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Weekly Horoscope (September 22 - September 28) - Will The Upcoming Week Bring Auspiciousness?

The upcoming week will bring what kind of results? How you will be able to attain the maximum benefit from time? Know all this and more with the weekly horoscope. Read all the happenings of the coming week at just one place by Pt. Hanumman Mishra. So, read on.

Know your weekly horoscopes for the coming week September 22 - September 28.

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The week will be favorable for you, generally. There can be some worries regarding children, in the starting of the week. Students will speculate for their studies, while young ones will plan for their love affairs. The mid of the week is indicating to put your efforts at work. You hard work will bring results, during this phase. You will spend a pleasurable time with your partner or beloved, in the weekend. However, you can also face some controversial events.


The week is bringing favorability for you. You will feel the urge to enjoy your domestic life in the starting of the week. However, you can also ruminate regarding some domestic issues. You will be happy in the mid of the week and you may also take intellectual decisions. While the weekend will be very favorable for you. Try to complete all your incomplete works, at this time. You will easily gain victory over all the obstacles, during this time.


The starting days of the week are favorable for you. You will be in the mood of entertainment, during this time. But, waking up till late at night for entertainment will not be good, your fitness can suffer. Try to meditate regarding the family issues, in the middle of the week. Try to clean and decorate your home. Dedicate the last days of the week to those, whom you love. The weekend will also be favorable for intellectual exercises.


The week will give mixed results to you. You need to pay attention toward the financial matters, in the starting of the week. Although, you may spend for your beloved. You have to think before speaking this time. You will get favorable results in the middle of the week. Your enthusiasm and energy will be helpful to you in success. You may have to go away from home, in the weekend. Some beneficial trips are also foreseen at this time. Don’t let yourself surrounded by stress.


This week will bring favorability for you. Positioning of lord of tenth house, Venus, in ascendant will help you to concentrate on your work. However, if you are in love with your colleague, you will not be able to focus on your work. There is a possibility of expenses in the middle of the week. Try to avoid backbiting at this time. You will get good results in the weekend. Despite this, you may watch a movie if you feel depressed.


This week might keep you a bit disappointed. Try to control your expenses in the starting of the week. If you are feeling some disturbance in sleep, put water by the side of your head. You may hear some good news in the middle of the week, but an unknown fear will remain in your mind. In the weekend, you will have to find solutions of the family issues, by keeping a control on your words.


Possibilities of profits are foreseen in the starting of the week. This time will also remain favorable for love relationships. The efforts you did for children and education will bring the desired results. While, some unnecessary expenses may come your way in the mid week. It is better to avoid journeys at this time. The conditions will get better in the weekend; however, act calmly. Don’t take decisions emotionally.


The starting of the week will be favourable. This time, not only you will get success, but your working style will also be appreciated by everyone. There are possibilities of getting support from seniors. There are possibilities to gain profits in the middle of the week, but you may also have to face some suspicious conditions. You have to stay careful in every issue, during the weekend. Alertness is needed for financial issues this time.


Generally, the week will be favorable for you. You may participate in some religious or social event. You will also gain respect socially in the middle of the week. Your seniors will be helpful to you. Your work will bring favorable result. But, don’t do anything in the office that may bring you under suspicion. You will get the results of your hard work in the end of the week. You will be benefitted. The journeys done in this period will prove to be beneficial.


The Moon is in your eighth house in the starting of the week, which is not considered as a favorable condition of Moon transit. So, you may feel dissatisfied due to some reason. There is a possibility of malfunctioning in your vehicle. While things will get better in the middle of the week. A journey is also foreseen at this time. However, it will be important to take care of your parents this time. But, the weekend will vanish all your problems. You will be successful and also get the guidance of your seniors.


The week will give you mixed results. The starting of the week can be good for your personal life. The rifts between the married couples will disappear. If you are in a partnership with a woman, you will be benefitted. But, you have to be very careful in the middle of the week. Drive carefully. Don’t start any new work. Although, the weekend will help you resolve all your problems. Then also, a restrained routine will be necessary.


The starting of the week will be favorable. You will gain self confidence. Your art of defeating competitors will be successful. Your plans will be successful. There are also possibilities of accomplishing your incomplete works. You will need to pay attention toward your personal life, in the middle of the week. So, be careful in domestic issues. It will be better to accomplish all your works carefully in the weekend.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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