Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother, An Epitome Drenched In Ocean Of Love

Today is Mother’s Day. Mother, the symbol of love, affection, and sacrifice, is placed above heaven. This is the day to honor and thanks our mothers for their unconditional love and support. Through this article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra, let us know how astrology defines mother. 

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” 
- William Makepeace Thackeray

Ninth house in the Kundali belongs to religion and twelfth house belongs to salvation. Twelfth being fourth from the Dharma house (ninth house), we consider it the house of heaven (the house of Moksha). 

In astrology, 4th house signifies birth place, mother, motherland, etc. Similarly, 5th house is associated with love, affection, and progeny. In the birth chart (Kundali), 12th house is also known as the house of heaven. As 4th house is 5th from the 12th house; therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that 4th house is the house of heavenly love - mother’s love. For this reason, scholars have said that heaven lies in mother’s lap. Even the Hindu god, Lord Ram has called mother and motherland more important than heaven. Because, without love even heaven seems like hell. 

Even astrology favors that mother is above heaven. On this earth, this is the only relation which is free from selfishness & impurity, instead it is completely pure. 4th house is associated with mental peace and calmness. This is also the house of mother, and the pure & true essence of mother’s love eliminates all the mental stress and discomfort. 

Twelfth house of the Kundali also signifies expenditure. In astrology, it is considered as the house for abroad too. In other words, this is the house that indicates your distance from home; hence, giving sufferings. This house i.e. the 4th house is associated with peace because it is the house of mother and mother shares a sweet, cordial, deep, and beautiful relation with her child. The bond that a mother shares with her child is like an ocean of eternal love. Undoubtedly, if one comes to seek help from a mother, he/she need not to express it, as mother knows it all. 

Every mother feels contented when she hears her child calling her ‘Maa’, for the very first time. This feeling is above all the worldly pleasures and desires. The purity of the term ‘mother’, gets confirmed from the fact that Hinduism refers Devi or Goddess as Maa or mother. In Christianity and Islam, Mother Mary and Bibi Fatimah (S.A.) are having a very important place, respectively. Therefore, there is no doubt in the fact that mother is above heaven and heaven resides in her feet. Every mother in this world has equal importance and is equally good. 

To honor mother and to thank her for her eternal love, not just one day, but even a decade is less. However, we celebrate Mother’s Day exclusively on one day; therefore, we offer a huge bunch of warm greetings to all the mothers. 

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