Sunday, October 6, 2013

Navratri - The festival of Goddesses begins

Shubh Navratri!

Navratri is the only thing that is ruling everyone’s mind this week. India comes alive during these 9 days of celebrations. This is a grand event in states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Grand Pujas and rituals in temples, Garba - Dandiya; and who can miss talking about the world famous Dussehra festival celebrations in Mysore. There is just so much life in this festival, its a spiritual and cultural enlightenment for everyone.

Navratri Puja celebrations in 2013 begin on the 5th of October and end on the 13th of October. Dussehra or Vijayadashami concludes the celebration of Sharad Navratri and is celebrated with much devotion by all. The nine days of Navratri is dedicated to the Mother Goddess Durga.

1st - 3rd day: Goddess Durga, who represents supreme power and strength, is worshipped.
4th - 6th day: Goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth and prosperity, is worshipped.
7th - 9th day: Goddess Saraswati, who represents wisdom and spirituality, is worshipped.

On the last ninth day, Kanya Puja is performed. Nine young girls who are dressed as the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped.

Click here to know the significance and the Goddesses worshipped on the nine days of Navratri - Nine Days Of Celebration

Spread The Joy !

If there is anything that will increase your happiness then it is by spreading the joy to others. Start our festivities by doing the same. Wishes your friends and family a happy Navratri.

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Dance Your Worries Away !

For all the dance and music crazy people, we have just what you want. Merge with the divine spirits with our collection Navratri songs and music.

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Maa Durga To Guide You !

Never will Maa Durga make you feel all alone. She is always there to guide her children to the path of enlightenment. All you need to do is seek her for her blessings before you start anything.

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AstroSage will be doing a special coverage on all the nine days of Navratri. An article a day on each day of the Navratri, so keep AstroSage active.

Well.. as everybody is celebrating Navratri, AstroSage has brought in some treat of its own. We give you the dates of Navratri celebrations and the informations about the Goddesses associated with each day.
That’s the enough information about Navratri celebrations. Now, let’s move onto other important things for the week. Like always, we have the horoscope predictions ready for you. Just click here to reach them.

Other Important Events Of The Week

  • 8 October - Vainayaki Ganesh Chaturthi
  • 12 October -Mahashtami
  • 13 October -Mahanavami; Dussehra* (in some parts of India)
*As per Panchang, Dussehra is beginning on October 13 and ending in the morning of October 14. Hence, in some parts of India, it will be celebrated either on 13th or on 14th. However, it is recommended to celebrate Dussehra on October 13. Vijay Muhurat is from 1:49 PM to 2:36 PM (IST) on October 13; and Aparahana Puja time is from 1:03 PM to 3:23 PM (IST) on October 13 only.

Shubh Muhurat

We are also bringing in another important thing which will come as a very useful service during these nine days of Festivity. Muhurat, its is the auspicious time in which any important or auspicious work can be done. Also you can use this service to find out the right time to perform puja to the Goddess.

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Now, as a gift for Navratri, you can enjoy our free services.

Free Services !

It is always good to have someone to guide you and tell you the right from wrong; and when that advice is coming for free, why wait? Enjoy the benefits of all our free services...

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Hearty wishes from AstroSage. May the Goddess shower her blessings on all of you!

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