Thursday, October 10, 2013

India Vs Australia T20

The awaited series between Australia and India has begun. There are 7 ODI`S and 1 t-20 on schedule. It is going to be very interesting to watch world’s no.1 and no.2 team clashing with each other. All are interested in knowing the result beforehand and so does astrologer fraternity. I am also trying to find out the result by my way of astro-numerology as put down by late shree K.S.K the founder of KP system of astrology. Let us begin,

Australia vs India, T-20, 

Rajkot ,10-10-2013 , 

Ascendant lord: Mercury-9
Ascendant star lord: Mars-9
Moon star lord: Ketu-9
Moon sign lord: Jupiter-21
Day lord: Jupiter-21

Winner: The result is 0 so India will win this game.

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Unknown said...

It's highly UNFORTUNATE but once again u've to bite the DUST as according to NUMEROLOGY If the RAIN stays away then the "AUSSIES" are the firm FAVOURITES to win this ENCOUNTER!!!

The GAME will not be that close as well...!!!
Let's hope that we get a GAME today as the WEATHER has been a touch VOLATILE from the past couple of days and the Weather report is also not looking that great either