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Monday, April 14, 2014

Effects of Sun Transit In Aries On April 14, 2014

Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014. Like every transit, this transit will also going to produce different effects on each zodiac sign. Read out what astrologer Nitin Datta has to say about the effects of this movement of Sun in Aries.

 Sun is transiting in Aries on April 14, 2014.Sun is transiting (moving) into Aries and going to experience exaltation (Uccha Rashi i.e. Aries/Mesha) on 14/04/14 at 03:35 a.m. Sun turns exalted once a year and it would be radiating its complete brilliance for a month’s time. Sun’s exaltation is benefic for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendants. For the rest of the ascendants, results would be based upon the position of the Sun in the horoscope.

Sun represents authority, boldness, decisiveness, father, government, boss, or anyone in authority who can influence one’s life for good/bad. These significations are likely to gain the center stage during this transit. This transit is more beneficial for natives having Cancer and Leo as moon ascendants. Leo is the zodiac owned by the Sun and it would be occupying the ninth house (Bhagya Sthan) meaning marked improvement in overall luck. In Cancer ascendant, Sun would be occupying the tenth house (Karma Sthan) thereby making it doubly powerful by way of directional strength also. Likewise native observing the Maha Dasha of Sun and favorable Antar Dasha under Moon, Jupiter and Mars Maha Dasha are likely to gain during this transit. The following are the likely results of this transit on the twelve zodiacs.


Sun is the lord of fifth house and it would transit into Lagna. Children are going to gain importance in life. At the same point of time, higher education and some religious activity like Japa or Havan may be on cards. If you recite some Mantra with some set objective then you are likely to gain during this transit. 


Sun is the lord of fourth house and it would transit into twelfth house. There may be some movement away from the family. Such a trip is likely to be beneficial in nature. Drive carefully, during this period. Some distant relative may appear out of chance with a pleasant surprise.


Sun is the lord of third house and it would transit in to eleventh house. Your efforts are likely to bear suitable results. Do not refrain yourself from taking up fresh initiatives. Your younger co borns are likely to benefit during this transit. Your father may play some role in your overall gains during this period. There is a likeliness of inflow of funds during this period.


Sun is the lord of second house and it would transit in to tenth house. Sun gains directional strength in the tenth house. Sun is going to turn doubly powerful in Cancer. There is a likeliness of some favorable actions from the boss/father. Your enemies would be at bay and they would not be able to harm you in any manner. Take fresh initiatives at work and you are very much likely to succeed. Try to spend some quality time with your family, especially your father.


Sun is the Lagna lord. Leo is the sign owned by the Sun. It would transit in to ninth house. This is a very beneficial transit with regards to improvement in the luck factor. Some long distance pilgrimage may be on cards. Good luck should prevail in almost all spheres of life during this transit. You would feel an aura of powerful positive energy around yourself. Stay vibrant during this transit to gain maximum benefits. 


Sun is the lord of twelfth house. It would transit in to eighth house. This not a good transit with some regards. Stay away from any kind of disruptions and scandalous behaviour. Stay morally correct and keep away from the authorities to avoid punishment of any kind. Keep a close watch on your father’s overall well being. Stay away from activities that yield sudden gains.


Sun is the lord of eleventh house. It would transit in to seventh house. There is a likeliness of gains flowing from your spouse. Maintain a happy go attitude during this transit and you are likely to gain immensely. Build upon fresh partnerships, if you are able to locate some opportunities. You may like to spend on your spouse during this transit. Some activity that leads to public acclaim may be on cards.


Sun is the lord of tenth house. It would transit into sixth house. This happens to be a powerful transit by way of getting rid of your enemies. As such your enemies won’t be able to harm you in any manner. Try to maintain a cool temper during this transit. Any competitive activity is very much likely to provide you gains. Develop a competitive activity in your professional job and you’ll succeed.


Sun is the lord of ninth house. It would transit in to fifth house. Some auspicious religious activity like a pilgrimage or Havan/Yagna may be on cards. Your children are likely to be lucky in gaining desired results in their actions during this transit. Your father is likely to play some important role in some homely activity during this period.


Sun is the lord of eighth house and it would transit in to fourth house. Drive carefully during this period. The domestic environment may turn ugly suddenly, so control your temper and do not exaggerate. Avoid any activity that leads to sudden gains/losses. Some close relatives might try to bother you during this transit so be ready to avoid it.


Sun is the lord of seventh house and it would transit into third house. It is likely that your spouse may play a pivotal role in some of your initiatives. You’ll be more charged up and bold to accept new responsibilities, during this transit. A long distance pilgrimage may be on cards during this period. Stay close knitted with your spouse and you’ll feel the pleasure of happy married life.


Sun is the lord of sixth house and it would transit into second house. Weigh your words before you speak anything. Your speech would hold the key to your success. Your eyes might experience some trouble during this transit You’ll be very competitive in all the activities that you would undertake, during this transit. It is advisable to keep your family away from the arena of competition. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse and children. 

It is advisable to worship Sun during this period by reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Surya Dwadasa Nama Mala, Surya Beej Mantra or Surya Gayatri for gaining maximum benefits. Offering Arghya (Jal) to Sun is also very much advisable. Such worship improves eyesight, improves relationship with one’s own father, improves relationship with the boss, favors from the Government departments, and favorable aura of positive energy around oneself. Remember that Sun is the King among the nine planets and its worship finds the most central place in Astrology. 

When Sun would turn exalted it would be aspecting exalted Saturn in transit. It is advisable to pacify this Saturn as it is in conjunction with Rahu

The following remedies are advisable to mitigate the ill effects of Rahu over Saturn and subsequently on Sun.

  1. Feed stray dogs with Chapati (Roti) layered in mustard oil on Saturdays.
  2. Offer mustard oil with black sesame (Kala Til) to Lord Shanidev on Saturdays.
  3. Feed ragpickers/sweepers on Saturdays.
  4. Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Stay Blessed !!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Transit of Sun in Aries (April 14, 2014)

Sun is transiting into zodiac sign, Aries, on April 14. Want to know, how the transit of Sun in Aries is going to affect your zodiac sign? Pt. Hanumman Mishra is explaining these effects on different zodiac signs. Read on the blog to know more…

Transit of Sun in Aries and its effect on all zodiac signs.

On April 14, 2014, Sun is going to enter in the zodiac sign, Aries. Aries is the first sunsign in the zodiac. When Sun enters Aries, it becomes eminent and exalted. Transit of Sun on 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th day will bring good results. During this time, a person might attains success, happiness, health & wealth, along with statisation. Also, there will be victory over rivals and increase in respect & honor. However, when Sun is posited in exalted sign, i.e. Aries, then level of rewarding results increases.

On April 14, 2014, Sun will transit in Aries at 7:39 am. At that time, there is a rise in the ascendant (Lagna) Taurus. Sun after being exalted, is in the 12th house. Along with this, when Sun is transiting in its exalted sign Aries, at the same time Saturn is posited in its exalted sign, Libra. This resulting Yoga is known as “Samsaptak Yoga”, which means Sun and Saturn are posited in seventh house from each other. This state of Sun and Saturn depicts a direct rift between the leaders and the public. Hence, during this election, people might go against the ruling party. Mars being posited in the enemy house, is aspecting Sun. As a result, attack on any big politician is also possible. Due to the influence of Rahu and Ketu, some politicians may try to get themselves attacked for the sake of publicity. Hence, this time period in politics is highly distorted. Therefore, people associated with politics may go beyond any limit. However, all this won’t harm the public in any way. As, planetary positions are affecting Sun and not Saturn; therefore, more than public, politicians need to be careful.

Due to dissatisfaction in the public, strike and violent demonstration may arise. Instability will prevail in the nation. There is a possibility of some major changes in the country, but for government and politicians, the situation seems critical.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let’s, find out the effects of this change in the position of planets, especially Sun in our life:

Aries: If you are not surrounded by any tensions from the past then everything will be alright. But, if there are certain tensions, try to deal with them with control and patience. For financial matters, this time is good; but, conflict with loved ones is possible. It is suggested to take good care of your health. Avoid taking any risks.

Taurus: This time is not so favourable. A lot of hard work is required to attain the desired results. There could be some difficulties in other aspects of life too. Try to refrain yourself from unnecessary disputes and legal matters. Avoid taking tension and distress. Take care of your health.

Gemini: Sun posited in the 11th house, will benefit you. But try to avoid yourself from indulging in profited related to any wrong activities, as may will affect your self respect. During this time, your attitude may turn aggressive. Stay cautious in money related issues.

Cancer: You will gain wealth and prosperity. Majesty and respect in the society will rise. But, it is important not to indulge in any controversy. Try to keep a control on your expenses. Peace and harmony will prevail in the family. Benefits from journeys is also there. Take care of your health.

Leo: You will get opportunity to go on pilgrimage. Also, you will get chance to be a part of any religious activity. Your work will attain success and the workplace conditions will be favorable. Carelessness in work can result in losses. Economic conditions will improve.

Virgo: There will be improvement in work and business. You will meet senior dignitaries and your respect will increase. But, due to some issue you may face some mental tensions. There will be happiness in the family. Brothers will be supportive and there would increase in economic conditions. But it is important to take care of your health.

Libra: There could be some hurdles in the work. Hence, you should try to postpone an important work atleast for a months time. Try to give maximum time to your family, especially to your spouse. Don’t bring disappointment to your mind. Drive carefully.

Scorpio: This time seems good for you. Desired tasks will be fulfilled. Meeting with important people will turn out to be beneficial. But, there could be some tensions related to children. There would be benefit of money, but some expenses are also possible. Try to resolve your domestic tensions with seriousness. Take care of your mother’s health.

Sagittarius: To a great extent, you would succeed in your tasks. But some domestic matters might create tension. If you will try to find the real cause behind the tension and curb it, you will attain success definately. The time is favorable, for economic affairs. There is a possibility of religious trips.

Capricorn: There are some tensions in personal life, Worship Lord Sun and chanting Mantras will bring good results. There will be a relief in economic affairs. You will get victory in legal matters. Hard work will lead to accomplishment of work.

Aquarius: This transit will bring a new energy. You will get support of friends and folks. There is a possibility that a big task might be completed. The sources of income will increase. There are chances of sudden increase in profit. But, take care of your health and avoid stress.

Pisces: During this period, your work might face some hurdles, but they will get completed. Problems will get resolved. You might receive your money which was stuck in the past. It is important to be polite and humble. Married life will improve, but your sleep might get interrupted.

Due to Sun’s transit in Aries, if somebody is facing a lot of trouble, he should try these solutions:

  • Donate Tamba (copper), Gehu (wheat), Gud (jaggery), Masoor ki dal (lentil)
  • Also chant the mantra “ Om ghrini suryay Namah”
If these solutions don’t work, chant Surya Mantra and perform Havan (ritual of praying in front of holy fire).

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Venus Transit in Taurus: Effect on All Zodiac Signs

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Effects of Venus Transit on different Sun signs
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On 5th May 2013, Venus is moving from Aries to Taurus. This transitory change of Venus is not only good for women but also it is going to be great for the entire country. The violence against women is expected to decline. Due to the conjunction of Venus in the Aries sign of Mars, terror created by frequent rape cases will also decline. Further, it will also benefit people belonging to art and entertainment industry. Movies released during this period will also perform well at the box office. Conjunction of Venus with planet Jupiter will make the period more fruitful. There will be an escalation in the prices of gold and silver. This period is also good for people who have been experiencing trouble in their married life. Film industry and cosmetic industry will also benefit from this conjunction. Let us find out what will be the effect of the transit of Venus in different signs.

Aries: You will get high results out of your business. The time is fruitful for you. However, your expenses will also increase.

Taurus: It is likely that you will travel during this week. Family business will flourish. Business will also grow to other areas and will benefit you immensely.  

Gemini: For people of this sign, Venus will not be beneficial for you. You will spend excess of money than you should. It is advised that you should avoid taking any risk in your business as the results could be bad. You will not achieve in proportion to the efforts which you put in.

Cancer: You will get a lot of support from your spouse. Your plans will subsidize while you will be travelling. Matters related to property will be fruitful. Partnerships will lead to financial gains.

Leo: All the matters related to loans will be sorted and overall the time will be fruitful for you. Venus looks really good for the people who are doctors and lawyers. However, a few troubles related to health might surface.

Virgo: For people of this Rashi, Venus will be fruitful. It will be really good for students. Time is favorable for people who want to marry with their own choice.

Libra: This time period is not very good for people of this sign. It is advised that you should keep your plans a secret as it will be beneficial for you. Due to retrograde Mars in sign Leo, it is advised that you should not invest in land and property. Also, do not lend money to anyone. You will be worried regarding financial matters.  

Scorpio: You will get exactly what you will give. Things will be as per your plans and you will get the results as well. You will get a lot of help and happiness from your friends. Due to this help a lot of your unfinished tasks will be done.

Sagittarius: People dealing in shares and stock will have to be extra cautious. Also, it is advised that people with this sign should exercise control over their words.

Capricorn: People with this Sun sign will experience an average period. Keep a track on your words as this may lead to trouble. Avoid spending too much and do not indulge in any sort of addictive habit.

Aquarius: This time period is favorable for you. Though you will spend a lot but these expenses will be good for you. It is likely that you might invest in buying a vehicle or property. Be careful while making the investment.

Pisces: You will feel that you are becoming increasingly brave and confident. The time is favorable for your business. All the investments will be favorable for you. However, due to the other aspects of the transition we should be careful.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mars in Aries Effects

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Transit of Mars in Aries will bring some significant changes to your life.
Effect of ‘Mars in Aries’

Mars, Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) have transitory relation. Let us find out how dangerous and dreadful it could be.

On 12th March at 7:36pm, Mangal (Mars) is going back to its own Rashi (zodiac sign) Aries. It will be in Aries till 23rd May. However, it is in its Rashi, still it cannot be said to be at a favorable place. Mars is a planet of fire element. Aries is also considered the planet of fire element. Planet Mars, with its seventh aspect, will be watching Saturn and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) which are in Libra. Therefore, Mars will be at the seventh house of Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) and Saturn. Hence, these are aspecting each other.

The relationship between Mars and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is considered the Angarak Yog. At the same time, Saturn is said to be the significator of explosives and Mars the significator of fire. Therefore, temperature will increase rapidly. The incidents of fire will take place frequently in the country and world around. It is expected that there might be fire incidents at factories of leather, oil and machinery.  Also, there will be a sharp increase in the incidents of road accidents and electricity equipments might also not work properly which will lead to chaos in the system. There will be shortage of electricity. People related to professions like police, surgeon, boxing and other sports are not going to have a very favorable time.

The Angarak Yog made due to the Mars and Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) indicates that there will increase incidents of fire. Also, there might be incidents of fire in trains. Telecommunication will also have an adverse effect because of this Yog. Libra and Aries will be affected greatly with this Yog so there is a possibility that networks of Reliance and Idea might also get affected. There will be interruptions in the internet services. Mars and Retro Saturn are in aspect with each other which indicates a volcanic eruption and an earthquake. The relation between Mars, Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) and Saturn is also indicating a terrorist activity. This incident can take place in a western state. At the same time Mars which is in zodiac sign Aries can also be dangerous for the southern states. This indicates that a terrorist activity can take place in the southern states of India. Also, there will be an increase in the inflation rate. The public will not be satisfied and it is bound to increase. There will be a sharp increase in the hate speeches from political leaders. People who are investing in foreign lands will also face troubles.

The Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is in the Vishakha constellation of Jupiter. Therefore, it is expected that decrease in the rate of Gold will continue for a fortnight. The Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is in the constellation of Jupiter, which is aspected by Mars. This is indicating a religious dispute. Also, it looks like a big name in politics could get into some trouble. In the eastern areas, war like situations could arise. In India, areas like Marwar, Kashmir and Tamil Nadu should be given extra attention. Therefore, up till 23rd May, vehicles should be driven with utmost care. People with zodiac signs Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius should specially be careful.