all this information triggered the interest in you? Well, we have exactly what you need, you can refer our Yoga E-Book for a guided Yoga Practise Session. Just click this link - Yoga E-Book

For more information of Yoga, you can check this link which has all the information that you need to know, click here - All About Yoga

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Secret Weight Loss Tip Is Now Revealed!

Weight Loss with no side effects but additional benefits.
How to lose weight? This question has flooded internet by many answer seekers. And, to their rescue, zillions of answers are available out there. However, none of them assures the final result. Over that, the assurance of a bad side effect free deal is also not given. Yes, at some places, you may get the assurance of no bad side effect; but what if something comes with better than this? Like, along with weight loss, you will also get a youthful look, prevention from various horrible diseases, treatment of various ailments and many other benefits. It may sound absurd to you that how one single thing could give you so many benefits? But, my dear friend, it is true!

With globalization, everything has become so easy that physical movements have almost come to a halt. Career, money, children or marriage; everything keeps us so busy that we hardly get any time to think about us. We try to look better by putting on accessories, beautiful clothes, nice shoes, hair-do or make-up; but we hardly get time to look at us without all these artificial things. Don’t you think we need to work on it? Don’t you think it will save your money if you will naturally look beautiful? But, the only problem we all are suffering through is of shortage of time. Even if we get some time to workout, we get so tired and disabled to perform other important activities. But, this technique just requires few minutes of your life. Apart from this, you don’t even have to move your body so much that can make you tired. Over that, it is more like meditation, so it also soothes your mind and energizes you for other important works. The best part of this technique is – it doesn’t require any special diet plan. The best part is – there is no investment! Nothing can be better than this.

The weight loss tip that we are going to give you here works directly from your brain. This technique works on each cell of your body, filling them with immense energy. The energized cells not only make you healthy internally, but also externally. In other words, you will stay refreshed and healthy from inside; and it will be visible outside. There would be no excess fat left on your body and the shape of your body will take a natural beautiful form. Enough of its praise, it’s the time to reveal that magical tip. It is called – Kapal Bhati Yoga.

Kapal Bhati Yoga became popular via Baba Ramdev. He spread the word in the entire world and helped many people. This Yoga technique is just so easy that anyone can perform it so easily. Even if someone is bed-ridden, it can also be performed while lying on bed. However, it is advised that Kapal Bhati Yoga should be performed while sitting in a proper posture. So, if you want all those benefits that are described above, click here – Kapal Bhati Yoga: The Simplest Way of Weight Loss With Additional Benefits!