Wednesday, September 10, 2014

AstroSage’s Mission Against Superstition

Superstition is that unseen cover in front of our eyes, which prevents us from differentiating between real and fake. But its high time now and superstition needs to be eradicated. End this social evil and expose the false faces behind it with AstroSage’s mission against superstition.

Few days back, the issue of Sai was the top news in media. While some people were seen expressing their views in its favor, others were against it. Here, we are not discussing that whether Sai was an incarnation of God or not, but the topic here is that people who were speaking in favor or against this topic, do they themselves follow the path of Dharma (religion)?

हिंदी में पड़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

Those who claim to be the follower of Dharma (religion), their own behaviour and ethics are far away from the virtues of Dharma. In this whole episode, the most suspicious role was played by these priests only. Inspite of resolving the issue with peace and calm, they were seen screaming and shouting on the TV channels. In a way we can say that they were putting kerosene in fire.

Similarly, when the issue of Asaram Bapu came forward few days back, then also many priests and religious Gurus were seen using bad words on TV. The traits of philosophers and saints which are explained by Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, these TV priest and Gurus failed in fulfilling them.

According to a famous saying - ‘’महाजनो येन गतः स पन्थाः’’ (Mahajano Yena Gatah Sa Panthah). Therefore, not only these self acclaimed Dharma Gurus are spoiling their image for TRPs, but they are also presenting a wrong personification in front of others. Also their actions are producing serious harm to the soul of Dharma. It seems that coming on TV and speaking unrestrained language is the only aim of many people. In this condition, there is a need to portray the right picture of religion, enlightening the core of spiritualism, and exposing the real face of those business minded people, which are hidden behind these religious Gurus.

According to the AstroSage’s opinion, the place of puritanism and pureness is paramount in Dharma. Sanatan Dharm is the representation of generosity. However, discussions are having their own place and they are very important too. In India, we follow the practice of discussions from ancient times. But, having discussions on the basis of generosity has always been our tradition. Putting low standard allegations, illogical sophistry and babbling unnecessarily on the name of Dharma are not only inappropriate for the followers of Sanatan Dharm, but are also omissible.

These days, many different astrologers, Vastu experts, Ayurveda experts and religious Gurus who dress in strange clothes and talk unnecessarily on TV. Neither they have any deep knowledge of these subjects, nor they are interested in learning something. Earning money by creating fear in the minds of people with weird clothes is the only sole objective of these people. With this hypocrisy, they are not only making these sciences as a matter of joke, but they are also spreading a sense of irreverence among people.

Many innocent people come under the trap of these self acclaimed Gurus and start believing as their ideals. That is why it is very important to expose the sick mentality of these people. It will help people in understanding their true faces and in following the right path of Dharma. Keeping this in mind, AstroSage has created this video which will unveil these fraud Gurus in a humorous manner.

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