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Transit of Jupiter In Cancer (June 19, 2014) - What This Transit Is Bringing For You?

Jupiter is transiting into zodiac sign Cancer on June 19, 2014. This transit will last till July 14, 2015. Astrologers believe that Jupiter transit bring favorable results, for almost every sign. So, how much positivity is associated with this particular transit? Read this article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra and know yourself...

Transit of Jupiter In Cancer and its effects on all zodiac signs.

According to the astrological books, Jupiter is considered to be the most auspicious among all the nine planets. This is the reason that during transit, the condition of Jupiter remains favorable for almost all. Generally, planet Jupiter does not produce painful situations for anyone. And if Jupiter is placed in its supreme position, means in Cancer zodiac sign, it will produce more favorable results for the people. On June 19, 2014, planet Jupiter is transiting in zodiac sign Cancer. Jupiter will remain there till July 14, 2015.

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Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:

Aries: You will get the benefit of luxuries. Domestic life will remain prosperous. If you are thinking of buying any new vehicle, house, or property then the things will come out in your favor. You will come in contact with reputed or successful people. Your fame and respect will increase. If you are planning to bring some change in business or job, then time will favor you. There are strong possibilities of promotion. You will feel inclined toward religious deeds.

Taurus: Your self confidence will enhance. Your work will get appreciation from others. Fame will rise and so will your social circle. Short journeys will prove to be successful. You may feel like doing something important for family. Married life will blossom. Support from companions and partners are foreseen. You will get blessings from elders. It is suggested to take good care of your health.

Gemini: This transit of Jupiter accompanies accumulation of wealth for you. You will spend for the needs of family. Any auspicious event is possible in family. There might be an addition in the number of your family members. Interest in arts and literature is expected. Your reputation will grow further. By defeating your opponents and competitors, you will perform extremely well in your work.

Cancer: Now is the time when your mind will remain conscious and optimistic. Your intelligence will also help in dealing with any unfavorable situation. You will feel happy throughout this period. Harmony will prevail in family and any auspicious activity is also possible. An increase in your income is assured. Relations with senior officials will improve. During this time, you will sound philosophical.

Leo: Jupiter will transit in your 12th house, which is not considered good. As a result, you may feel insecure. Instead of engaging in useful things, it would be good if you focus on right things. Try to figure out the strategy of opponents and face problems courageously. Avoid going on unwanted journeys as much as possible.

Virgo: Transit of Jupiter will prove to be fruitful on your side. Filled with excitement, you may undertake some new initiatives, which will give a new direction to your career. Friends and siblings will also enjoy life. Assured success is witnessed, if you are planning to participate in any competition. During this time, you may turn philosophical. You may start any meditation related practice.

Libra: As Jupiter is transiting in your 10th house, thus, you will get abundant good results. You will do extremely well in your business. This is also the time when you can execute plan of expanding professional front. Growth in job is also there. Business and job will give you opportunities to go on journeys. Family life will blossom.

Scorpio: During this period, rise of immense enthusiasm and confidence, will enhance your success and respect. Family atmosphere will be harmonious and peaceful. There may be an increase in the number of family members. Benefits related to long distance journeys are also foreseen. You may come in contact with the leader of any religious or social field. You may feel inclined toward Yoga or meditation.

Sagittarius: Jupiter transit in 8th house is not considered good, thus, you may feel unstable. As a result, you may feel physically weak. You may find interest toward occult science. Unexpected financial gain is also possible, however, stay away from making any investment. Now is the time when you should remain self dependent.

Capricorn: Transit of Jupiter in your 7th house will help in accomplishment of your wishes. Prosperity will prevail in family. You will reach new heights on professional front and business. Every hurdle or interruption will end. You will get involved in the company of scholars. Success is assured in matters related to marriage. Possibilities of rise in fame and popularity will strengthen.

Aquarius: Due to transit of Jupiter in 6th house, you will get favorable results only after the required hard work. People who are into jobs, may have to work harder. Stay away from disputes and try to unveil the strategies of opponents closely. Though this time is not good for matters related to allegations and law, still, self dependence will help.

Pisces: Jupiter is producing fruitful results for you. As a result, any auspicious activity may take place in family. Your right decisions will continue fetching success for you. Profit in business is also witnessed. Friends and supporters will help you in every aspect. You will feel inclined toward religious deeds.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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