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Transit of Rahu In Virgo (July 12, 2014) - Know The Effects Of Shadowy Planet

Rahu will transit into zodiac sign Virgo on July 12, 2014. Known as both shadowy and malefic planet, Rahu always come with some changes for every individual. Rahu’s transit will prove to be a boon or curse, all is a mystery. Unlock this mystery and know Rahu’s effects on you with astrologer ‘Pt. Deepak Dubey’.

Transit of  Rahu In Virgo and its effects on all zodiac signs.

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Rahu is known as the shadowy planet. According to Mahabharata, during Samudra Manthan, Lord Vishnu had cut the head of a demon named Rahu. However, he didn’t die because of the elixir which went inside his body; instead, he emerged into two demons. His head is known as Rahu, whereas the bottom part is known as Ketu. In Rig Veda, Rahu is termed as Swar Bhanu.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

स्वर्भानोरथ यदिन्दु माया अवो दिवो वर्तमाना अवाहत। गूळहं सूर्य तमसापव्रतेन तुरीयेण ब्रह्मा विन्ददत्री।

Meaning of the Sanskrit verse:

“Dear God Surya! When Swar Bhanu named demon covered you with darkness at that time everything appeared the same. At that time, every being became still and couldn’t go to their places.

One thing is for sure that a person who is under the effect of Rahu, loses his mind and also the right path of life. As Rahu possess head of the demon; therefore, it affects native’s mind. As a result, he/she faces difficulty in taking right decisions. This situation is quite similar to the time when there is fog like mist in front of eyes which restrains from seeing. The individual engages in useless arguments. Also, he/she gets inclined toward bad habits of addiction, lying, and crimes. All these things should not be done by anyone.

On 12 July, 2014, Rahu is transiting from zodiac sign Libra to zodiac sign Virgo. Rahu always moves in opposites direction, hence, it moves retrograde. For this reason, it is transiting in sign ahead of Libra i.e. Virgo. Virgo is considered as the exalted sign of Rahu (some astrologers claim Gemini as the exalted sign, however, Rahu remains happy in sign Mercury).

It is necessary to inform the readers that predictions for transit of Rahu has been done in a general way. The actual result is generally dependent upon the position of Rahu at the time of birth, relation with ascendant Lord, present period/sub period, in a native’s Kundali. Thereby, it would be good to take important decisions after getting your horoscope verified.

Note: These predictions are done according to Vedic astrology and Lagna (ascendant) and not on the basis of  Moon, Sun or name sign.

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:

This change of Rahu will prove to be better for your family and married life. The relationship with your partner which was earlier going wrong will improve now. You are likely to take some loan using your intelligence. If you have some other pending loan in the past , you will get relief from it. During this transit period, you will make enemies, however, they will remain ineffective. You are advised to take care of your health, otherwise you may get affected by any ailment.

Rahu will enter the fifth house of this zodiac sign. Fifth house influences education, mind, and progeny. Presence of Rahu in this house is not considered quite good; therefore, you are likely to take some wrong decisions. In case, you are going to participate in any competition then there is lesser possibility of you winning it. There may be some difficulty from your child. You may feel aggressive, but avoid unnecessary arguments. It would be good to stay at bay from taking risk, otherwise disappointment is assured.

Rahu is going to enter your fourth house. If this house is already undergoing a bad phase, problems might get increased. You might have to stay away from home. Make sure that you stay away from unnecessary stress and arguments. If you are a heart patient, be careful and take care of yourself. If the position of Rahu at the time of your birth is favourable, you might be getting a new house or a vehicle . Also, you will witness a growth in your prestige.

Rahu will enter into the third house for the people born under sign Cancer. This place is considered as one of the best places for Rahu in the entire birth chart. A tremendous increase in your strength will be there and decision taking power will be appreciated. The decisions taken by you will prove right and your influence will increase in the society. You will gain name and fame. People who are related to some social work or politics, will get very favourable results. Tiffs with siblings are also possible.

Rahu will get placed in the second house and will provide you with mixed results. If the position of Rahu is favourable, there would be a sudden gain of wealth. On the other hand, if the position is unfavorable, Rahu will create hurdles in financial matter and wealth will not last for long. During this time, you may speak harsh. There will be arguments with the closed ones. You can also get stuck in some kind of addiction. Make sure that you keep yourself away from any addiction, bad habits and anger, otherwise there might be a huge loss.

Rahu of exalted ascendant will enhance your decision making power. Here, Rahu’s affect will get impacted by the position of Mercury in the birth chart. If Rahu is favourable according to the time of your birth, you might get good results. Mind will be sharpen, but can go in the negative direction. You might develop a relation with the opposite gender. During this transit period, you may face a lot of confusions. You may also become the victim of extreme anger. It is suggested to take business decisions carefully.

Rahu posted in the twelfth house will bring a lot of expenditure. There will be unnecessary travelling. You might get a chance to travel abroad, which will prove beneficial. Your enemies will get defeated and you will get success in the legal matters. There will be lack of happiness in domestic life. In case, there are problems in married life according to your birth chart, it can increase further. It can even lead to the end of relationship.

Rahu will enter in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. In the Kundali of ascendant Scorpio , this situation of Rahu is excellent. Here, Rahu is signifying that the financial matters will turn out to be beneficial. Therefore, there is the possibility that you might earn a lot of wealth. But, you need to control your ego, otherwise you will lose the gained wealth. This transit is not favorable for pregnant ladies and for the getting the pleasure of childbirth.

The people of this zodiac will witness an exalted Rahu in the tenth house. This time will be very beneficial for contractors or the people who are related to politics and bureaucracy. You are likely to meet a lot of people which will give you recognition and praise in the society. You will get success in work related to distant places. Also, there is a possibility of a trip abroad. In the near future, you might receive some wealth from your father. If the situation of Rahu is not favourable at the time of your birth, this period might prove bad and you can be involved in some legal matters leading to some charges against you. Stay cautious.

The position of Rahu in the ninth house will provide you with mixed results. Generally, Rahu in ascendant Capricorn is considered as friendly. If it’s position is good at the birth time, your fortune might shine, otherwise this will bring a lot of hindrance in your way. You will not get success easily in any work. You might turn atheist, avoiding some religious work. Also, there will be unnecessary travelling leading to some problems. Do not depend on destiny, as efforts are always required for every work.

In any birth chart , this condition of Rahu is the worst of all. If there is an influence of Moon here or in case there is a possibility of Kaal Sarp Yoga, you need to be careful about health and other mishappenings. There might be a sudden gain of wealth, but be careful about it as that will prove to be harmful for you. Therefore, do not indulge quickly into things which involve money. Your enemies will secretly try to harm you, so be careful about it.

Transit of Rahu in the seventh house will not all be favourable for family matters, married life, financial front, and business related work. People who are involved in a relationship might face embarrassment and insult due to that. There is a possibility of someone cheating you in business or dissolving of the partnership. Therefore, be very careful. If you are planning to invest money in some business project, it is advisable to wait for some time.

Note- As I have mentioned in the beginning, that the influence of Rahu is on the mind and therefore, a person is not able to take any right decision. The concerned person get involves in useless arguments and still considers himself the most knowledgeable of all. He/she never listens to closed ones and suffers from an unstable mindset. That is why, I personally feel that the people who are influenced by Rahu are very difficult to cure and handle. Still, I have mentioned certain things which can help you get over the impact of Rahu if performed with complete faith.
  1. Stay away from any kind of addiction and bad company.
  2. Practice Yoga and breathing exercises as that will help you control your anger.
  3. Avoid intake of oily or junk food as it may lead to gastric issues.
  4. Make sure that your colleagues and workers are happy and also remain aware about them
  5. Rahu influences the thought process of a person, as it reduces thinking and understanding power which results in a weak state of mind. Thereby, the treatment of Mercury is very beneficial. Rahu becomes peaceful by Mercury and therefore, it is necessary that one should chant Mantras concerning Mercury and wear emerald.
  6. In case, Rahu is favourable and influential in the birth chart, chant “Om Ram Raahve Namah” (ॐ रां राहवे नमः) Mantra.
  7. When the impact of Rahu is very strong and no cure is working then you should go for Rudrabhishek. You should involve yourself in the rituals concerning Maha Mrityunjaya chanting if you have health or legal issues (By an expert, not by yourself).
Donation or Alms For Rahu: Black cloth, coal, iron utensils, black Til (sesame seeds), mustard/Til oil, hessonite (Gomed).
Day For Rahu: Saturday
Time For Rahu: Godhuli Bela (at sunset)

Pt. Deepak Dubey

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