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8th Day Of Navratri: Dedicated To The White Goddess Mahagauri

Ashtami or the eighth day of Navratri is dedicated to the Goddess Mahagauri. The goddess is known for white appearance. Apart from worshipping Devi Maha Gauri on this day, Kanjak Puja, i.e. worshiping little girls, is also the main event of this day.

Goddess Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day of navratri.

Goddess Maha Gauri is the eighth manifestation of Goddess Durga and she is worshipped on 8th day of Navratri. Maha Gauri is an incarnation of Maa Parvati. Being a temple of kindness, peace and morality, the goddess always listens to the prayers and needs of her devotees. She rides on a bull and has a pure white appearance. Dressed in white clothes and white ornaments, the goddess looks as white as a pearl.

Rituals Of Ashtami

Ashtami is celebrated in almost every Hindu house. With complete faith and devotion, Goddess Mahagauri is welcomed and worshipped. Chunari of red color is offered to her and Puja is conducted by the family members. As per the Puja Vidhi, idol of Mahagauri is bathed with milk, curd and water. After that, the idol is adorned with new clothes. Fresh garland, fruits, sweets, and betel leaves are also offered to honor the Devi. Also, Lord Ganesha is worshiped on this day.

Significance Of Worshiping Maha Gauri

It is believed that worshiping Maha Gauri and observing fast for her, yields fruitful results for the married women. Women follow the rituals of the day with full devotion for the peaceful and prosperous married life.

Tradition Of Kanjak Pujan

Ashtami is the day to conduct Kanjak Puja. In this Puja, 9 young girls are worshiped. Their feet are washed and red tilak is applied in their forehead. After that, Puri, Halwa and Kale Chane are served to them. These food items are considered as Prasad.

Eighth day of Navratri has its own significance and it is a very popular day for the people of North India.
To know all about Goddess Mahagauri, please go on the given link - Devi Maha Gauri

Event Of The Day!

Today, i.e. Mahashtami is also known as Durga Ashtami and  Mahashtami

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