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Virat Kohli: How Will Be IPL 2014 For Him?

IPL 2014 has begun from April 16, 2014. Virat Kohli is doing a great job and making India and his fans proud with his impressive performance. Will he be able to continue with this type of performance in this IPL season too? Let’s find out the answer from astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha.

Virat Kohli is playing for Royal Challengers, Bangalore.

In this IPL, every cricketer will try his best for the team. Today, we will talk about the most sensational player of team India, Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli has proved his caliber in every format of cricket such as test matches, ODI and T20, from the last 3 years. Kohli did a very good job in the last IPL season for Royal Challengers, Bangalore. He will again represent Bangalore in this IPL season. Let’s see whether he will continue to perform like before in this IPL too or not? Here is the analysis of his horoscope.

Birth Details:

Name: Virat Kohli
Date of Birth: Saturday, November 05, 1988
Time of Birth: 10:28:00
Place of Birth: Delhi
Longitude: 77 E 13
Latitude: 28 N 39
Time Zone: 5.5
Virat Kohli is playing for Royal Challengers, Bangalore.
Kohli is a Sagittarius ascendant (Lagna) person and ascendant Lord Jupiter is placed in 6th house in enemy sign Taurus. However, we should know that for players, the 3rd, 6th ,10th , and 11th are the prime houses with effect of 5th house. Here, placement of Jupiter in 6th house and Rahu in 3rd house is very good for him.

Currently, he is running under Rahu - Jupiter - Venus period up to June 2014. Rahu placed in 3rd house, is making him courageous and crazy for runs. Rahu is aspecting 9th (luck) and 11th (desires and gain) houses also. Jupiter placement in 6th house is giving him stability and good footwork. If we talk about Venus, Venus is lord of 6th and 11th houses, which is really good for him. So, the current Dasha (period) is in favor of Virat Kohli. Transit of Dasha Lord Rahu in 11th house is also very good for him. We hope for a very good tournament for him and spectators will enjoy Kohli innings in this IPL too.

All the best to Virat Kohli.

By Mrityunjai Ojha

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