Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mars Transit In Leo

Every transit is known to bring its positive and negative aspects on every individual’s life. It is always good to know in advance the probability of the events which may affect our lives. Read on the below mentioned article to know what this transit is bringing for you.

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Transit of Mars

Effects of Mars Transit In Leo

This transit of Mars in Leo is increasing possibilities of inflation. People will face hike in price of petrol and diesel. You may also have to postpone your plans of purchasing gold, copper and silver as their price may also increase. Scanty rainfall is possible in some parts of the country.This transit is going to cause trouble to the animals also.

Effects on Zodiac Signs

This transit is highly favorable for the people with zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces as there are possibilities for them to gain immense financial and business profits.

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cmsureshkumar said...

Sir, when you say Airies, Tarus, Gemini etc in this article, shall we treat it as our Moon Sign or it our Sun sign in accord with Indian Astrology? We are confused. For example, in my horoscope, Sun is in sagittarius and Moon is in Gemini.
So when Mars transit to Leo, shall I check the effect with that of Sagittarius or that of Gemini ?
Unless you explain it on the beginning of such article, the readers may get confused.

Unknown said...

general predictions are based upon moon signs...u shud look for gemini for u..