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Pitru Dosha - Causes & Solutions

Shradh for this year are beginning today i.e. September 8, 2014. This is the time to show respect and devotion you have for your ancestors. This is the time to make your future generation debt free from the misdeeds done by your forefathers. Want to know how? Get the answer from astrologer Deepak Dubey. 

Shradh is the best time to pay homage to our ancestors and provide salvation to their dead soul.

What is Shradh?

Pt. Deepak Dubey belongs to the pious land of Varanasi. He is a Lord Shiva devotee, a renowned astrologer and master of Hindu religious rituals. Along with that, he is an expert of Vastu and knows Mantra-Tantra. He got the knowledge of astrology from his father who is also a well known astrologer and Maa Kali devotee. He is invited to various T.V channels and FM radio shows for interviews. He is graduate in psychology and has also written for several magazines.
Ritual or deed performed respectfully for the ancestors is termed as ‘Shradh’. We are born due to presence of our parents and likewise, they are born because of their parents. After their death, we call them ancestors (Pitr). Our religious Gurus have designated one whole month for these ancestors (Pitra) and this duration is known as Pitru Paksha. During this time period, we bath, meditate, perform Tarpan and make donations for showing devotion toward our parents, paternal and maternal grandparents and for other ancestors. It is said that by accepting rituals done by children, ancestors bless them to achieve longevity, knowledge, fame and courage. On the other hand, if these rituals are not performed by the present generation, they get curse from the forefathers and lead a struggling life. 

Pitru Dosha / Pret Badha

If before the birth of a native, funeral ceremony of a departed person had not been carried out according to the rituals of Hindu tradition or none of the rituals are performed in his/her family for the ancestors, Pitru Dosha which is also known as Pret Badha is found in his/her Kundali (birth-chart). Pitru Dosha also spreads its roots in the future generations just like a hereditary disease. Pitra Paksha may result due to one’s own family i.e. either because of paternal side or from maternal side.

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Possible Problems Due To Pitru Paksha 

No matter how many auspicious Yogas are there in your Kundali, if it is affected by Pitru Dosha, you will have an extremely tedious life. Due to Pitra Dosha, problems such as financial loss, useless conflicts, disputes in family, delay in auspicious activities, childlessness, possibility of unexpected accident, failure in job or business or you can say problems may occur in almost every aspect of life. Gradually, the effects of Pitru Paksha tend to destroy the family just like termites. 

Pitru Dosha Yoga

Rahu-Ketu and Saturn are considered extremely malefic planets and if Moon, Sun or Jupiter comes under their influence, Pitru Dosha is formed. Besides this, relation of ascendant, fifth, ninth and eighth house also leads to Pitru Dosha. If Pitru Dosha is form because of the Moon’s effect, it means it comes from maternal side. If it forms because of Sun effect, it means it comes from the paternal side. If Pitru Dosha is formed because of an affected Jupiter; it occurs because of the curse of teachers or saints. If Saturn-Rahu conjunction is there that means it forms because of snake or sin of children.

If you are surrounded by crime or negative deeds, Pitru Dosha comes to act in your succeeding generation. If you have tortured either a man or woman to such an extent that he/she was forced to commit suicide, then your future generation will face serious Pitru Dosha or Pret Badha. Crimes such as rape, foetus death, possessing someone’s wealth or killing someone by cheating come under the category of heinous crimes; either you, or your next generation have to pay for these crimes by becoming a victim of any accident. These accidents are very heart tearing such as falling of whole family in trench or water and dying, becoming victim of fire at home or dying in chaos. 

Therefore, if you have committed any heinous offence, whether or not you get punished by law, time always watches your actions; you and your future generation have to pay for such monstrous crimes. 

Here, I am giving some planetary situations which signify Pitru Dosha: 

  1. Moon’s conjunction with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn (curse from mother’s side). 
  2. Sun’s conjunction with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn (curse due to father or paternal side).
  3. Conjunction of Mars with Rahu or Ketu (curse due to brother).
  4. Jupiter’s conjunction with Rahu or Ketu (curse by Guru or saint).
  5. Conjunction of Venus with Rahu or Ketu (curse of Brahmin or any scholar person).
  6. Positioning of Moon in eighth house along with Rahu-Ketu or Saturn, gives results in serious Pret Badha.
  7. Residing of eight house lord in ascendant or residing of ascendant lord in eight house is also deathly.
  8. Positioning of Rahu-Ketu-Saturn or Mars in fifth house also leads to Pitru Dosha.
  9. If Ketu alone resides in fifth house and is not aspected by benefic planet, the native kills the infant in their womb.

Note: Not only the above mentioned positions of planets are responsible for Pitru Dosha or Pret Badha, but its occurrence also depends on the power of planets and their position in different Nakshatras. Also, from the above mentioned Pitru Doshas, some have less impact or affect only a particular aspect of life. However, some Doshas are extremely serious and their results are also dreadful. So, before jumping on any conclusion, its better to consult an astrologer.

Other than some cases, remedies for Pitru Dosha or Pret Badha are possible for all. I have mentioned some cases because if a native has Pitru Dosha in his/her Kundali and have committed any crime due to its influence, treating Pitru Dosha in that case is not possible. For example, according to the 9th point given by me above, if Ketu is posited in the fifth house of a native and due to its influence if she/he killed his/her own infant in the womb, no treatment is possible in that case. In this case, the native has to bear the consequences. 

Treatment for Pitru Dosha is done on the basis of its symptoms. Under this comes Shradh, Narayan Bali, Tripindi Shradh and if serious Pret Badha is there, rituals for VanaDurga are also there. The best way to do is to get Kundali analyzed by any scholar or priest and then perform the right remedies.

To perform Shradh, Narayan Bali and Tri Pindi Shradh for the ancestors, Pitru Paksha is the best time. Amavasya of Pitru Paksha is observed to pacify the souls of departed forefathers and also to nullify the effects of Pitru Dosha.

Therefore, to get relief from Pitru Dosha/Pret Badha, utilize the best of this time. Even if you are not under this Dosha, you should still perform the rituals to make sure that your future generation does not face Pitru Dosha and blessings of your ancestors shine on you and your coming generations. To know about certain situation or about serious Dosha and what remedies should be used for it, contact any scholar for sure. 

Om Namah Shivay !

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