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Transit of Mercury In Gemini (May 23, 2014)

Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign, Gemini, on May 23, 2014. This transit will have different impacts on all the zodiac signs. Want to know, what effects these could be? Read these astrological predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra, to know about them.

Transit of Mercury in Gemini and its effects on all zodiac signs.

Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign Gemini on May 23, 2014. As a result, the prices of grains will rise. Also, the prices of gold and silver will increase. Verbal abusing of political parties will decrease. But we will witness political issues, on regional basis, especially in northern and eastern states of the country.

Now, let's find out what effects this transit will going to produce on different zodiac signs:


During this period, you will get respect and your reputation will increase. Your self confidence will remain strong. Avoid any kind of dispute with younger siblings. Listen to them carefully, because may be they are correct. Your family life will remain satisfactory. Your health will also remain good. You will get good results on the basis of your talent, abilities, and skills.


The lord of 5th house will remain in 2nd house. So, family atmosphere will remain in your favor, during this period. This is the correct time for informing your family members about your love relationship. Your pleasing speaking skills will help you in connecting with people. Then also, avoid the attitude of taking risk. You will feel inclined toward spiritualism.


This transit of Mercury is highly favorable for you. During this period, your friends and colleagues will remain in your favor. You will progress in your work. This period is also suitable for financial matters. Your love relationships will improve, during this period. There will be coherence and consistency in your personal life. During this period, you will foster new friendly relations. There are strong possibilities of some long journey.


Normally, the transit of any planet in 12th house is not considered auspicious; however, as Mercury is in its own sign, so favorable results are possible. Traveling to some foreign country is also possible. Your family life will remain nice. There are possibilities of some auspicious event at home. Profit and expansion in business is also possible.


During this period, Mercury, being the lord of 2nd house and 11th house, is placed in 11th house. So, you will get immense profit due to your intelligence. Some travelings are also possible, during this period. These journeys will remain profitable. You will come in contact with famous people. Your reputation, fame, and respect will increase. You will perform well in your business. Possibilities of profit will improve.


During this period, Mercury, being the lord of 1st house and 10th house, is placed in 10th house. So, businessmen may get immense profit. But, because of the effects of some other planets, you may turn aggressive. It is important to control your words. Avoid your attitude of earning quick money. Take care of your health and family. Avoid unnecessary traveling. 


Being the lord of 9th house, Mercury is placed in 9th house. As a result, the chances of improvement in luck will produce. This period is also appropriate for the matters related to foreign countries. Your business will rise, during this period. Your fame and respect will increase. There are chances of some pleasing journey. You will do a profitable deal. Your colleagues and partners will support you. 


The lord of 11th house, Mercury will remain posited in 8th house. This indicates difficulties in gaining profit. But, because Mercury is also the lord of eighth house, so you will gain profit even after all the difficulties. Although, you may also remain engaged in some worthless tasks. Expenses may increase. Some tensions in your family life are also possible. Your opponents may try to disturb you. So, control your words. 


Lord or 10th house, Mercury is placed in 7th house, because of which many auspicious results will be obtained. During this period, you will enjoy pleasing family atmosphere. You will get progress in your daily chores and will also gain profit due to them. Some memorable journey is also possible. You will get success in new ventures. This time is also good for love relationships. Your friends and well wishers will remain in your full support. Comparatively your behavior will remain sweet.


During this period, Mercury is placed in 6th house in its own sign. So, Mercury transit will produce auspicious results for you in most of the matters. Your family atmosphere will remain nice, during this period. There are possibilities of some auspicious event at home. Your business abilities will improve. You will remain happy and contented. You will spend on some luxurious item. You may have to work hard, a bit.


Your efforts will produce desired results, during this period. You will get success in your work and small journeys will produce favorable results. Try to maintain good relations with younger siblings. Some auspicious event is possible at home. Education and children related problems will resolve. You will meet new people and old friends. You will get good results in your job. This time is also good for financial matters.


This time is good to enjoy your family life. The behavior of your family members will remain nice, but avoid any dispute with your life partner. People will get impressed by your words. This will remain a good time for your finances. The collection of some due amount is possible. Your interest will increase in abstract sciences. But, take special care while driving. 

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