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Why Google and Yahoo are the top websites?

Top websites of the world
Most of the successful people believe in fate and future predicting occult sciences. However, people with partial or ordinary success also believe in such things. Everyone is not lucky enough that their every wish come true. In such situations, people in distress start saying that all these beliefs are useless. It has been said that nothing is possible before the right time and beyond luck. Rejecting ancient esoteric sciences completely will not be judicious. Though this is quite a big topic of discussion, but we are trying to bring your focus forth Numerology and its power via this article.

In this article, we are trying to tell you the reason behind the success of biggest websites of the world. Are they #1 just because of the hard work of their employees; or luck & miracle are also associated with them. I completely agree with the fact that hard work and appropriate planning are needed for success, but ignoring the involvement of fate and miracles for being #1 is not justified.

Let’s experience this miracle by taking the examples of some successful websites. Don’t know if their names were given by a Numerologist or this miracle happened by itself; but it happened for sure. Surely, the stars of the owners of these websites must be good. Let’s first talk about Google, the #1 website of the world.

Google, the no.1 website
“Google” is made from 6 alphabets of English, in which “G” has been used twice and “O” has also been used twice. However, this rule is not described in any numerology book, but as per my research this fact has come forward. I use it according to a numerologist that when in any word, any letter is used more than once; then on the basis of recurrence, the effect of the Manak Ank (Total Number) of that letter increases in that word. If any word occurs continuously then magical energy is seen in that word. Also, if the letter which occurs continuously is “vowel” then as compared to “consonant” then the results are more favorable. Let’s understand this case more clearly with the example of “Google”.


G = 3
O = 7
O = 7
G = 3
L = 3
E = 5

It means Google = 3+7+7+3+3+5=28=2+8=10=1+0=1. Here, the total number of Google is 1, which we will call Mulank here. It is also not true that whose Mulank is 1 is always #1. Here, the letters responsible for the outcome are very important. The above said things can be easily seen in the word “Google”.

In the word “Google”, the letter “G” has been used twice; therefore, energy stored in the letter “G” is getting stronger. The letter “O” is not only used twice but is used continuously two times. In it, not only consonant is used twice but also vowel has occurred consecutively. In the word “Google” the no. 3 has occurred thrice (Google = 3,7,7,3,3,5). The no. 7 has occurred twice; whereas, the no. 5 has occurred only once. As everyone knows, if at anywhere something is in majority, the power of that thing gets strengthened. Same is here in this case of “Google” where combined energies of “G” and “O” have helped it in becoming #1. “G” means the no. 3 is the no. of Jupiter; therefore today Google is the treasure of knowledge. To find anything or to look for any answer, everyone takes the help of Google. It means Google has answer for everything. “O” means the no. 7, which is the no. of Ketu. Therefore, “Google is available in different languages and is based on technology.

Like Google, “Facebook” is also #1 in its own domain. Here, alphabet “O” is not only used twice but it is continuously repeated too. In “Yahoo” also, it is not occurring just two times but is repeated too. Same is the case with “Twitter”, where the alphabet “T” is not only used twice but has recurred continuously. Similarly, “Youtube” has the alphabet “U”.  Overall, conclusion is that, if in any word, any alphabet or number repeats itself then the energy of that word highly increases.  If that no. is auspicious for the native or for the owner of the institute then the person associated with that name not only gains benefits but with hard work and dedication, his dream of reaching the heights also becomes true.


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Unknown said...

Interesting. Most single word companies are successful and large. Sony, Phillips, Microsoft, Toyota, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, OLX etc. Youtube is a two letter word. Names with double O appear more successful. Is it possible to create a powerful and successful name using numerology? Can a name be created for a particular type of business?