Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Transit Of Sun in Cancer (July 16, 2014) - Let’s Foresee The Solar Steps In Your House!

If you are Cancerian, then this might be the time to get influenced by the epitome of energy, Sun. Want to know, if Sun will favor you or will it induce a negative energy in you? Know everything related to the transit as it takes place on July 16, 2014, with expert predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Sun in Cancer transit  is on July 16, 2014.

Sun is transiting into Cancer on July 16, 2014 at 21:52 p.m. It will retain its position till August 17, 2014. Sun entering in Cancer marks its movement from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere. This period is known as Karka Sankranti or Shravan Sankranti. Due to this transit, judicial system will improve and crime graph will go down. There will also be a decrement in terrorism and naxalism related issues. Due to the influence of this transit, less attacks will be seen on parties in power, by their opponents. This will ease government’s situation. However, incidents of irrelevant statements may come up. Any reputed leader may face some problem or may even resign. 

During this period, as Sun is transiting into Cancer, which is a watery sign, so there are possibilities of heavy rains. Peace might not be very stable in northern areas and there are likely to be problems related to politics. However, there will be a peaceful atmosphere in eastern regions and prosperity is likely to be established in such areas. There is a possibility of ups and downs in prices of goods; although, things will remain stable, overall.

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By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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