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Destined To be A Singer - Astrology Will Tell You How

By Mrityunjai Ojha

When something goes right or according to your plan, you get a feeling that it was destined to happen. What one become in future, a doctor, an engineer, a singer or a dancer. We can say that our stars had some extent of involvement in guiding us to that road of success. Today, we will take the life of a singer and see how the stars played their part. We will study the horoscope and about the stars related to voice, communication and talent. 

Planets to create Singers

Astrological Combinations In A Singer’s Horoscope

We need to see few factors in the horoscope in D-1 (Birth Chart), D-9 (Navamsa) and D-10 charts (Dasamsa).

  1. Mercury and 2nd house for voice: Mercury should be well placed and if connected with 2nd house of Vaani (Voice), it is excellent. Mercury also rules communication. Mercury’s connection with Venus or 2nd house is a good indication.
  2. Moon for Artistic talent: We know Moon as the most prominent planet for artistic talent as we see Moon changing it’s shape on daily basis like full moon, half moon. For rhythm in voice up-low, Moon is required and connection of Moon with Trikona (1st, 5th, 9th house) blesses the native with artistic talent. Moon-Venus, Moon-Saturn, Moon- Jupiter combination are good for singing.
  3. Saturn for stability and deep interest: Saturn must be connected with 3rd, 9th or Moon/Venus, because a singer needs stability in his voice to carry his breathe for a long time and deep interest to carry on as patience is key for such kind of profession.
  4. Venus for Media: Venus is the key planet for media, so Venus should be connected with Mercury or 2nd house. Venus-Jupiter, Venus-Moon, Venus-Saturn and Venus-Mercury are good combinations.
  5. Rahu-Ketu: Rahu gives the desire, Rahu/Ketu connection with Lagna (ascendant) is necessary.
  6. Jupiter for creativity and guidance.
  7. We have to see the Nakshatra (constellation) Lords of these planets too.
  8. Dasha: Dasha (Planetary period) is the most important thing. Dasha of the planet is most prominent in the horoscope for singing out of these planets is the key.
Let’s go with some examples, I chose - 

2 horoscopes of singers whom I know personally, so I can say their birth details are correct for research purpose.

Gender: Male
Birth date: 06-Sep-1986
Time: 08:15 am
Birth place: Chapra, Bihar

Now, let’s analyse the first Horoscope.
  1. Mercury is placed in Nakshatra (constellation) of Venus and Venus is placed in 2nd house of Vaani. In D-9 chart, Mercury is placed in his own sign in Virgo. In D-10 Chart, again Mercury is placed in 2nd house. (See Rule 1)
  2. Moon placed in 1st house with Ketu. Moon placed in 9th house in D-10 chart. Moon is the Lord of 11th house and placed in his own Nakshatra. (See rule 2)
  3. Saturn is placed in 3rd house of communication and Exalted in D-9 and D-10, Saturn is placed with Jupiter (Creativity) in 10th house of D-10 chart. Saturn is in his own Nakshatra (constellation) and sub of Venus. (Rule 3)
  4. Venus is the Lord of 2nd (Voice/Vaani) and 9th (Luck, Communication), and placed in 2nd house in his own sign. Venus is the Lord of 5th house and 10th house of D-10 chart and placed in 11th house. (Rule 4)
  5. Ketu is placed in 1st house with Moon. Ketu is placed in Nakshatra (constellation) of Mars and Mars is placed in Nakshatra (constellation) of Venus. Rahu is placed in Nakshatra (constellation) of Mercury and Mercury is placed in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Venus. Venus is the prominent planet here too. (Rule 5)
  6. Jupiter is placed in 6th house in Aquarius and Jupiter works better in this sign. Jupiter aspecting Venus and Mercury. Apart from that, Jupiter is placed in 10th house with Saturn in D-10 chart. (Rule 6)
  7. Most of these planets are placed in Nakshatra (constellation) or Sub of Mercury and Venus.
  8. Dasha of Rahu is going on and Rahu is placed in 7th house, 2nd to Jupiter and in Nakshatra of Venus.

Another example I have is of a female singer, her details are:

Date of Birth: 02-dec-1986
Time: 13:20
Place: Ranchi, Jharkhand

In this horoscope too, we will see so many of the above combinations working well, I request the readers to do some practical work on their own. Apply these rules for this horoscope and see the results.

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