Sunday, October 20, 2013

New AstroSage Astrology Quiz Announced!

Astrology Quiz
AstroSage Astrology Quiz has now moved on to it’s next question today. It is AstroSage Astrology Quiz Number 8. The question is - 

Quiz 8 Question: Which event happened with the native on 4th September? Explain with astrological reasons.

Answer options:

(A) Native got married
(B) Native became the victim of an accident
(C) Native left home
(D) Native topped in exams

You will find full details along with the birth chart of the native here - AstroSage Astrology Quiz 8 Question

Before participating, please read our ‘Terms & Conditions’ (mentioned at the end of the question) thoroughly. All the right answers along with explanation will be considered as winners and one of them (the best one) will get the surprise gift from AstroSage!

All the winners get their names registered in the AstroSage Hall Of Fame!

Let’s now talk about our previous Quiz question. The AstroSage Astrology Quiz 7 Question was - 

Quiz 7 Question: What is the native’s profession? Explain with astrological reasons.

Answer options:

(A) Music director
(B) Lawyer
(C) Teacher
(D) Writer

The right answer: (A) Music Director

To know the names of the winners and the explanation of the answer, please click here - AstroSage Astrology Quiz 7 Results

You can also get featured by AstroSage, as we feature our winners every month. Along with this, if you have your profile on ‘’, we link that with your name.

Keep this AstroSage Astrology Quiz up with your responses. Let’s change the world by helping people with the help of astrology.

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