Thursday, September 11, 2014

Unveiling New - It Delights Your Smart Phone & Tablet

AstroSage has launched its new user interface with a better look and feel. This new UI is compatible with all your devices. Now, enjoy surfing on your mobile phone, tablet, PDA, and all other devices with utmost ease.

New AstroSage looks like this on desktop!

New AstroSage UI is really awesome! It provides you an easier access to all the pages of the website than ever before. Everything looks so clean and properly placed now with this new responsive web design that you won’t be able to resist your temptation of exploring our ocean of astrology. All the surfing hurdles have been removed from the #1 astrology portal. AstroSage has now become brand NEW!

Visit The Brand New AstroSage Now!

Are you an Android user? Or, you have Windows phone? If none of these, you must be having iPhone. Right? The UI of New AstroSage looks brilliant on mobile phones. The pages of this fantabulous website have now become so much easily accessible. Why don’t you experience it yourself? All you need is to open in your smartphone’s browser.

New AstroSage on Android!

New AstroSage page look on Android!

Some of you might be having Note or Tab too. But actually, it doesn’t matter at all that what device do you have, because will now work more beautifully than before on all your devices! Yes, you read it right! You can view AstroSage’s content very easily from any of your device and stay updated with all our stuff.

New AstroSage on Tab!

You have made us No. 1 in the astrology domain. We are the largest astrological portal with maximum number of FREE services. Our astrological magazine ( has now become one of the most read online astrology magazines of the world. It all became possible just because of you! We owe so much on you, it’s our responsibility to keep on improving your experience at AstroSage. Hence, here comes the Brand New for you with some more attractive enhancements!

We strive hard to offer you the best of astrology. Thank you so much for encouraging us by your precious feedbacks. We will be really glad to see more feedbacks, which will definitely help us improve your experience at AstroSage.

Visit The Brand New AstroSage Now!

Event Of The Day!

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Today, the inauspicious time of Panchak is ending. You may proceed with all the important stuff of your life without any tension. Everything will be fine.

It is the third day of Shradh, which is known as Tritiya Shradh or Teej Shradh. The third day is dedicated to all those left this world on the Tritiya Tithi (the third Hindu lunar day). Click here to know more about this day: Shradh 2014

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