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Venus Transit in Libra on 6th September 2013: Effect on You

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus indicates luxury and glamour. It is entering into its own zodiac sign Libra on September 6, 2013 leaving Virgo, which is considered a debilitated sign for Venus. It is going to be in Libra till October 2, 2013. Those who are facing dissonance in their married life might get some respite. Women related crimes may seem decline too. Those associated with showbiz and cosmetic industry will reap benefits. Let’s see how this transit is going to affect you:

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon signs. Click here to know your Moon sign.

Venus transit in Libra

Venus Transit for Aries

Your income will be on the rise. You will also witness harmony in your family life. You have a very friendly nature that will help you connect with many people. You may also feel attracted toward music, arts, different fragrances and cosmetic products. Also, a sojourn for pleasure is also on the cards. You are going to be benefitted by accompanying the persons of opposite sex. You will do well in your business. Though, you might face some diseases during this period that are not going to be serious in nature.

Venus Transit for Taurus

You might have to toil a lot during this period, but the conditions are going to improve at your workplace. Your opponents might strengthen, so stay cautious. Keep a check on your spending and do not let any strife take place with the persons of opposite sex. Try to avoid sensual thoughts and pay more attention to your health.

Venus Transit for Gemini

You will get fame and happiness during this period. Your social circle will expand and you will meet your old friends and colleagues. Some good news may also reach you in this period. Attraction toward someone from opposite sex can also be felt. Family life is going to be harmonious. This time may also fulfill some old desire. You will feel inclination toward arts and music.

Venus Transit for Cancer

The number of your family-members may increase during this period. Family life is going to happy. There are possibilities of some function taking place at your home. You will be benefitted by travelling. Enemies will not be able to cause any harm. You will gain better position and fame along with increase income. Some beneficial opportunity might also come your way. Your efforts will yield results. All in all, this is a very good time for you.

Venus Transit for Leo

During this time, your social circle is going to expand. Everything will be good while travelling and in matters related to family. You will witness better job conditions. Being a good time, it will fulfill your several desires. You will feel full of energy and enthusiasm.

Venus Transit for Virgo

An auspicious function may take place in your family during this period. You might spend for domestic things. You are going to treat your relatives well and will become a source or their joy. Income may increase. You might get some fast money too. You will feel attracted toward persons of opposite sex. Your appetite for expensive and tasty dishes might ignite. All the circumstances will be faced by you with intelligence.

Venus Transit for Libra

Your surroundings are going to be full of happiness during this period. Arts, music and literature would attract you. You will feel inclination toward persons of opposite sex. This is a good time for marriage and romance. If you can put in some hard work, this time may prove to be beneficial for reaping more income too.

Venus Transit for Scorpio

During this period, you will feel marital bliss and get sensual pleasures. You might spend on luxurious items. However, it is going to be better if your exercise some restraint on your passion or it might create some trouble for you. You should stay cautious from your opponents and competitors. Economically, it is going to be an average time for you.

Venus Transit for Sagittarius

You will enjoy a happy family life during this time. There may be increment in numbers of your family members. Siblings would perform better in their respective areas. Some of your desires may be fulfilled. Efforts are going to be successful. Friends and associates will help you. Travelling will be beneficial. You will have a good relationship with friends and associates in different spheres of your life. There may be some increment in expenses; still it will be leveled by your income.

Venus Transit for Capricorn

Your fame will rise and people will respect you. Behavior of family members is going to be very positive. Business related travelling is a possibility. An important success is awaiting you in your career during this period. Your relationship with those related to business and trade would improve. You will pile up several things with the time and might spend on luxurious items. You are going to face difficult situations adroitly.

Venus Transit for Aquarius

Even a bit of hard work on your part will increase your income manifolds. Family life is going to be happy and harmonious. You might get the much awaited promotion as per your desire. Those who are higher in positions and your seniors may help you. A good relationship with parents and mentors is also quite evident during this time. Long-distance travelling has a strong possibility for you. You might get inclined toward religious things and higher philosophies related to life.

Venus Transit for Pisces

Family members are going to be quite helpful during this time. You can get some money suddenly. Still it will be wise if you control your spending. You need to stay cautious. Refrain from any such act that can spoil your name. Do not let lustful thoughts overcome your intellect. Give some more time to your health and fitness. Also, try to avoid travelling without definite purpose.

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