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How Ascendant & Arudha Lagna Help In Prediction?

Astrologers use a number of tools to make their predictions. But, do you know that ascendant and Arudha Lagna are also used to make calculations & predictions? Read this article by astrologer SN Rao and unfold how these two tools are related to predictions…

Ascendent and Arudha Lagna plays an important role in making predictions.

The birth ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that was just rising over the eastern horizon at the moment the native was born. For example, if you were born at sunrise, your birth ascendant would be the same as your sun sign. Your birth ascendant is important for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, your birth ascendant determines your personality. It determines how you portray yourself to the outer world.
  2. Secondly, it lays the foundation of one’s house in their horoscope (Kundali). Reason behind is that beginning of first house is marked by the birth ascendant. It (birth ascendant) changes its signs approximately after every two hours.
Because the ascendant sign is specific to the time and place of an individual’s birth, it represents the self and personality of the individual. Ascendant is the sign rising at the time of birth. The sign rising influences the individual with certain inherent characteristics. The lord of the sign resides somewhere in the chart. The lord of this sign is the ascendant lord. Its placement influences the above characteristics and modifies them to a certain extent.

The term ‘Arudha’ means mount and represents the image of the individual. It indicates how the subconscious mind of the native works. It also tells about their likes and dislikes. Arudha is based on the placement of lord of the sign. It is computed using the following method:

(1) Rule: The rule says measuring the number of signs from the house of interest to its lord. After this, same number of signs should be measured from the lord. Now, the resulting sign will contain the Arudha of that house.

(2) Exception: It should be noted that Arudha of a house can never be in the 1st or 7th from the house. Therefore, if the calculated Arudha falls in 1st or 7th from the house of interest, then the house which lies 10th from it, is the Arudha.

Birth ascendant and the position of Arudha lagna is very important and significant in understanding the true nature of a person. Using the above information, I have tried to analyse the nature of individuals having the same birth ascendant sign with different Arudha’s.

Example 1:

Lagna is in Aries and Mars is in Aries.

Here, the birth ascendant will be Aries and Arudha lagna will be in Capricorn.

The general characteristic of a native with Aries ascendant will be present in the sense that the native tends to be energetic, active, quick-tempered, and aggressive.

However, the influence of Mars in Aries will imply that the Arudha lagna will be Capricorn. Hence, the above qualities will get modified. The relation between Mars in Aries (Capricorn Arudha) will enhance the strength of Mars and increase its energy. (As Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn).

Hence, the placement tends to provide the maximum positive energy to the native. The native tends to be highly ambitious and craves for power, recognition, distinction, and status. The native is interested to become a leader in his surroundings. If the energy of Mars receives affliction from a malefic planet either by conjunction or association or by aspects, then it can make the native appear ruthless, manipulative and bulldozing over anyone who stands in his way. He is likely to become tenacious career oriented in his resolve to feel successful.

The focus of the native in his life will be achieving success and having a higher status in life (the influence of the 10th house). The native is likely to be stern, more serious and hard working (the influence of Capricorn sign). Mars is the Karaka (significator) for physical strength and courage. This placement will help the individual to display his physical strength and courage at his workplace. Usually, this placement gives a high ranking position in the army and police force.

Mars is the Karaka for younger sibling. The 3rd house is seen for younger sibling. The sign Gemini, happens to be the 3rd house. It is ruled by Mercury. Mercury and Mars are inimical towards each other. Capricorn happens to be the 8th house from the 3rd house. This placement shows troubles and causes difficulties for the native in getting along with his younger sibling.

Mars is the Karaka for land and property. The 4th house is seen for land and property. Capricorn happens to be the 7th house from the 4th house. It shows that the native would get benefits in property through partnerships / marriage.

Mars here, will give the native positive energy, independence, will, and self confidence. He would have good logical ability and scientific bent of mind with good administrative qualities.

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By S N Rao

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