Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who Will Be First Chief Minister For “New Andhra Pradesh’’?

The chair of recently formed New Andhra Pradesh ‘Chief Minister’ is waiting for the right candidate. After N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s resignation, assumptions are being made about the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. So, who he/she would be? Let’s unfold the answer with astrologer VGR Pavan.

Andhra Pradesh is waiting for its new chief minister.

An enthusiastic political analyst asked me about AP politics. He asked me whether it is possible to predict that who will be the first Chief Minister for recently formed “New Andhra Pradesh”. He had given me four options, according to his study in politics. I have already presented my analysis about presidential elections in this esteemed website. So, I asked him to provide horary numbers for each and every contestant. The following are the names of the contestants and their horary numbers.


Note down the co-rulers of each and every number, respectively. Make a list of ruling planets at the moment of judgment. Now, see which horary number has most number of ruling planets at the moment of judgment. Person relevant to that horary member has strong possibility to become the winner. I need to confess to the readers that this is only a testing case study. Readers can verify the rule to make it more authentic. This is a snapshot prediction without going in detailed analysis of each seed number.


Following are the names of contestants and their respective horary numbers:

Chandra Babu22Mars-Sun-Rahu
Ruling planets at the moment of judgment are as follows:

Ascendant Star Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Sign Lord: Moon
Moon Star Lord: Ketu
Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter
Day Lord: Sun

Among the above, we have out to include Rahu because he is associated with Saturn.

Therefore, the final ruling planets are Rahu, Saturn, Moon, Ketu, Jupiter, and Sun.

Now, we have to verify which number has most number of ruling planets in it. Here, ‘option 3’ will go, as it has only one ruling planet in it (Rahu).

All the remaining options have two ruling planets in them. Here, we have to think sensibly and select the number which has “powerful ruling planets” in it. We know in KP that planets ruling star & on ascendant or powerful ruling planets than others. Therefore, the number connected with Moon and Saturn will have the strength to give the result. In the remaining options, we find only option that has Moon and Rahu in it. We already observed that Rahu will deputize Saturn; hence, this combination will have the potential to produce a positive result.

After careful analysis, we arrive at the conclusion that option four, which is Vijayamma, will have brilliant chances to become the first Chief Minister of “New Andhra Pradesh”. Good luck to all the contestants and it is my duty to disclose that it is only a research article with pure academic interest. 

Good luck

By VGR Pavan

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