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Debilitation Of Planets - How Do They Affect Us?

Sometimes, even the most auspicious planets of our birth-chart don’t benefit much. Ever wondered why? It is the debilitation of planets. Astrologer S N Rao is putting more light on this topic. Read on...

Debilitation of planets can reduce or increase the effect of planets in our birth chart.

According to Vedic astrology, all planets get exalted and debilitated when placed in a particular sign. Significance is given to such planets, since they decide the delineation of the horoscope with regards to the level of impact in the life of the native. Exaltation and debilitation of a planet simply means that weather the strength of the planet is strong or weak in the birth chart. Any planet exalted in the birth chart means that the planet is very strong and is capable of giving implied results to its maximum to the native. It has got no relevance to the benefic or malefic impact on the native. An exalted planet does not mean that the planet is positive and will give benefic results. Similarly, a debilitated planet does not mean that the planet is malefic and will give negative results. This point may not clearly understood by many laymen and it creates confusion in their minds while analyzing the horoscope.

The basics have been clearly defined in Vedic astrology texts, which gives the exaltation and debilitation points of each planet. It is provided below for easy understanding:

Debilitation of planets can reduce or increase the effect of planets in our birth chart.
While delineating the horoscope, it is important to determine whether the concerned planet is benefic or malefic in the birth chart. The nature of the planet, house, in which the planet is posited and the Karakatwa play an important role to understand how the planet will behave. The planet will give its result only if it is activated in the Maha Dasha/Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha transit periods. Hence, all the above factors need to be clearly understood to decipher the result of the debilitated planet.

Example for Aries ascendant, Jupiter is the Lord of the 9th house and 12th house. Jupiter is a benefic planet as it rules the Trikona house. Jupiter is the Karaka (significator) for knowledge. When Jupiter is debilitated due to its placement in Capricorn, it influences the 10th house, house of Karma. When Jupiter is activated in the life of the native, it gives the native high integrity, ethical values, maturity, and disciplined as well as organized behavior at the workplace. However, it causes restriction to the native in rising ahead in his career and achieving a high position. He may be highly knowledgeable, but he may not be able to use his knowledge to its fullest at the workplace. The rulership of Jupiter over the 12th house gives him miserly qualities and sometimes he can make foolish decisions, which put a negative impact on his career, resulting in losses. He would like to work alone and disappears if placed in a large team.

Example for Gemini ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of the 7th house and the 10th house. Jupiter is a malefic planet, as it rules the Kendras. When Jupiter is debilitated due to its placement in Capricorn, it influences the 8th house. The Karakatwa of Jupiter to give knowledge makes the native highly intelligent. It makes the native curious to understand the mystic science and matters regarding life and death. The rulership of Jupiter over the 7th house makes the native independent in relationships. He would not be too emotional in love and relationships, would be more subtle in nature. However, he can be manipulative to get his work carried out by his partners. He would be lucky and get benefit in receiving wealth from joint investments, inheritance, business dealing, or partner. Due to the rulership of Jupiter over the 10th house, he would feel restrained at the workplace and would not get job satisfaction.

Example for Virgo ascendant, Mars is the lord of the 3rd house and the 8th house. Mars is a highly malefic planet. When Mars is debilitated in Cancer, it influences the 11th house. This placement makes the native highly ambitious. Mars is the Karaka for action. This placement reduces the physical action for the native. It gives the native calm strength and determined patience, to achieve his goals and targets. He is likely to be a schemer and plotter. He would not be able to have a large friend circle, as this placement would make him highly moody, like the phases of the Moon and tends to make him a critic. However, he would not take friendship lightly and be loyal & emotional to his trusted few friends. Leadership qualities are natural to him and it will help him in taking bold and risky decisions to achieve his objectives. He may not be able to understand the delicacies in life and would be too blunt in matters regarding relationships and raising children.

The Shadvarga charts are also very important for delineation, Navamsa chart in particular. If a planet is debilitated in the birth chart and exalted in the Navamsha chart, the planet needs to be treated as an exalted planet and results are modified accordingly.

In my experience, debilitation of a benefic planet reduces the good qualities of the planet. However, if there is a cancellation of the debilitation, the native achieves great heights in his life. The debilitation of a malefic planet causes many untoward incidences in the life of the native. However, if there is a cancellation of the debilitation, it improves the quality of life, which the planet is a Karaka of.

By S N Rao

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