Friday, October 4, 2013

Sarva Pitru Amavasya: The Last Day Of Shraddh

Sarva Pitru Amavasya - The last day of the Shraddh is known as Sarva Pitru Amavasya. If you were unable to perform the rituals of your ancestors during the 15 days period of shraddh or if you don’t know their death date then you can perform their shraddh on this day and get their blessings. Read on to know more about this day..

On 4th October, 2013 Shraddh will end with Sarva Pitru Amavasya. This day has its own importance because on this day Shraddh of all the deceased members can be performed irrespective of the tithi. This day is also known to perform the shraddh of those whose death date is not known or forgotten.

Sarva Pitru Amavasya, as per the North Indian calendar, falls in Ashwin month and according to the South Indian calendar, falls in the month of Bhadrapada. Sarva Pitru means all the forefathers and ancestors while the term Amavasya means new Moon day. Sarva Pitru Amavasya is celebrated on the last day of the Pitru Paksha and is the most significant day for Pitru Paksha. The aim of this day is to pay respect and honor the ancestors with utmost devotion.

Rituals Performed

The person performing the Shraddh washes the feet of the priest or the Brahmin and offers them a clean seat to sit. Deva Paksha Brahmin sits facing the east whereas, Matru Paksha and Pitra Paksha Brahmin sits facing the north direction. The gods are offered a mixture of barley and water and are worshipped with diya, dhoop and flowers. A sacred thread is put on the right shoulder and splint is donated. Mantras are chanted to call the ancestors. Food is offered to the fire (Agni) while chanting “Agneya Kavyavahanaya Swaha” “Somaya Pitramate Swaha”. The Brahmins are served with the food prepared and sesame seeds are sprinkled on the floor.

Importance Of Sarva Pitru Amavasya

Performing rituals on this day brings blessings, prosperity and welfare. People who were not able to perform Shraddh during the 15 days of Pitra Paksha and also the people who do not know the death date of their ancestors should perform Tarpan on Sarva Pitru Amavasya.It is believed that on this day, the ancestors and the forefathers visit their home. If Shraddh is not performed on this day then the ancestors go back unhappy.

Why It Is Considered Important

Astrology says that knowingly or unknowingly if our ancestors have committed any mistakes then those mistakes are reflected in the horoscope of their children as Pitra Dosh and as a result they suffer from bad effects or experiences. All this sufferings happen because the malefic planets create hindrance to the favorable results of the benefic planets. As a result, the soul of the ancestor wanders the earth in search of peace. To provide salvation to their dead souls and get their blessings, it is necessary to perform Shraddha with faith and devotion.

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