Friday, October 18, 2013

Birth Time Rectification: Know Your Exact Birth Time

Birth Time Rectification is a method of finding out the correct and exact time of birth. The place and date of birth is a knowledge many posses, but knowing the exact time of birth takes a back seat for many. Read on to know the solution for this…. 

Time of Birth

Birth time is a very significant factor in the field of Astrology. All the calculations and predictions are based on the birth time. If you don’t know your exact birth time then wrong predictions could be made, which may disturb the entire planning of your life. Apart from this, it is always good to know your time of birth. We celebrate our birthday every year, won’t it be nice to know the exact time of birth too? 

Many people end up not knowing the exact time of birth. It could happen due to many reasons; like parents couldn’t keep a check due to some stressful situations at the time of child’s birth, or the birth details couldn’t be kept safe and the information is lost. Therefore, AstroSage has come to your rescue with its Birth Time Rectification Service

With the help of this service, we will be able to figure out the exact birth time. Many new parents who have welcomed their new bundle of joy into their life want to know what future is in store for their kid. But when they reach the astrologer, they are left not fully satisfied with the predictions, we obviously cannot blame the astrologers. With a data as important as the birth time missing, the predictions will of course not be upto the mark. So, to fix this exact glitch, we have come up with this amazing service, which will be able to find out the birth time. This will be done with the help of some important information like major events of the life and the approximate date and time this event took place; for example - birthdate, date of marriage, first employment (for career related predictions) and so on. 

Horoscope is one of the most valuable asset anyone could posses. With a horoscope and with a help of an astrologer, we can predict the events that will take place in our future. Many stages and events can be foreseen, like career, marriage, age of marriage, finances, health and so on. This will help us prepare for our future with a more clear head. If there are any hurdles, we can come up with solutions in advance and win over the situation. One-key-data needed to make a horoscope or a birth chart is the birth time information. Although a horoscope can be made with just the Birth date and place; yet in future when the horoscope is read for predictions, the result will not be satisfactory or even not right sometimes. 

So, one should always have the information of the right birth time; and to help with this, we have the birth time rectification service. 

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