Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Desire Vs Sin: An Astrological Outlook

Everyone has heard about the seven deadly sins. Well.. I need no longer to say - heard; I can aswell say - witnessed. Because, now-a-days these sins have got a new life in them. They openly feed on the innocent, some fall prey to it while some fight. People are more bold in committing their crimes. The feel of regret or an inner conscience is totally gone in the dust. It’s just the cold cruel world left out there for everyone to face. Things have to be brought to order, measure have to be taken and peace has to be brought to its rightful place once again. 

“A large part of mankind is angry not with the sins, but with the sinners.” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

In our religion of humanity, excess of anything is prohibited. Be it sweet or sour. Our Hindu scriptures have stressed upon peace of mind more than money in pocket. There are several ways to achieve it, which are differentiated by religions. In Hindu religion, we have examples of Ravana and Duryodhana, who met their brutal end because they had excess of feelings of ego and lust in them. Ravana’s thirst for knowledge got overshadowed by the worldly desires. An example about his lost glory would be when Ravana dies, Lord Shree Ram tells Laxman to go close to him and get some words of wisdom. This was the reputation of Ravana, before he met his brutal end, all because of the sin for lust. 

In today's world, we see sexual harassments, molestations, eve teasing; all this not only by street mongers but also by our elected representatives of the society whom we call politicians. Babas are also following their footsteps very closely. There is no need of names, every next day we hear the news about a female being molested. In Uttar Kand, it is mentioned by Shri Tulsidas Ji in his Shri Ramcharitmanas about the bad deeds in Kaliyug and the sad part is, everything that is mentioned is coming true without any modifications. 

For every human action, there are astrological reasons also and this is what is the purpose of this article. Planets like Mars, Venus and Rahu are the chief governors of sexual behaviours and generate thoughts in one’s mind. 

Venus is the main planet which is responsible for sexual behaviours and thoughts. When it gets afflicted by Rahu or Mars, the person becomes uncontrollable. It is just like what happens to a hungry dog after seeing or smelling a big piece of bone or flesh. Venus provokes, Mars and Rahu convert the provocation into action. The intensity of the affliction and the brutality used are directly proportional, if the prevailing Dasha (period), Bhukti and transit etc. are also permitting it.

Venus also governs arts, entertainment, luxury, movies, music and such things. We see that many eminent artists have married twice or thrice, had an extramarital relationship or were very much interested in having physical relations with opposite sex. It is an open secret. Many Venusian people hide their true feelings and pretend to be very religious outside.

When this Venus gets the company of Mars or Rahu, it becomes difficult for the native to handle sensual desires. But the affliction should be extreme and connected with evil houses mainly 8th or 12th. There should be no benefic conjunction or aspect on these.

People with such afflictions have myriad dreams and sunk in such thoughts always. They speak softly, but inside there is a fierce desire to quench their thirst. In my small journey of astrology, I have come across many such people and found the positions of Venus, Mars and Rahu bad in their charts. Such people also believe in black magic and are very big consumers of Aphrodite’s. They are constant clients of black magicians, astrologers, big saints and their aim is only to get their thing done. 

In the field of politics, religion, movies and music; we can see many such people. I am not providing charts of such people, as it will not be a right thing to do so.

Society is made by humans and it is bound to have all kind of good as well as bad people. Just because of one, we cannot blame all. What we need is proper moral guidance from the beginning. Our justice system also needs to toughen up and free itself from the clutches of ugly politicians. Police needs to be given free hand.

May justice be given to all!


Astrologer Usha Saxena said...

Yes\\\Venus is the main planet which is responsible for sexual behaviours and thoughts. When it gets afflicted by Rahu or Mars, the person becomes uncontrollable.\\\\ क्या आजकल गुरु इन पर द्रष्टि डालना भूल गया है ? आसुरी शक्तियों के सामने हार गया है ?

Vedicboy said...

I think it's a simple uncompleted article. If Venus is having a dristi of Saturn then this types of things will not happen and native still be pious and if there is Jupiter in 7th Native will not do Adultery work.