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September 2014 - Stretch Your Hands Out For The Seventh Month!

September 2014 approaches with a handful bag of Hindu festivals like Onam, Navratri, Durga Puja, etc. Want to know more about the seventh month of this year? Read September Newsletter 2014, and get enlightened with the facts and surprises this month has brought for you.

Did You Know?

Origin Of September: It has been derived from ‘Septem’ meaning the seventh month. As per the ancient Roman calendar, which began with March, September used to be the seventh month.
Birthstone For September: Sapphire
Color For September: Blue, as it represents the purity of soul.
Zodiac For September: Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Let’s now know the predictions of the month of September:

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Onam 2014: Celebrate Carnival In Malayalam Way!

Onam is a major festival to be celebrated in September 2014.
Onam begins on August 29 and stretches up for ten days till September 7. You might have heard of days that are devoted to gods, goddesses, angels, etc. Have you heard of a day when a demon is worshiped? Onam is celebrated in the honor of Demon King, Mahabali. The festival of Onam is popular in Kerala and the state takes a carnival form during these ten days. Onam takes place in Malayalam month, Chingam. A special feast is arranged for closer ones on the tenth day, known as Onam Sadya.

Want to know more about the harvest festival of Onam? Then, click here: Onam 2014: The Ten Days Grand Festival Of Kerala

Shradh 2014: The Perfect Way To Honor The Departed Beings!

Shradh rites are considered to pacify the souls of dead persons, to take place in the month of September.
Shradh, also known as Pitru Paksha, begins on September 8 and lasts for a regime of 15 days. Pitru Paksha corresponds with the Hindu month of Ashvin during Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight). When a person is born, he is always meant to die to complete the cycle of life; human life is mortal. But there are cases when the person does not attain a peaceful life after death. The rituals of Shraddh is performed to honor the departed ancestors so that their souls get pacified.

Read the link to know more about Shradh: Shradh 2014: Special Days For Ancestors

Navratri 2014: It’s Time To Absorb The Nine Colors Of Divinity!

Navratri is a cluster of nine nights to be celebrated from September 25 to October 3. The nine days of Navaratri is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, the manifestation of feminine power. Navratri is of five types and the Navaratri that falls during the mentioned period is known as Sharad Navratri. Being considered with high regards, Sharad Navratri is the grandest of all other Navratras. The festival ends on the day of Navami (ninth day); however, the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami (the triumph of humanity over diabolic forces).

Want to know about Navratri in detail? Then, read this: Navratri 2014: 9 Blessed Nights

This is not all as September will really prove to be the perfect host to a platter of many other Hindu festivals. Some of them are Vinayaka Ganesha Chaturthi, Indira Ekadashi etc. We are sure that you would like to know the dates of all the festivals that are to be celebrated in September 2014. Hence, we have brought you the list of all the important Hindu festivals of this year’s September.

Important Dates Of September 2014

  • 01/09/2014- Mukta Bharan Saptami, Lalita Saptami, Aparajita Saptami
  • 02/09/2014- Shree Durga Ashtami, Shree Radha Ashtami, Sri Dahi Jayanti, 16 days Mahalakshmi Vrat Begins, Jyeshtha Gauri Avahan During The Period Of Anuradha Nakshatra
  • 03/09/2014- Adukh Navami, Shri Chandra Navami (Udasin Sampradaya), Tala Navami (Bengal, Orissa), Gauri Pujan in Jyeshta Nakshatra
  • 04/09/2014- Dashavtar Vrat, Shree Ram Dev Ji Fair (Navaldurg), Jyeshtha Gauri Visarjan In Mool Nakshatra
  • 05/09/2014- Padma Ekadashi Vrat, Dhol Gyaras (Madhya Pradesh), Karma Ekadashi Vrat, Jal Jhulni Ekadashi Vrat, International Day Of Charity, Mars Transit In Scorpio, National Teacher’s Day
  • 06/09/2014- Shravan Dwadashi, Vaman Dwadashi, Bhuvaneshwari Jayanti, Gotri Ratri Vrat begins, Shani Pradosh Vrat, Harivasar, Dugdh Tyag Vrat Begins, First Day Of Onam
  • 07/09/2014- Panchak Begins, Thiruvonam (Kerala), Anant Chaturdashi, Kadli Vrat Puja Rambha Ropan Shiv Parivartan Utsav
  • 08/09/2014- Kadli Vrat, Vrat Purnima, Praushth Padi, Mahalaya, Shradh Begins, Indula Purnima, Anvadhan, International Literacy Day
  • 09/09/2014- Snan Daan Bhadrapad Purnima, Gotri Ratri Puja, Umamaheshwar Vrat, Mahalaya Begins, Lokpal Puja, Praushth Padi Matamah, Nandi Shradha, Pitru Paksha Begins, Pratipada Shraddh
  • 10/09/2014- Ashwin Krishna Paksha begins, Second day Of Shradha, Ashunyashayan Vrat
  • 11/09/2014- Panchak Ends, Third day of Shraddh
  • 12/09/2014- Fourth day of Shradh, Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi
  • 13/09/2014- Fifth day of Shraddh, Bharni Shraddha, Shree Madhav Dev Tithi (Assam)
  • 14/09/2014- Sixth day of Shraddh, Kritika Shraddha
  • 15/09/2014- Seventh day of Shraddh, International Day Of Democracy
  • 16/09/2014- Eighth day of Shraddh, Ashtaka Shraddha, Kala Ashtami, Maha Lakshmi Vrat, Jivitputrika (Jiyutiya), Ashokastami
  • 17/09/2014- Anvashtka, Ninth day of Shraddh, Matra Navami (Shradh Of Women Died Before Their Husband), Sun Transit In Virgo, Vishwakarma Puja
  • 18/09/2014- Tenth day of Shraddh
  • 19/09/2014- Ekadashi Shraddh (eleventh day of Shraddha), Indira Ekadashi Vrat, International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • 20/09/2014- Twelfth day of Shraddh (Shradh Of Sanyasi, Yati, & Vaishno), Mercury Transit In Libra
  • 21/09/2014- Thirteenth day of Shraddh, Maha Shraddha, Ravi Pradosh Vrat, International Day of Peace
  • 22/09/2014- Fourteenth day of Shraddh, Durbharan Shraddha (Shradh Of People Died In Accident, etc.), Magha Shradh In Magha Nakshatra
  • 23/09/2014- Shraddh Amavasya
  • 24/09/2014- Snan Daan Amavasya, Sarvapitri Amavasya, Pitru Visarjan Mahalaya Ends
  • 25/09/2014- Ashwin Shukla Paksha Begins, Shardiya Navratri Begins, Ghatsthapana, Dhwajarohan, Ashok Vrat, Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti, Venus Transit In Virgo, World Pharmacists Day
  • 26/09/2014- Punya Daan Vrat
  • 27/09/2014- Sindoor Tritiya, World Tourism Day
  • 28/09/2014- Vinayaki Shree Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat, Mana Chaturthi (Bengal)
  • 29/09/2014- Upang Lalita Panchami, Nat Panchami (Orissa), Saant Panchami, Durga Puja begins
  • 30/09/2014- Bill Nimantran Shashthi, Tal Shashthi (Orissa), Shukra Vridhtav Dosha begins

Important Muhurat of September, 2014

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Today is Mukta Bharani Saptami. Do not forget to observe this day for a blissful marital life.

Lalita Saptami is also observed today. Grab this golden chance to please the lord.

Aparajita Saptami is another Hindu festival to be celebrated today. This event honors the greatness of Lord Surya.

Have a nice day !

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