Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mars Getting Direct In Virgo (May 20, 2014) - See Effects On You

Mars is getting direct in Virgo on May 20, 2014. After being retrograde and transiting in Virgo, it is going to turn direct in Virgo. This transit will affect everybody’s horoscope in a different manner. Let’s see how it will affect you.

Mars is getting direct on May 20, 2014 in Virgo in Hasta constellation owned by Moon. It will now travel in its regular course towards Libra.

Note: These predictions are based on ascendant.

If you are not aware of your ascendant, please click here: Ascendant Sign Calculator

The effects of this transit on various ascendants could be:

Aries: Mars is transiting in sixth house that eliminate enemies. The native of Aries will beget money, gold, fame, and happiness. You may have some stomach problem and indigestion. You may face some loss in legal matters.

Taurus: Avoid performing immoral acts, because that may lead to loss in name and fame. Some progeny related problems may be possible. You may face some difficulty in your spiritual progress.

Gemini : You may face some blood related issues. Try to avoid any conflict with relatives and take care of your health. Take special care of your children as they may face some physical injuries.

Cancer : There will be victory over opposition. Your communication skills will improve and you will also get recognition because of them. You may face some problem from servants and pets.

Leo:Take care of your belongings and try to avoid conflict with relatives. Your friends might not be able to support you. You may face some loss due to speculation.

Virgo :Take care of your health as you might get fever and headache. Some difference of opinion with family members might be possible. Try to avoid any argument with your spouse.

Libra: Try to avoid any problem with spouse. Take extra care of your arms and shoulders. Your opposition might try to defame you.

Scorpio : You will have good time initially, as ascendant lord will be getting direct in eleventh house, is a good thing for you. You will gain money, friends, and goodwill during this time. You will get success in many of your efforts.

Sagittarius: You will be having good time. Apart from small things there will be only beneficial things happening to you. Just try to control your expenses.

Capricorn: There will be wish to relocate or buy a new property, religious travels will be there, resulting in long journeys. You might do some renovation in your present residence.

Aquarius: Try to avoid acts that lead to defamation. You may face debt related issues and might feel some sickness. Try to act ethically in every situation, so that your work will get respect.

Pisces:Some lack in will power and internal strength is possible. Legal issues may bother you a little bit. Try to avoid laziness.

So, this was all I had about this change of position of Mars. Being direct, Mars will affect many lives, utilize the best of these predictions. Stay tuned to more such useful videos.

By Acharya Raman

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