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Rog & Grah : Secret Of Healthy Body Lies In Planets

Our past reflects our future. Similarly, planets in your horoscope, depict what diseases you may face in your life. Find out which Grah is the trouble creator in your healthy life. Read this article by Pt. Deepak Dubey and unveil the bond between planets and diseases.

Position of planets in our horoscope share a close relation with the diseases we face in our life.

As per astrology, the physical, mental, social and spiritual conditions or situations of one’s present life are based on his past life Karmas or deeds. The positions and conjunctions of planets in one’s horoscope (Kundali) signifies these above said conditions or situations. Since, each planet in the native’s body is a representation of some element and factors; therefore, position of that particular planet in any specific house, its conjunction or its strength, results in physical or mental illness.

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Below are mentioned some specific positions and conjunctions of planets, which result in various diseases.



An incurable disease, let's find out which planetary positions are responsible for this disease:
  1. Out of all the ascendants, natives with the Cancer ascendant have the greatest risk of this disease.
  2. In Cancer ascendant, Jupiter is the main Karak (significator) of cancer. If Jupiter conjuncts with Mars and Saturn in 6th, 8th, 12th or other house’s lord then the native dies from cancer.
  3. If in any horoscope, Saturn or Mars are posited in the 8th house along with Rahu or Ketu then there is a strong possibility of having cancer.
  4. If 6th house lord ascendant is situated in 8th or 10th house and is aspected by malefic planets, then there is possibility of suffering from cancer.
  5. If in the horoscope of any native, Sun is in 6th, 8th or 12th house, along with malefic planets then the native is likely to suffer from stomach or intestinal ulcer and cancer.
  6. In native’s horoscope, if Sun is posited anywhere along with malefic planets and ascendant lord or ascendent is also under the influence of these planets, then cancer is possible.
  7. If weak Moon is posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house in the signs of malefic planets and ascendant or moon is aspected by Saturn and mars then cancer occurs.

Eye Disease 

  1. Ascendant lord Jupiter meaning 3-6 or Mars, if posited in sign of 1-8 then there is a strong possibility of eye diseases.
  2. 8th house lord or ascendant lord, if together are situated in 6th house then deficit in the left eye is certain.
  3. If Venus is posited in 6th or 8th house then there could be a deficit in the right eye.
  4. If lords of 10th and 6th house along with 2nd house lord are situated in ascendant than the native loses eyesight.
  5. If Mars is in 12th house then left eye and if Saturn is in 2nd house then right eye might get injured.
  6. Positioning of Sun aspected by malefic planets, in Trikon, reduces the vision power of the eye.

Muteness or Dumbness

  1. If lord of 2nd house along with Jupiter is present in the 8th house then there is a high possibility of being dumb.
  2. If lord of Mercury and 6th house is in ascendant than the native is mute.
  3. If Mercury is present anywhere in Cancer, Taurus or Pisces ascendant and is further aspected by weak moon, then the native might suffer from impediments.
  4. Be it any ascendant, but if Venus is in 2nd house and is affected by malefic planet then the native has eye related trouble or will suffer from lisping.
  5. If there is conjunction of 2nd house lord and 8th house lord or if the lord of 2nd house is poised with malefic planets and is aspected by 8th house lord, then native may suffer from numbness or lisping.

Tuberculosis (TB)

  1. If Rahu is posited in 6th, Saturn is in Kendra from ascendant and the lord of ascendant is in eighth, there is strong possibilities of suffering with TB.
  2. If Mercury is positioned in the house of moon then the possibility of having tuberculosis or leprosy increases.
  3. If Mars and Saturn are aspecting ascendant then breathing troubles may develop.
  4. Conjunction of Sun and Moon in the zodiac sign Cancer or Leo, results in tuberculosis.
  5. If Moon is in Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces and Jupiter positioned in 8th house is aspected by malefic planets, then the native dies because of tuberculosis.

Dementia (Hallucination)

  1. Jupiter and Mars if posited in ascendant and 7th house, respectively, then native may suffer from hallucination.
  2. If Saturn is in ascendant and 1st, 5th or 7th house is associated with Mars then the native will suffer from dementia after facing hallucination.
  3. Conjunction of Saturn and weak moon in 12th house also leads to hallucination.
  4. Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter results in problem of hallucination in the native. On the other hand, influence of Rahu or Saturn on ascendant along with weak moon will result in dementia.

Blood Pressure

Problem of blood pressure is seen in the native, if:

  1. Mars is posited in the region of Moon.
  2. If Saturn is in 4th house then along with high blood pressure, native may have to deal with heart attack.
  3. Be it any ascendant, if Saturn or Rahu are in 4th house and Moon is also affiliated, then native may have severe cardiac arrest.
  4. In any ascendant, conjunction of 12th house lord, Moon and Venus in two houses at the same time, results in high blood pressure along with accident.
  5. If in any ascendant, 4th house lord is in 8th house then the native will have high blood pressure.


  1. If Saturn, Mars and Moon, are posited in Aries or Taurus then there's a chance of white leprosy.
  2. If Moon along with Rahu is is ascendant then also leprosy occurs.
  3. If Moon is in any water sign and affected by Venus then there is a complete possibility of having white leprosy.
  4. Mercury in Aries, Moon in 10th house and conjunction of Saturn and Mars also gives leprosy.
  5. Mercury, Moon and the ascendant lord is conjuncted with either Rahu or Ketu then Leprosy happens.


  1. Conjunction of Sun, Mars and Saturn in ascendant, company or aspect of of benefic planets, leads to jaundice.
  2. Jupiter in 8th house and debilitated Mars results in jaundice.
  3. Conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter in 8th house may also result in liver related diseases.

Addiction Of Anything Results, When:

  1. Malefic planet is in 12th house.
  2. Jupiter is in ascendant of Capricorn
  3. Ascendant lord is weak and is aspected by malefic planets.
  4. Ascendant lord is posited in debilitated sign or is in its enemy sign
  5. 12th house lord is in debilitated planet.
  6. There is Dasha (period) or Antar Dasha (sub period) of Rahu.

Other Diseases and Planets

  1. Ascendant lord is affected by malefic planets or weak Moon is posited in ascendant, then the native suffers from diseases throughout their life.
  2. Ascendant or 8th house Jupiter is the Karak (significator) of obesity. Their presence in 8th house results in thyroid along with obesity.
  3. Rahu, Venus or Saturn of 8th house certainly results in arthesis
  4. Mercury affected by malefic planets results in disease of bile.
  5. Natives of Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant definitely suffer from arthritis. If Saturn is affiliated then also there is possibility of having arthritis.
  6. If ascendant lord is weak, Moon and Sun are also weak and are affected by malefic planets, then the native may suffer from suicidal thoughts.
  7. Be it any ascendant, conjunction of Saturn and Moon in 8th house are capable of giving death due to some evil acts done by enemies, against the native.


The above mentioned disease might have some other reasons too, but here only main reasons are given.

Before coming to any conclusion, get your horoscope checked by an expert astrologer.

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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