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I feel contented and satisfied by helping people: Acharya Raman

AstroSage is once again back with an interview of an expert astrologer. Today, we will talk to our expert astrologer ‘Acharya Raman’, who has helped numerous people with his advice and suggestions. Read this interview and get to know what he suggests for better knowledge of astrology. 

Astrologer Acharya Raman Interview

1. How did you get interested in astrology initially? What made you come into the field of astrology as a profession?

Since my childhood, I was interested in occult, black magic, and palmistry. I did many practicals mentioned in several books about occult and read Cheiro's book of palmistry, when I was in school. There were no result for the things I did in occult, but in palmistry, I was gaining knowledge by experimenting palms of my friends and family members. It stretched to reading palms of strangers in trains and by the time I finished college, I was a good palmist in my circle. 

My predictions used to astonish people, I interacted with. Then due to some reasons of change of place, change in stream of education and other factors, the craze for palmistry ended and I took up numerology. In numerology, it was in year 2003-2004, Yahoo was having many groups where I used to give free readings. People used to get amazed by the things I told them because they were complete strangers. My Yahoo friends box reached its full capacity and I had to make another id to continue further. But after 2004, again there was a break in these pursuits and I had to shift cities for some reasons. There also I continued numerology free of cost and developed interest in traditional Hindu astrology, which we term as Vedic astrology now a days. 

I found that it was astrology, which was most precise and appealing. I dropped all other things and continued practicing astrology in my free time on my expenses. Now 8-10 years later, I thank God for pushing me into this field of prediction, where I feel contented and satisfied by helping people and making my living out of it. Infact, now I know that it was astrology which was meant for me because of the certain combinations present in my own horoscope. When the time came, I started doing it professionally. And, I would like to thank AstroSage for giving me the opportunity to serve and earn at the same time without any kind of cheating and malpractices, which are rampant in today’s astrological business. It is my primary goal to tell people that no person in this world can change destiny. We can only tell what is probably going to happen and give remedial measures, accordingly.

2. What astrological system do you use and why?

I primarily use traditional Hindu astrology to judge the potential of the horoscope. Then for further scrutiny, I use KP and KB system. For timing of events, there is no better system than KP, as it is very scientific and logical. As it lacks in remedies; therefore, for remedial astrology, I take help of traditional astrology.

3. Any incident related to astrology in your life or your prediction, which created impact and that you want to share with our readers?

There are so many incidents that it is not possible to pen down any one of them. We cannot grade the strength of a prediction, simply because to the asker his question is most important. I have told many people by palmistry, numerology and astrology, about the things that are going to happen in their lives and they happened too. There was a very beautiful woman whom I told the date of her divorce by reading her palm and it occurred as it is. There was one co-passenger travelling with me, I told him about his keep and he was amazed. Similarly, there was a girl whom I told that her first marriage will end in two years and it did. There are endless incidents and I don’t remember most of them.

4. What are your suggestions for budding astrologers or for those who’re interested in this subject?

If you are willing to become an astrologer, the foremost thing is that you pray regularly and try to develop the intuition, which is necessary for every stream of prediction in astrology. Without divine grace and help, no one can become a good astrologer. Secondly, you should read standard texts and practice on blind charts. Analyze the charts of your family members and test the traditional principles of astrology.

5. According to you, which are the best astrology books that one should read?

There are several books available in the market nowadays, but I suggest the following books. These are must as far as my opinion is concerned:

  1. My experiences in astrology by B.V.RAMAN
  2. Hindu jyotish ka Saral Adhyayan by K.N.RAO
  3. Jyotish Ratnakar by Devkinandan Singh
  4. Bhartiya Jyotish by Nemichandra Shastri
  5. How to judge a nativity, part 1 & 2 by B.V.RAMAN
  6. KP Readers 1 TO 6
  7. Krishnamoorthy Jyotish Rahasya by Suresh Sahasne

6. What would you like to say to the users of

To our clients, I would like to say that keep showing the faith you have in us since so many years. We put in a lot of hard work on each and every chart. The fact is that astrologers are not Gods and sometimes they may go wrong. However, it does not mean that he neglected something or is not a good astrologer. It is our endeavor to give the best possible answers with the required remedies and not to make you spend uselessly on remedial procedures.

So, this was all for today. Stay tuned as we bring interview of one more astrologer, next week. 

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