Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shradh Amavasya Today - Last Chance To Get Release From Sins

Tensions, troubles, hurdles, or lawsuits; everything is the result of Karma. Be it yours, or your forefathers’; one mistake of one person becomes a burden on entire clan. However, one easy ritual can make everything perfect. Certain days of the year are exclusively dedicated for this purpose, but Shradh Amavasya is the most powerful among all. Don’t let the chance go...

 Shradh Amavasya is the last and the most important day among all the days of Shradh.

Shradh Amavasya is performed on the New Moon day of Bhadrapada month. Out of all 15 days of Shradh, this day is the last and most sacred of all. Other names for Shradh Amavasya are Sarva Pitri Amavasya and Sarva Pitra Moksha Amavasya. Before going in depth about Shradh Amavasya, let us take a look at some quick facts related to it:

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On Shradh Amavasya, you can perform Shradh to pacify souls of the ancestors who died on:
  • Amavasya Tithi, Chaturdashi Tithi, and Purnima Tithi
  • Whose death Tithi is forgotten or not known
  • Whose Shradh rituals were not performed on the Tithi when they died, due to some reason

Don’t know the Shradh Tithi of your ancestors? Find here: Shraddh Tithi Finder Tool

Why Should We Believe In Shradh Amavasya?

It is said that one cherishes wealth, luxuries, and prosperity, if they perform all the rituals of Shradh Amavsya with a pure mind and heart. Other than these, blessings and glory of the dead ancestors are also obtained by conducting Shradh Amavasya rituals.

Beliefs say that whatever donations or charity we make on this day, it directly reaches out to our ancestors.

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The Right Way To Perform Shradh Amavasya

As today is the last and the most important day of Shradh, let us discuss the procedure of carrying out the rituals of this day:
  1. One who is performing the Shradh, needs to tie a holy thread on his right shoulder. Then, he needs to hand over the sandalwood, maize, and a flower to the priest. Then, incense sticks are waved around in an anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Arati is performed with earthen lamps.
  3. A priest holds the offerings of a betel nut, Darbha and sesame seeds. This completes the rituals of Shradh.
  4. The host asks for forgiveness from his departed ancestors.
  5. A vessel is then filled with water, sesame seeds and flowers. Then, it is kept in front of the Pitru priest.
  6. A Mantra is chanted to charge the proceedings.
  7. Proceeding these rituals, Arghya is given to the departed souls.
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With this little piece of information, we hope that you will make your life even more blissful. Stay tuned with us for more such informative stuff.

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