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Weekly Love Horoscope 2014 (September 08 - September 14) - Is Someone Chasing Your Heart?

Is someone playing games with your heart? Is someone secretly chasing you? Read Weekly love horoscopes by ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ to know more about your love-life in the upcoming week. 

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from September 08 - September 14 for all the Zodiac Signs.


This week, Sun (the lord of fifth house) is in the fifth house; along with this, Venus (the lord of seventh house) is also in the fifth house. Hence, love relations will intensify this week. In the starting of this week, Moon is in your eleventh house. A cultivation or renewal of energy will take place in your love life. During this time, you are likely to meet your partner with passion and warmth. However, during the mid part of this week, Moon will be in your twelfth house with Ketu. Hence, you are likely to meet your beloved; either you will pay a visit to him/her or the vice versa might happen. In the end days of this week, you will remain emotional; you are advised to stay alert from performing a wrong deed in the flow of emotions. Mutual revelry will be there in your relationship.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

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The lord of fifth house is posited in fifth house in an exalted position, in the constellation of Moon; therefore, love life will go smoothly. If you have fallen in for a neighbour, you should be cautious about it. Someone might be following you closely; this might spoil your reputation as well. In the starting days of this week, you would be indulged in excessive work; this might stop you from spending sufficient time with your beloved. During the mid-part, you will get opportunity to spend sweet moments with your partner. The ending part will be favorable for those, who are in a mood to enjoy by going to some distant place.

Fortune Star: 3/5


This week, the lord of fifth house is in your third house in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Ketu; hence, you will try to meet your love-interest this week. You will be successful in such plans most of the times. During the starting part of this week, it would be better to take your partner to a religious place. This will bring serenity to your love. During the mid days, respecting each other is also equally important with love. In the ending days, personal rifts will get resolved or, you might also say that intensity of love relations will increase. 

Fortune Star: 3/5


The lord of fifth house, Mars is in your fifth house in the constellation of Jupiter. Warmth and passion in a relationship is fair enough, but you should stay alert from falling in an argument with your partner. This might bring separation with your partner. During the starting of this week, the time is not very favorable for love affairs. This is the period to handle relationship cautiously. You should also take care of your partner’s health. You will feel improvement in your life, during the mid part of this week. However, you should maintain your trust on your beloved. During the end part of the week, you might be burdened with some extra work; however, if you are in love with your colleague, you will not face any problem.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


The lord of fifth house, Jupiter is in the constellation of Mercury and Mercury is in an exalted position. However, Mercury is in conjunction with Rahu, hence, transparency is required to keep your love affair in good order. The position of Venus in your first house will be helpful for you. The starting of this week will be favorable for you. If you have interest in your colleague, this will be a good time for you. If you are going to propose anyone, a senior person is likely to help you in the same. The mid days of this week are not very favorable for you, hence, act with caution. The end part of this week might fetch you better results.

Fortune Star: 3/5


This week will be a bag of mixed occurrences for you. Hence, you should not take your love relationships lightly. If you realize that a light talk has unintentionally hurt the feelings of someone, it’s better to apologize. The commencement of this week is good for love affairs, however, this is not the right time to propose your love-interest. The mid-part of the week will intensify your relation with your partner; you should not let any kind of mistrust come up in your relationship. In the end days of this week, try to be completely loyal to your partner. Do not try to get indulged in any kind of risk, during this period.

Fortune Star 2.5/5


In general, this will be a favorable period for love matters. During the starting of the week, Moon (the lord of tenth house) is in your fifth house. There is no doubt that this will bring in an increment in love; it will be even better if you and your beloved work at the same place. A senior person might propose you. During the mid-part of the week, a competitor may emerge. By the end of this week, Moon is in your seventh house that will intensify your love relations.

Fortune Star: 4/5


During the starting of this week, Moon will be in your fourth house and is aspected by Mars positioned in the ascendant. Hence, certain domestic issues might hamper your mood. Do not inflict your anger and irritation caused by such matters on your partner. During this period, you might at times be enthusiastic or may also feel a bit low. However, during mid-week, you will make sincere efforts to please your beloved. But, due to the conjunction of Moon-Ketu, those efforts will not pay off well. By the end part of this week, you might face a rift with your partner, although it won’t last for long.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


In general, this week will prove to be favorable for you. The starting part of the week is good for indulging in trips or other modes of entertainment. This is the right time to go out for a movie. A romantic movie would be a better choice. During the middle of the week, you might a bit tensed. Your partner might be helpful in those times. You are advised not to make any comments on anyone’s mother. During the end part of this week, exceeding warmth and passion in your love affair is not suggested to be good. You should also not get indulged in any matter that creates stress. 

Fortune Star: 3/5


During this week, Venus, the lord of the fifth house is in your eighth house in the constellation of Ketu. Hence, you are likely to feel restless with love related issues. It will be better to express your feelings in the starting part of this week. It is possible that your problems will soon appear to be resolving for you. However, during the mid-part of this week, things will seem better for you. Your heart will be filled with pleasantness; you will try to lend a better and secured place to your love and relationship. During the end-part of this week, your partner is likely to pay a visit to your place, or the vice versa may also take place.

Fortune Star: 3/5


The week will be delivering different outputs to different formats of love. If you are married, Venus in your seventh house will bring more pleasantness to your married life. If you are yet to get married, the position of lord of fifth house in your eighth house will bring negative impacts in your life. However, you are likely to start off this week in a romantic mood. During the mid-days, you may get involved in a rift with your partner. Try not to bring monetary matters in love. It is highly advisable to go out for a movie, during the end-part of this week. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


It is a possibility that during the starting of this week, you might not be completely satisfied with your love-life. If you live at some distant place, you may use video chat or video calling apps to remain in touch with your partner. If possible, share images of daily activities with your beloved. During the mid days, you are likely to be emotional. You would prefer to spend the maximum possible moments with your lover. However, you should stay alert than falling in a rift with your partner, during the end of the week. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

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