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Sun Transit In Virgo (September 17, 2014) - Will Sun Bestow You With All The Success?

Sun is transiting in Virgo tomorrow i.e. on September 17, 2014. The king of planets, Sun is very powerful and its transit will definitely make a considerable impact on everybody’s life. What would be its possible impacts? Know them with this article by astrologer ‘Deepak Dubey’.

Planet Sun is transiting in Virgo on September 17, 2014.

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Tomorrow, i.e. on September 17, 2014, Sun is transiting from zodiac sign Leo to Virgo at 6 a.m. (according to Delhi). Sun greatly affects the atmosphere and lifestyle on earth. Sun is considered as the significator of soul and king of planets; however, it comes under the category of malefic planets. Apart from its own sign Leo and its exalted sign Aries, Sun doesn’t produce much favorable results. Sun in zodiac sign Libra in any native’s horoscope can even destroy one thousand Rajayogas.

Sun is entering into Mercury’s zodiac sign Virgo. Both Mercury and Sun share a smooth relationship with one another. The time when Sun is entering in zodiac sign Virgo, exalted Mercury and Rahu are also present in the same sign at that same time. Saturn is posited in Libra, Mars is in Scorpio and Venus is in Leo. This means that till Sun stays in Virgo, there will be abundance of natural disasters. Storms, heavy rainfall at one place and drought at another place, floods and earthquakes are possible. People will also be disruptive and government will fail in maintaining law and order. Disturbance at the border may increase. This is also going to be a tough time for government.

To read the effects of this transit in detail, click on the given link: Transit Of Sun In Virgo (September 17, 2014)

Upcoming Event Of The Day!

Tomorrow, i.e. on September 17, 2014 is ‘Vishwakarma Puja’. Vishwakarma is considered as the lord of architect and engineering. This day is having a great significance for artists and industrialists.

Tomorrow is the ninth day of Shradh. Shradh of those ladies, which died before the death of their husbands is performed on this day.

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