Thursday, September 19, 2013

AstroSage Treat For Android Users

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Now-a-days, everyone wants things to be done the easy way. No one wants to dress up, travel or wait in a queue to just get a simple thing done. Like… let’s say, meet an Astrologer. In olden days people would travel miles to seek a good astrologer’s views and opinions about the matters concerning that person. But the same thing now could be really tasking, what with the crazy traffic jams or driving for hours together. Everyone wants things to be accessible at the comfort of their homes, even better if its just a finger touch away and it would make their day if they are available for FREE. This is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the Android Apps for all the proud Android users out there. 

Sit back and enjoy all the services that we have provided. These will cover all the topics related to astrology. No need to travel to meet an astrologer anymore, just choose the apps that you want and that will assists you just like an astrologer would. So have a look,

Click here to access our cool Android Applications - AstroSage Android Applications

Now, lets see each of the applications in detail

1) AstroSage Kundli : This software will give you Your Kundali (birth chart) with just a click. This app has all the methods in astrology which includes KP system, Parashari Astrology, Lal Kitab and many more. 

Click here to download the app - AstroSage Kundli 

2) AstroSage Horoscope : One of the most searched topic in astrology is the Horoscope prediction, Everyone wants to know how their stars are and will be. So to know just that we have got you AstroSage Horoscope, this app will give you your daily, weekly, montly and yearly predictions. 

Click here to download the app - AstroSage Horoscope

3) Horoscope Matching : As the name itself suggests this app is used for finding out compatibility between two horoscope. 

Click here to download the app - Horoscope Matching

4) Indian Baby Names : A name has the power to break or make a person. A good name with all the right qualities to it is what everyone looks for when naming their baby. This app will make that task easy for you. 

Click here to download the app - Indian Baby Names

5) Rahu Kaal App : This software as the name suggest is to find out when the Rahu Kaal is. This will help you plans your work accordingly and avoid any unnecessary disturbances.

Click here to download the app - Rahu Kaal app

6) Hora Muhurat App : This application will give you an account of the auspicious time of the day to carry out any important work that you wish to.

Click here to download the app - Hora Muhurat App

7) Calendar 2013 App : Calendar is one thing which everyone wants handy. This application will provide you all the calendars like Hindu calendar, Muslim calendar, festive calendar etc.

Click here to download the app - Calendar 2013 App

The above mentioned are only some of the Application from our collection of Applications. Use all the apps and enjoy its amazing services, 

Click here to access our cool Android Applications - AstroSage Android Applications

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