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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (May 26 - June 1) - What's In Store For You This Week

AstroSage brings you the weekly horoscope predictions from May 26 - June 1. Are you curious about this week? Thinking about your work, life, or planning for a vacation? Pt. Hanumman Mishra tells you what is installed for your zodiac sign, during this week. Read on to know more...

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from May 26 to June 1 for all the Zodiac Signs

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Aries: This week in general seems good. During the initial days, your nature may turns volatile. There will be an increase in your basic amenities. If you are planning to go for any long distance journey, do take care of your health. You will stay focused and devoted to your work, which will bring positive results. During the midweek, stay a bit careful with matters related to finance and money. Though other matters will remain under control. The weekend is dedicated to entertainment and relaxation at home.

Taurus: The beginning seems good, though there may be some unnecessary expenditures. Incase of any long distance journey, try knowing the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. But if you are planning to travel abroad, because of some official work, then this will turn out to be a good time. You may get some good news, during the midweek. You may also get emotional on some issues. While dealing with economic matters, think carefully. You will be filled with self confidence. Watch a movie or some drama for recreation.

Gemini: During the beginning of the week, Moon is in eleventh house hence, you may gain some profit. Good time for personal relationships and matters related to education. During midweek, try to keep a restraint on unnecessary expenditure. Favorable time for travel, especially to some far off places. Avoid any meaningless trip. By the end of the week, situation will be under control. Just stay calm! However, you will make better plans for your economic conditions.

Cancer: The initial days of the week seem favorable. Most of the tasks performed during this time period will bring success. People will appreciate your work. You will gain respect, but it is important to perform your tasks carefully. As, any kind of negligence can bring negative results. You will gain profit, with the transit of Moon. Be careful during the middle of the week. By the weekend, situation will be under control.

Leo: The beginning of the week, will remain good. During this time if you indulge in some religious ceremony, it will bring you fame. Moon is in your tenth house, therefore it will help you in accomplishing your unfinished tasks. Past tasks may get delayed. But, you should not worry as your work will gain the desired result. Good time for the matters related to money and respect. By the midweek, your work will attain success. Restrain yourself from unnecessary expenditures.

Virgo: You might feel a bit low, during the initial days of the week. You may be surrounded with some negative feelings. Take care of your health. Drive carefully! By the middle of the week, your problems will reduce. The journeys done during this time frame will be extremely pleasant and joyful. By the end of the week, your efforts will bring positive results. Opportunities to gain profit will increase. So enjoy your weekend!

Libra: This is a mixed week, as the initial days seem good. These few days are favorable for personal matters also. But, if efforts are not made, there may be some clashes with your life partner or beloved. Time seems a bit less favorable for health. So, lead a simple life. Eat Moderately! However, by the end of week things will be under control. Tensions will vanish and you will work with full dedication during the weekend.

Scorpio: At the beginning of the week, you will be filled with a lot of enthusiasm. You may also get disheartened over some issues. But, try to maintain that spirit of enthusiast. It is better to tactfully deal, with the opponents. During the middle of the week, you may face some domestic issue, so, try to avoid them. Drive carefully! By weekend, indulge yourself in some religious practice or visit some religious place or temple.

Sagittarius: This week in general seems favorable. The initial days will bring compatibility in romance. Try to avoid arguments, with your beloved. You may feel worried about your’s or your child’s education. Although by the mid week, you will gain results for your efforts. You will be able to compete with your opponents. Avoid negativity, fuss, and argument with your life partner or business partner. Some controversial issues may arise, so deal with them tactfully, over the weekend.

Capricorn: At the beginning of the week, you will be slightly moody or a bit angry for some reason. But, still you will shower your love on your dear ones. During the midweek, their may be some tensions. The reason for these tensions will be related to your children, education or economic conditions. Restraint your eating habits, as it may result some gastric troubles. By the weekend, you will be back in your older form. You will enjoy happiness and peace of mind.

Aquarius: The initial days of the week, are favorable. Moon is in third house, will bring fresh enthusiasm. This will result in accomplishing your past tasks. You may think of options for staying fit. During the middle of the week, you might be worried about your domestic life. This may bring some tensions, but try to maintain your calm. However weekend brings positivity. You may get some good news from children, loved ones, or your education. Your past efforts will gain the desired result.

Pisces: This is a mixed week for you. Try to keep a restraint on your speech. Your words may seem offensive, hence, while dealing on important some issues try to be as much courteous as possible. Your income will remain steady, but keep a restraint on your expenditure. During midweek, you will be filled with enthusiasm. At this time, you will be able to accomplish your tasks in a better way. There may be some mental tensions. However, some profitable journeys are expected. So make the most of it!

By:- Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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