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Effects of Sun Transit In Aries On April 14, 2014

Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014. Like every transit, this transit will also going to produce different effects on each zodiac sign. Read out what astrologer Nitin Datta has to say about the effects of this movement of Sun in Aries.

 Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014.Sun is transiting (moving) into Aries and going to experience exaltation (Uccha Rashi i.e. Aries/Mesha) on 14/04/14 at 03:35 a.m. Sun turns exalted once a year and it would be radiating its complete brilliance for a month’s time. Sun’s exaltation is benefic for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendants. For the rest of the ascendants, results would be based upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

Sun represents authority, boldness, decisiveness, father, government, boss, or anyone in authority who can influence one’s life for good/bad. These significations are likely to gain the center stage during this transit. This transit is more beneficial for natives having Cancer and Leo as moon ascendants. Leo is the zodiac owned by the Sun and it would be occupying the ninth house (Bhagya Sthan) meaning marked improvement in overall luck. In Cancer ascendant, Sun would be occupying the tenth house (Karma Sthan) thereby making it doubly powerful by way of directional strength also. Likewise native observing the Maha Dasha of Sun and favorable Antar Dasha under Moon, Jupiter and Mars Maha Dasha are likely to gain during this transit. The following are the likely results of this transit on the twelve zodiacs.


Sun is the lord of fifth house and it would transit into Lagna. Children are going to gain importance in life. At the same point of time, higher education and some religious activity like Japa or Havan may be on cards. If you recite some Mantra with some set objective then you are likely to gain during this transit. 


Sun is the lord of fourth house and it would transit into twelfth house. There may be some movement away from the family. Such a trip is likely to be beneficial in nature. Drive carefully, during this period. Some distant relative may appear out of chance with a pleasant surprise.


Sun is the lord of third house and it would transit in to eleventh house. Your efforts are likely to bear suitable results. Do not refrain yourself from taking up fresh initiatives. Your younger co borns are likely to benefit during this transit. Your father may play some role in your overall gains during this period. There is a likeliness of inflow of funds during this period.


Sun is the lord of second house and it would transit in to tenth house. Sun gains directional strength in the tenth house. Sun is going to turn doubly powerful in Cancer. There is a likeliness of some favorable actions from the boss/father. Your enemies would be at bay and they would not be able to harm you in any manner. Take fresh initiatives at work and you are very much likely to succeed. Try to spend some quality time with your family, especially your father.


Sun is the Lagna lord. Leo is the sign owned by the Sun. It would transit in to ninth house. This is a very beneficial transit with regards to improvement in the luck factor. Some long distance pilgrimage may be on cards. Good luck should prevail in almost all spheres of life during this transit. You would feel an aura of powerful positive energy around yourself. Stay vibrant during this transit to gain maximum benefits. 


Sun is the lord of twelfth house. It would transit in to eighth house. This not a good transit with some regards. Stay away from any kind of disruptions and scandalous behaviour. Stay morally correct and keep away from the authorities to avoid punishment of any kind. Keep a close watch on your father’s overall well being. Stay away from activities that yield sudden gains.


Sun is the lord of eleventh house. It would transit in to seventh house. There is a likeliness of gains flowing from your spouse. Maintain a happy go attitude during this transit and you are likely to gain immensely. Build upon fresh partnerships, if you are able to locate some opportunities. You may like to spend on your spouse during this transit. Some activity that leads to public acclaim may be on cards.


Sun is the lord of tenth house. It would transit into sixth house. This happens to be a powerful transit by way of getting rid of your enemies. As such your enemies won’t be able to harm you in any manner. Try to maintain a cool temper during this transit. Any competitive activity is very much likely to provide you gains. Develop a competitive activity in your professional job and you’ll succeed.


Sun is the lord of ninth house. It would transit in to fifth house. Some auspicious religious activity like a pilgrimage or Havan/Yagna may be on cards. Your children are likely to be lucky in gaining desired results in their actions during this transit. Your father is likely to play some important role in some homely activity during this period.


Sun is the lord of eighth house and it would transit in to fourth house. Drive carefully during this period. The domestic environment may turn ugly suddenly, so control your temper and do not exaggerate. Avoid any activity that leads to sudden gains/losses. Some close relatives might try to bother you during this transit so be ready to avoid it.


Sun is the lord of seventh house and it would transit into third house. It is likely that your spouse may play a pivotal role in some of your initiatives. You’ll be more charged up and bold to accept new responsibilities, during this transit. A long distance pilgrimage may be on cards during this period. Stay close knitted with your spouse and you’ll feel the pleasure of happy married life.


Sun is the lord of sixth house and it would transit into second house. Weigh your words before you speak anything. Your speech would hold the key to your success. Your eyes might experience some trouble during this transit You’ll be very competitive in all the activities that you would undertake, during this transit. It is advisable to keep your family away from the arena of competition. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse and children. 

It is advisable to worship Sun during this period by reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Surya Dwadasa Nama Mala, Surya Beej Mantra or Surya Gayatri for gaining maximum benefits. Offering Arghya (Jal) to Sun is also very much advisable. Such worship improves eyesight, improves relationship with one’s own father, improves relationship with the boss, favors from the Government departments, and favorable aura of positive energy around oneself. Remember that Sun is the King among the nine planets and its worship finds the most central place in Astrology. 

When Sun would turn exalted it would be aspecting exalted Saturn in transit. It is advisable to pacify this Saturn as it is in conjunction with Rahu

The following remedies are advisable to mitigate the ill effects of Rahu over Saturn and subsequently on Sun.

  1. Feed stray dogs with Chapati (Roti) layered in mustard oil on Saturdays.
  2. Offer mustard oil with black sesame (Kala Til) to Lord Shanidev on Saturdays.
  3. Feed ragpickers/sweepers on Saturdays.
  4. Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Stay Blessed !!!

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