Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lok Sabha Election 2014 Result: Country’s Fate Predicted

April 7 to May 12, 2014 were the important dates for India due to Lok Sabha elections. Now, you must be eager to know about the results of these elections. If yes, then read on, what astrologer Acharya Raman has predicted for the results of Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Watch out for the very interesting 2014 Lok Sabha election result.

The fever of 2014 Lok Sabha elections spreaded across the nation. As the elections are over, people are now eager to know about the result of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

It is always a pleasure to come up with new subjects based on my tiny knowledge of Astrology. I am trying to know the result of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and possible number of seats with my system of astronumerology. The main contenders are as usual BJP, Congress and the third front.

I want to say that as per my knowledge of mundane astrology, which can be wrong also, the number one emerging party will be BJP. From 12th evening onward there will be numerous opinion polls, exit polls on each channel and I am also going to use my predictive system to know the same. Though practically it will not matter much once they have the required number 272+, but now a days Modi Ji is looking for 300+ so it will be interesting to know what is hidden in the depth of 16th of May 2014.

The following options for prediction are:

  1. Less than 272
  2. Between 272 to 300
  3. 300 to 320
  4. 320+
Watch out for the very interesting 2014 Lok Sabha election result.

  • Ascendant Lord: Sun - 5
  • Moon star lord: Mars (retrograde)
  • Moon sign Lord: Mercury - 9
  • Day Lord: Moon - 4
The total comes to 18. When we divide 18 by 4, we get 2 as the resultant, so the option number 2 which is 272 to 300 seats is the figure which should come out by 16th evening.

Result: As per my system, BJP’s dream of 300+ will not be fulfilled but they will manage full majority somewhere between 272 to 300 seats.

Let’s see what Almighty has decided for this great nation.

By Acharya Raman

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