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KP is the streamline for my predictions: VGR Pavan

AstroSage is once again back with an interview of an expert astrologer. Today, we will talk to our expert astrologer ‘VGR Pavan’, who is extremely qualified in KP astrology and marriage related predictions. Let’s find out why he opted for astrology as his profession.

Astrologer VGR Pavan Interview

1. How did you get interested in astrology initially? What made you come into the field of astrology as a profession?

I am an inquisitive person and always try to explore and find a system that can give great guidance to us. I had a fascination for occult significance and esoteric meaning of our scriptures or any other similar matter. I was fortunate to meet Sri E.Chandra Sekhar, during the year 2000. He initiated the fundamentals of astrology. Another boon for me is, his guidance in KP. I was a strong critic for this system at first, but later was convinced with its accuracy and simplicity. Slowly, I delved into this divine system and decided to accept it as my full time occupation. Honestly, I am proud of what I am doing and greatly indebted to my masters and Sri KSK (founder of KP).

2. What astrological system do you use and why?

No doubt astrology is a science, but we need to do a lot of labor to establish its universal applicability. We have 12 signs, 9 planets and 27 stars, as inputs. With these we need to frame predictions for all nativities and numerable questionnaire, which clients pose to us. Imagine the strain an astrologer take to offer a precise prediction. This results in bifurcations, modifications, distractions and elimination of astrological dicta forwarded by our ancestors. However, the respect or reverence for ancient sages restricted us from logical assessment of the facts. According to me, this is not what our sages expect from us.

For instance, Maharshi Parasara is said to be an authority par excellence. The celebrated author provided nine planets system for us. Varahamihira never mentioned about Rahu and Ketu, and emphasized on the seven planets system in his immortal Brihajjataka. Where do we find the respect for Mihira toward Parasara? The fact is that upgradation of knowledge is more important than reiterating the old saga. In recent times, KP is the most logical and empirical which satisfies as well as stands to test. KP followers will never hesitate to replace old rules with practical and concrete observations. These facts made me adopt KP as the streamline for my predictions. My well educated suggestion is to use horary map, as the base for prediction. It is more powerful than birth horoscope and offer great scope for accurate readings. I am not against the sages of yore. I respect and love them like all others, and I am also not against Vedic astrology and include it in my predictions at appropriate places. Are we using the same telephone which Graham bell invented? Aren't we upgraded from it?

3. Any incident related to astrology in your life or your prediction, which created impact and that you want to share with our readers?

Yes, on several occasions I came correct. The prediction about YSRCP leader Jagan’s separation from Congress Party in AP, is what I can show to the readers. They can find it in the archives of I would not add the list, as it may appear like self praising.

4. What are your suggestions for budding astrologers or for those who’re interested in this subject?

My friendly advice is to have own judgment of the available astrological literature. Don’t fall under the impression of the authors, just read everything yourself and note the worthy points. We should think loud and assume the role of a scientist in the laboratory. Never hesitate to deny a rule, if it failed to comply with facts. Always have an open mind and bold outlook.

5. According to you, which are the best astrology books that one should read?

Six volumes written by KS Krishnamurthi are the best available as per my opinion. They are also known as KP readers. It is not that you will get everything, but these monumental works will show a way for you. Everyone have their own way of valid interpretation is what I believe. Hence, these books may guide you to arrive at valid conclusions and rest depends upon your caliber. It is like learning the basics of paintings and later improving it with our skill.

6.What would you like to say to the users of

The accuracy or otherwise of astrological predictions is greatly relied upon the casting of horoscopes and other calculations. It is cumbersome to do them manually and even a slight divergence may result in erroneous outcomes. is offering such charts and details pertaining to all systems of astrology in vogue. They are offering them for free which is of great advantage to one and all. Besides that, valuable and informative articles from well educated and experienced astrologers is additional feature. Beginners, practicing astrologers, and general public all are benefitted by this voluntary service. They are also offering precious services like predictions and suggestions from world class astrologers at affordable prices. I think these unparallel services will surely help one and all. Hence, I suggest everyone to enjoy such benefits. Peace and prosperity to all!

So, this was all for today. Stay tuned as we bring interview of one more astrologer, next week.

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